To all the "Hate Demonstrators" who masquerade under the banner of "Peace".

You are not "Peace Protesters" as we had in the 60s, you are "Hate Demonstrators" and your agenda has become very transparent to the vast majority of Americans by now. It's time for you to sit down and shut up, and let those who know what they're doing handle things.

  Those of us who support our president and our country are all very well aware of the radical left wing liberal's "hate Bush and everything he does" agenda, and we know all too well that this is exactly what is behind all this antiwar bullshit.  If you want to go on believing that our president and our country is a piece of shit, that's your right, but you are in a very small minority that will, without a doubt, be proven so wrong in the days and weeks to come.  You just go on believing all these liberal lies and accusations about our country and it's administration.  Enjoy it while it lasts because the truth will be evident very soon, and when all the proof is in, you're going to start feeling like the traitorous, blind fools that your are.  

  I've heard all the left wing rhetoric before and it all just shows the left's double standard, one for Republican and another for Democratic administrations. When Clinton sent our troops into battle in Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Mogadishu, Somalia, where were you then? Why weren't you out in the streets protesting then? Why weren't you badmouthing our country then?  It's really all about your "hate Bush" agenda, isn't it?  

You liberals just can't stand that a Republican is in the White House and you try to find, and hope for anything, true or not, that would make him look bad without a care for how it effects our country or it's reputation in the world.  You don't give a damn about the lives of our soldiers or the freedom of the Iraqi people or the security of the free world, all you really care about is your own selfish selves and your agenda of hate.  You would be happy to let Saddam Hussein and others like him go on developing mass murder weapons and continue to torture his people and threaten the world with terrorism and do nothing about it, just as long as you could have someone like Clinton or Gore in the White House.  Anything they would do is fine with you, but everything Bush does must be evil and wrong and subject to critisizem by you who really know so little about the world by comparison.

You push for freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of expression, liberation of women, liberation of gays, yet you oppose the liberation of the Iraqi people.  Your agenda has nothing to do with the war, it's all about your relentless political hate and your double standard that you refuse to give up.  You hypocrites make me sick with your lies and anti-American rhetoric and the damage you do to our country with it.  You display all the logic and intelligence of a bumper sticker and that pretty well exemplifies the depth of your accusations and understanding of the issues as well.  For Christ sake, get a life!!!  Give up your relentless hate!!!  Join the 80% of Americans who support and appreciate our country.  

You were wrong in the Cold War, you were wrong in the Gulf War, and you are wrong in the Iraqi Freedom War and the War On Terror. If the security of America and other free countries was left up to you, we would all be living under evil dictators like Saddam Hussein. I suppose you "Hate Demonstrators" would find that an ideal world since that is what you are telling us with your civil annoyances. Thank God that 80% of Americans oppose you and support our country's efforts to confront and fight evil in the world.

The war in Iraq is over now. Over, and in spite of your objections, our Armed Forces will continue to eliminate foreign snipers and terrorists, the very people you are defending, who have come into Iraq from other middle eastern countries to disrupt the peace and kill Americans. If you still don't think that the war on Iraq has anything to do with terrorism, then just who do you think our soldiers are fighting now? The war on terrorism will continue for a long time to come so get used to it. If "Peace" is really what you want, then sit down and shut up and let the coalition finish the job they've started. We're sick and tired of your disruption of the peace in this country.


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