New 2.6.1 Upgrade Released
I am testing it now and am very pleased so far.
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The following was written regarding the 2.6 upgrade
and does not apply to the new 2.6.1 update.

This is how I see it, be your own judge.

First, let me tell you that I have not accepted the upgrade, nor do I intend to. I have been in contact with The Webtv support staff regularly over the past couple of months regarding problems with our browser. These problems have only been compounded with each upgrade since last summer and have not been corrected. WebTV's attitude has been to keep adding more and more junk onto an already flawed and cluttered browser and call it an upgrade. They say you will be able to use more sites on the web but the truth is just the opposite and more and more sites are becoming inaccessible to us. If WebTV was serious about upgrading they would give us "frames" support and html 5.0 so we could use the increasing number of sites that are using them now. What they are giving us is not and upgrade but pure BS aimed at luring in more unsuspecting subscribers. Being able to move the pip to the two other corners of the screen and being able to order products from tv commercials without connecting to the net while watching tv is not upgrading our browser. Lets face it folks, our browser is obsolete and the internet is moving on and leaving Webtv in the dust of tv watching. Their efforts are geared toward attracting more couch potatoes with enhanced tv features rather than keeping our browser up to date with current internet standards. Our complaints are answered with "Lip Service" from customer support and no real improvements. We still have all of the bugs and defects that came with the 2.5 version upgrade. They gave us an option of upping to 2.5.5 which allowed faster loading and slightly better performance but only in response to a massive petition condemning the 2.5 upgrade, the rest of the annoying defects still remained in the browser. Now they have added more crap on top of the pile we already had but the smell is still the same.

One of my best friends wrote me last night after taking this latest 2.6 upgrade yesterday and told me that she can't get into a lot of her favorite sites any more and can't even use my tools page now. She asked me after only one day of using the 2.6 upgrade, how she can get rid of it as it is not only keeping her out of her favorite sites but everything is running much slower now too and even her email is taking forever to navigate. I told her about the "Retrograde" which will reload the 2.3 browser that we had last year before the "summer bummer" and she retrograded her browser back. She wrote me several times after that to thank me and tell me that everything was working so much better now and even the server ad banners at the top of our pages are now gone again. She said she's a happy camper now and and once again loves her Webtv after months of frustration.

I have made it clear to Webtv that I will not accept another upgrade until they offer us a completely newly written browser instead of just adding more junk on top of the already flawed and cluttered one we already have. If having Windows Media Player and Instant Messenger is important enough to you to put up with the defects and frustrations we have had with these so called "upgrades", then by all means go ahead and play Webtv's con game and take the 2.6 "upgrade", but if you want your browser to perform properly and efficiently and end you frustration with upgrade bugs then just click here to


and it will take you to a Webtv page where you can reload the 2.3 browser and get back to doing what you bought your Webtv to do. If you want to keep your MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player, and all the bugs of the previous version (2.5.5) but don't want this latest (2.6) Upgrade then click here for the


If this link doesn't work.....

(In some cases this link will not work if you have upgraded to the new 2.6 version. If it doesn't work for you then it may be necessary to click the "Retrograde" link and load the 2.3 browser, then come back here and click the 2.5.5 version again. Each time you power on or switch users after retrograding you WebTV, you will get the Upgrade screen for about a week. DO NOT ACCEPT IT, that is the 2.6 version that you are trying to get rid of. It will go away in a few days.)

The choice is yours, I strongly recommend you retrograde your browser if you have upgraded it since last summer. Feel free to let Webtv know of you dissatisfaction with their products and software and perhaps, some day they will actually "upgrade" our browser instead of just piling more clutter and junk into it. Webtv is falling far short of my needs for internet access and I feel I will have to truly upgrade to a computer very soon if these issues are not addressed with something more than "lip service". Webtv just doesn't seem to be interested in giving us a quality product and I have to wonder what is really going on behind the scenes at Microsoft and WNI. I don't trust them any more and am skeptical about their efforts to get into our "Wallet" and monitor our spending.
Think about it!