Sandi came to me with a few scattered pages on the Tripod server wanting some help with building her website. It was clear that she needed some help with organizing her site into a logical format but wasn't sure just how to do that. As Sandi continued to add more pages, and I organized her directories, we soon found that working on the Tripod server was too time consuming and not what we wanted with all the ad banners. We moved all the files to and cleaning all the Tripod ad banner scripts off of them. We set up new directories as fast as Sandi created pages to fill them and the website was opened in August 2003. Be sure to visit her beautiful pages of poems and inspirationals along with a wealth of weight watchers information.

Has just been recently added to Sandi's Place with hundreds of lo cal recipes completely organized into easy to use catagories. Click on the banner to do directly to Sandi's Kitchen. Sandi has done an excellent job of decorating her pages with beautiful and appropriate graphics and backgrounds. I know you will enjoy her site.

This website was built at the request of my friend "Jackie" who works in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Jacksonville Florida. She wanted the site to honor all her friends and co-workers for whom she has so much love and respect. She originally told me she wanted me to build her a slideshow with the pics of all her friends at work. I had no idea that what it would end up as was 3 slideshows containing over 180 pics. Jackie had to upload all of the pics 3 times before we finally got it right. Building her site was fun, but allot of work.

My friend Pandy loves building Webtv signatures and wanted to start a website to offer them to others. We started her site on Tripod and filled the 50 Mbytes with the signatures she created, then the site was destroyed along with mine by Tripod in February of 2001. We managed to salvage some of her signatures but she basicily had to start all over from scratch and build all new ones. Her site is doing very well now, getting over 2000 hits a week and winning contests she has entered.

This was the first site I was asked to build for a friend. Gene is a senior citizen and wanted a place on the web to document his world travels. He had his 8mm films transfered to videotape and sent me email captures taken from scenes of the various places he has visited. I asked him to write a brief description of each pic and we built the website with the pics and information he provided.