The time you spend learning to cut, copy and paste will save you that much time ten times over everyday you use the internet. Whether it's in your e-mail or building your website, cut, copy and paste is an invaluable tool that you will use all the time and will wonder how you ever got along without it.

In Other Words
An Alternate Tutorial

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for c/c/p instructions using a PC

The tutorial below is written for MSN-TV (Webtv) users. The procedure for copy/paste is different on a PC so computer users should click here for help.

NOTE: This tutorial is written for the WebTV wireless keyboard. Wired PC Keyboards usually do not have a Cmd key. On some the Ctrl key will work. Others may have to use the Windows symbol key or Ctrl+Alt keys.

1.) Before you can cut or copy text it must first be highlighted.  There are two different ways of doing this.  To highlight the entire page hold the CMD key and hit the A key. Try this now. To change it back to normal just use CMD+A again. Go to step 3 below.  If you don't want to copy the entire pageand you are on an edit screen like when you are writing e-mail, use the SHIFT key with the CURSOR keys to highlight the desired text by dragging the cursor over the text while holding the SHIFT key.  Go to step 3.  For a "read only" page that someone else wrote or that you recalled from storage, to selectively copy text continue with step 2.

2.) Bring up the text you want to copy.  Hit the FIND key and enter the first few words of the text you want to copy.  Hit RETURN.  Those words will be highlighted in the text.  Next hold down the SHIFT key and at the same time use the CURSOR RIGHT or DOWN key to highlight the rest of the text you want.  DOWN for a line at a time, RIGHT for a letter at a time.  The other two cursor keys will do just the opposite.

3.) Once the text is highlighted, hold the CMD key and press "C" key.  Nothing visible will happen but the text has been saved in a buffer.

4.) Go to the page where you want to paste the text.  This must be an edit page where you have a blinking cursor.  Place the cursor on the page where you want to paste the new text.  Hold down the CMD key and press "V".   The text will miraculously appear and the cursor will be at the end of the new text.  That's all there is to it and it only takes seconds.  Now, wasn't that easy?

COMPUTER NOTE: These methods will work on computers too but use your Ctrl (Control) key in place of CMD key. Your computer doesn't have a CMD key.

If you are still having trouble getting the hang of it try In Other Words for a different version of the tutorial.
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