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At the top of each instruction page you will find this "help button". If you get stuck and need help or have questions or find an error on any of my pages, use the "help Button" to contact me for a same day reply, often within the hour.

This section was started on June 12, 1999 and some of the pages are in need of some updating now, I'm working on it.
I have developed this helpsite to help and guide those of you who want to build your own Homepage or Website and need a little help getting started and beyond.
Since I am building this site with a WebTV, some of the instructons will relate to WebTV procedures but computer users will find it helpful too.

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Main Page
This link will take you back to the Techniguy.com Main Page where you can link to any area of my site.
Help Pages
These are the basic "How To" pages for MSN-TV (WebTV) users. They contain information on using Email and the WebTV PageBuilder.
Here you will find server reviews on 8 different servers with registration and start-up procedures for each one.
for WebTV
Instructions for using Webtv 'cut/copy/paste' with two practice text areas where you can actually test what you've learned.
The Art of
A complete tutorial on transloading for both Starblvd Transloader and Domania Freeloaders
Here you will learn to use the on-site photo uploaders and the Starblvd Photo Uploader for sites without this tool.
Clearing Cache The facts about your cache. What it is, what it does, how to tell when it's full, why and how to clear it.
Keyboard Cleaning This page will explain how to clean your Webtv wireless keyboard.
How to have many small thumbnail images on your page that link to the larger image without having excessive loading time.
Step by step instructions for building a webpage from beginning to end using HTML in the advanced editor. HTML structure, what the tags do and how to write them
WebTV Email
How to make a Webtv signature using HTML including some things I probably shouldn't tell you.
Collecting and
Extracting Images
Collecting and extracting images from anywhere on the web or e-mails for use on your page.
My Web Building
Tools and
Logins Pages
This is my web building tool with remote url submissions to utility sites, links to file managers and other utilities, and a link to my Logins Page.
Webtv PageBuilder
Want to add your own backgrounds to your Webtv PageBuilder pages? This tutorial will show you how and give you the codes you'll need.
Using Validators
A Validator will list the source codes on your webpage and note any errors found. Very helpful for finding problems and learning proper html form.
This chart has hundreds of colors The RGB color code is shown for each color.
Color Cube
In this cube you can click on a color to change the color of the page background. The RGB color code is then shown for the color.
In case you didn't read the top of this page, you can e-mail me here.