This will be short because there isn't much to tell. The only difference I have experienced between the 2.6.1 and the 2.7 is the change from the Webtv logo to the MSN-TV logo. Also the "power on and connect" page has been changed in appearance, along with some really sick sounding music. One improvement I have noticed is that unlike with the 2.6.1, the browser will now read and execute the use of both <b> and <i> or other font attributes in HTML instead of only executing one of them. The default link color is now gold and highlighting text causes the text background color to reverse instead of the text color, making it easier to read. This may be true of the 2.6.1 also.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Although my experience with this upgrade has so far been acceptable, you should be aware that I am using an RCA model RW-2110 WebTV "Plus" terminal with 16 Megs of RAM. This upgrade is designed for only newer WebTV units and may not perform well with older units. I can only tell you that with my unit, I have not experienced any real problems with 2.7, however, I have been receiving a variety of complaints on it from people using older boxes with smaller caches. These complaints all seem to be different in nature and have little in common with each other, so problems can show up in most any area of operation. These complaints all seem to come from users of older boxes and seem to be related to the lack of enough RAM memory. If your terminal is more than two years old, I don't recommend using either 2.6.1 or 2.7 or you may experience problems.

Although most features seem to be working well with 2.7, there is still one problem that is getting worse. More and more, webmasters are upgrading their sites to a version that is incompatable with ever the most current Webtv (MSNtv) browser. This has become increasingly noticable in banking and other sites where online bill paying is offered. Very few of these sites can be used anymore for online bill paying with MSN-TV even with 2.7. I am dissapointed about this and have asked MSN to investigate and correct this problem. It may take some time for this to occure, if it ever does. 2.7 is barely up to internet level 4.0 but current sites are now upgrading to 5.0 or 6.0 so as usual, MSN-TV is still lagging behind current internet standards.

"We are no longer making software retrogrades available for our customers. Customers that continue to use older software will lose MSN Chat, MSN Instant Messenger and general Internet functionality due to the ever changing technology on the Web. As a result, we are no longer making software retrogrades available for our customers."

This statement applies to all browser versions prior to 2.6.1 Please consider this before you upgrade.

To begin downloading Client 2.7, please click the link below.

Take the 2.7 Update

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