Upgrade / Retrograde

Before you download a new browser version from WebTV there are a few things you should know first. WebTV (now MSNTV) uses two different server networks now. The old network serves the older browsers such as the client 2.3 version. The new network serves the newer browsers such as client 2.6 and 2.6.1. I haven't used the client 2.5.5 version for some time now so I'm not sure, but I believe it too is on the new "upgrade" server. Your Webtv account can be only on one network so if you upgrade or retgrade your browser, you may have to call the Help Center to have your account moved to the other servers. If the links on this page don't work for you and you get an error pop-up then you may have to do this. In other cases, you will receive a download but it won't be the version that you expected to get. If you're on the old server network, the latest update avalable there is client

While on the old server, I attempted to upgrade to 2.6.1 and waited while the browser was downloading but then when I connected, I was told that I would have to download an update in order to continue using Webtv. It turned out that the download I recieved was client 2.0. After accepting the update for the second time I found now that I had again, the one I just tried to replace. I had to call the Help Center and ask to be put back onto the Upgrade Server before I could download client 2.6.1.

To check your browser version; shut your unit off. Tap the OPTIONS KEY 3 times the type 411. The lights on your unit will blink rapidly. Press you POWER BUTTON then your screen will display the TECH INFO PAGE. The first line of information will show your browser version after the word "Client".

If the links on this page don't work for you, try the alternate method shown at the bottom of this page.


"We are no longer making software retrogrades available for our customers. Customers that continue to use older software will lose MSN Chat, MSN Instant Messenger and general Internet functionality due to the ever changing technology on the Web. As a result, we are no longer making software retrogrades available for our customers."

The above statement applies to all browser versions prior to the 2.6.1 version which is still available. As a result, I have removed the links below except for the 2.6.1, but am leaving the page as is for information only. MSN doesn't want you using a browser version that has the Webtv logo, they want their MSN logo to be seen only.

If you are using an older box that can't work well with the latest upgrades, the only choices you now have are to live with the problems, or buy a new MSN-TV terminal. I use an RCA unit purchased in late 2000 and with a 16 Mb cache, it works very well with the latest upgrades and experiences no real problems with them. The keyboard that came with the terminal is just like the Philips Magnavox keyboard.....cheap junk. I suggest you store it for emergency use only and buy a Sony Keyboard. They cost a little more but well worth it. A new MSN-TV terminal is the best upgrade you can get from MSN. Be sure it has at least 16 Megabytes of RAM.

Download version 2.6.1

This browser version is recomended for newer Webtv terminals only. Please read the Upgrade 2.6.1 review for more information.

Download version 2.7

This browser version is recomended for newer Webtv terminals only. Please read the Upgrade 2.7 review for more information.

These browser versions
are no longer available from MSN-TV

Retrograde To 2.3

Use this link to retrograde back to the pre-summer 2000 version before MSN Messenger. After the download, check to see if you still have Messenger. If you still do, then it didn't take the frist time and you'll have to try it again.

NOTE: You may have to use this link to get rid of the 2.6 version you just upgraded to, then if you wish, you can upgrade to the version below. For best performance, keep the 2.3 version.

Update to 2.5.5

This is the improved version of the "Summer Bummer" that was released in late 2000 with MSN Messenger, the one you just gave up for the new "upgrade".

Then there is one thing left to do. Call Webtv and ask them to remove the "Upgrade Offer" page from your log on if you start seeing it everytime you log on or switch users.

If you have problems with the links on this page then try this:

Hit your "Go To" key and delete the "http://". Type in the following and hit the Return key. If it still doesn't work then try calling the Webtv Help Center and have them switch you to the other server network as stated at the top of this page.
For client 2.3 type:wtv-tricks:get-2.3
For client 2.5.5 type:wtv-tricks:get-2.5.5
For client 2.6 type:wtv-tricks:get-2.6 (See "Upgrade Beware")
For client 2.6.1 type: wtv-tricks:offer-2.6.1 (See "Upgrade 2.6.1")
For client 2.7 type: wtv-tricks:offer-2.7 (See "Upgrade 2.7")