Published: Feb. 1, 2003

These pages consider both sides of the issue. They contain allot of valuable information that you may not be aware of. Please learn the facts and make an informed decission about where you stand.


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Why has the war on terrorism against Al Queda become a war on Iraq?. As with most Americans, according to the polls, I want to see some proof that the charges against Iraq are true and justified before we send one soldier into battle there. With or without proof, it seems that President Bush is determined to have his war, defeat Saddam Hussein, and take control of Iraqi oil. Is that what's behind his obsession with Iraq, or is it that Hussein tried to assassinate his father and it's become a personal issue with him?

Since when does America invade another country without provocation or in defense of our allies on the grounds that we think this country might become a threat to us in time? This has never been the policy of America before. Doesn't this amount to just about the same thing as Iraq invading Kuwait in 1990?

This started out to be a "war on terror" waged against terrorist groups such as Al Queda, who threaten and attacked our country and citizens abroad. I don't know of any instances where Iraq was involved or responsible for a terrorist attack on our citizens, they have all been traced back to Al Queda. In spite of the Bush administration's attempts at connecting Saddam Hussein with Al Queda, the evidence continues to show that there is no connection and in fact, they don't even like eachother. Shouldn't our priorities now be fighting against terrorism and capturing and eliminating those responsible for 911? Mr Bush seems to be using the war on terror as an excuse to wage war on Iraq without due justification, OR IS HE? What information does the President have that has not been released to the news media or the public?

Since beginning this page I have learned more about this issue and now feel we have to consider the other side of the coin. Saddam Hussein is a danger and a threat to the free world and must be removed from power before he unleashes more terror and death on civilians and citizens of America, our allies, and his own people. The attempts at connecting the Hussein regime with Al Queda may be more of a public relations issue than anything else to gain support for a war on Iraq but they are both a threat to the security of the free world. In reality, although Hussein has a history of financial and other support to terrorists (especially Palestineans), they are two separate issues and two different threats to world peace, both involving terrorism. It's like fighting a war on two different fronts against two different enemies like we did in WW2 with the Germans and the Japanese. The Tallaban has been put out of business and Al Queda is on the run and still being persued and arrested wherever found. We have other faces of terrorism to deal with as well, in the interest of freedom and security of the Western World.