Published: Feb. 1, 2003

Right after the events of 9/11, the whole country was behind our president in his War on Terror. Now there seems to be allot of protest and controversy over this situation with Iraq. All you have to do is watch the news to know that Saddam Hussein is still hiding biological and chemical terrorist weapons from the inspectors. Why now are some saying that it's okay to go after the terrorists, but not the weapons of terror? If military force is neccessary to eliminate these weapons then it's Hussein who is making this neccessary by refusing to comply with UN mandates to disarm. How soon some people seem to have forgotten what happened to America on September 11, 2001. How soon some have forgotten our 3000 deaths and object to our efforts to prevent further killing of our citizens. How little they care about all the Iraqi citizens being killed regularly by Saddam Hussein. They protest for peace but seem to support the continuation of mass killings of the innocent to achieve it. So just what is the message here? Killing is okay but war isn't?

Some Americans and Europeans prefer to believe Saddam Hussein, rather than what our Administration, the FBI, the CIA, and the news media tells us. Can they all be wrong and Saddam Hussein right? You choose your side, you are either with America or against us. Are you going to support our leaders and trust that they know a little more about this threat than you do, or are you going to call them all liars, protest their actions, go on insisting "it's all about oil", and side with, and support the evil of Saddam Hussein? Think about it.


1. They want an idealistic world without war where brutal, tyrant dictators go unchallenged.
2. They want the war to be a disaster for America to degrade the creditability our president and his administration.
3. They want Saddam Hussein to continue in power in Iraq.
4. The want terrorism to continue to be a world threat.
5. They want weapons of mass murder to continue to go unchecked.
6. They want the people of Iraq to continue to live in fear and oppression.
7. They want the people of Iraq to continue to be murdered by the Hussein regime.
8. They want to engage in civil disobedience and create chaos in our cities to get attention.
9. They want to draw the attention of the police away from their regular duties to make them less available to respond to crime and terrorist threats.
10. They want to damage the moral of the Armed Forces troops who are fighting for our security, and the liberation of the Iraqi people.
11. They want lots of media attention to try to convince the world that the American people are against our president's decission to conduct this war..
12. The LAST thing they want (don't want) is to know and admit the truth about why America has engaged in this war. They prefer to believe "it's all about oil".

All these left wing, anti-war protests aren't going to change the policy of our government or reduce the threat created by Saddam Hussein. The only thing they will accomplish is the division of the country, more hate for America abroad, and serve to strengthen Saddam Hussein's propaganda war. I wonder how many people know that many of these protest demonstrations are being organized and promoted by Communist groups such as the "Worker's World Party", a known Communist Organization, who orchestrated the protest demonstration in San Francisco and others. The people who participate in these demonstrations are playing right into the hands of Communism, Saddam Hussein and those who hate America. Most of them have been misinformed or know very little about what they are protesting and are creating allot of hate in America without even understanding what it's all about. Why don't we see them protesting the murder and inhuman treatment of the Iraqi people by Saddam Hussein? Why don't we see them protesting against Hussein for using his people as "human shields" to protect his own ass? Why don't we see them protesting against some of our citizens and others going to Iraq to serve as human shields for, and give their support to Saddam Hussein by trying to interfere with our military's efforts to rid the world of this mass murderer and further endanger the lives of our troops? Why were there no protests when Hussein murdered 5,000 Kurds in the North with chemical weapons? No, it would seem to be more fashionable to protest against America taking steps to defend itself against further attacks, the nation who gave them the freedom to protest in the first place. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.

Who are these anti-war protesters who seem to have so much hate for our president and his attempts to protect America from terrorism? Well, let's take a look.

First, we have all these Democratic candidates for President who want us to believe they can do a better job if elected in 2004. None of them seem to have any merits of their own to make a stand on so they resort to bashing our current president and trying to convince us that everything he does, no matter what it is, is wrong and that they somehow know better. We have Jimmy Carter out there violating the unwritten oath of retired Presidents not to criticize the current sitting President and who is the primary person responsible for going to North Korea in no official capacity and stirring up the trouble we now have there. We have Bill Clinton violating the same oath with the same kind of rhetoric. Of course we all know how much Bill Clinton is dedicated to telling the truth as was evident while he was President. Remember "I did NOT HAVE SEX with that woman"? If Clinton doesn't know that a "blow job" is "sex", then would he even know a terrorist threat if a suicide bomber was standing right in front of him with his bomb showing? Anything they can do to make things more difficult for President Bush, they do, with no concern for political ethics or support for the United States of America.

Next, we have the liberal Hollywood crowd who use their celebrity status to show just how much they know about National Security. Shawn Penn went to Iraq and didn't see any Bio-Chem Weapons so he tells us that they don't exist. Should we believe him? Cheryl Crow shares her wisdom on war with us and tells us that the best way to deal with this threat is to "not have enemies". Oh, ok Cheryl, thank you for enlightening us!. Mike Farrell, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand and the rest of the misinformed and uninformed extreme left mouthpieces out of Hollywood do their usual rhetorical mouthing off against any military action and protecting our country from terrorism. But the most entertaining, I think, is Martin Sheen with his moronic and ridiculous statement that "Inspections work, war won't". In light of the lack of any results from the UN inspection team to be able to find Hussein's Bio-Chem Weapons, much less destroy them, and the fact that a war would expose them in addition to removing their owner from power and hopefully from the world of the living, I just find Sheen's remarks absurd and asinine, don't you? Should we believe these people who's expertise is in acting and ignore the experts in National Defense and International Intelligence who are telling us otherwise?

Lastly, we have all these young high school and college age students and others with no worldly experience and extremely limited knowledge of national security and world affairs, who choose to demonstrate for something they haven't really investigated and know very little about. All they know is what they've been told by other left wing liberals and most of them still believe this war is all about oil. Then choose to believe that Hussein is telling the truth for the first time in his life and President Bush and his advisors, the CIA, the FBI, and all the other experts with access to classified information are all lying to the people they serve. I would suggest to all these people that they go live in Iraq under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship for a while and improve their education in world affairs. Just how impressive is a flock of 5000 sheep lead by a Communist shepherd?

Well, there you have it. All the left wing, anti-war, anti-American jackasses we keep seeing on television and in the news who try to convince us that it's wrong to try to remove the most evil dictator and mass murderer in history from power since Adolf Hitler. Avoid war at any cost? No, I don't think so. This time the price is just too high.

This is a very difficult time for America. We didn't ask for this war, it was thrust upon us with the attacks of 911. Now, more than ever, America and our president need our support to do what we must to protect ourselves from future attacks. May those who stand in the way be the first to fall when the next terror attack occurs on our soil. The name "Saddam" in Arabic means "he who confronts". By Hussein's refusal to disarm in accordence with Resolution 1441 and 16 others, he is proving to the world that it is he who wants this war, not America.