Photo Uploading

This tutoral applies only to Webtv Plus models. Sorry Classic users, you cannot upload photos with a Webtv Classic.




Uploading photos to your website is probably one of the easiest things you can do with a Webtv plus. If you don't master it on your first try after reading this page I'll send you a "Net Dummy Award" and you won't even have to fill out the request form which would probably be too difficult for you anyway. This is really going to be easy. The first thing to do is to find the photo uploader on your site. At Angelfire and The Globe it is right under your file directory at the bottom of the page. At Talk City you have to click on "UPLOAD" in the orange bar near the top of your file manager page then scroll down. If your site is on Tripod or Geocities then you don't have one as far as I know and you will have to use the one at Starblvd Camloader.

This is what you are looking for:

Now that you have found the photo uploader be sure your camcorder, digital camera, or VCR is connected to the video input jacks on the back of you Webtv Plus. Now click on the camera image. This will bring up the same photo feature pop-up you use in your e-mail. Be sure the switch below the lower left corner of the picture is in the video position. If it isn't just click it then put your cursor box on the "FREEZE" button. Put your camera or VCR in play mode and you will see the picture on the screen within your screen. When you get to the frame you want click the "Freeze" button. To undo it just click it again and try again. When you have captured the frame you want click on the "ADD PICTURE" button at the top. The photo pop-up will drop and your image will be overlayed on the camera image. Now all you have to do is click the "UPLOAD" button and your picture will be transferred directly into your file directory. If your site is at The Globe then you will have to click one more time on "Click here to continue" to return to your file manager.
NOTE: Your new photo will be uploaded with the file name of "picture.jpeg". Be sure you do not have another image in your file with the same name or it will be overwritten.

Your image will be distorted in the width and height when you use these on-site uploaders. When you view the image it will appear to be stretched out to the sides. This can be fixed by taking the image to Image Magick and re-sizing it back to it's original dimensions of roughly 400 width by 300 height. Of coarse you should be familiar with Image Magick Studio and the use of a transloader to do this. Otherwise, you can correct for the distortion by using the width and height attributes in your <img> tag such as <img src="images/picture.jpeg" width=400 height=300>. You can also rename the image once it is in your directory.


If you are already familiar with using the Starblvd Transloader then you should have no trouble with this at all. From the transloader you can scroll down below the FTP Pallet and click on CL or CL/NPW or CLICK HERE to go to Starblvd Camloader.

This is what you will see:

Follow the procedure above to capture you image using the photo pop-up. Then enter the information in the form. Your photo will not be named "picture.jpeg" as it is when you use the on-site uploaders, you have to name it on the first line of the form. Remember, this is a JPEG file so your file name must end with ".jpeg" or ".jpg". The rest of the form is the same as discussed in the "Art of Transloading" tutorial. Be sure you check the "Adjust x - y ratio" check box. This will prevent your picture from being distorted in the uploader so that re-sizing will not be necessary. Click the "UPLOAD" button and when the operation is finished click the "ZAP" button. Your photo should now be in your directory.

Now, wasn't that easier than you thought?

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