A story of half

As a member of an "alt.discuss" newsgroup, I check for new postings several times a day. Some of the people in the group put midies in their Webtv signatures. Now, I have never been one to like being blasted with some tune when I open an email or group posting so I usually have my sound turned down. There are those occasions though, when I have been using the audio for tv or some other reason and have forgotten to turn it down. Those are the time that I encounter "Lilo's Midi" in the newsgroup. It's a classical number with a first bar that jumps out at you and pierces your ears. It just gets on my nerves.

I can't take it any more, Lilo's midi is killing me. I go through the posts using Next New and never know when that horrible tune is going to come blasting out of my tv the instant the post opens. I have no warning, I'm not prepared, I'm a victim of it again. I think, "Quick, hit the Mute button", but if I do that, then I'll have the word "MUTE" in big green letters on my screen blocking a part of the text I'm reading so I decided I can tolerate it for a few more seconds and go for the volume down button but by then it's too late. The horrible opening bar of Lilo's Midi has already been burned into my brain and it won't go away. I pray to God.... "make it stop, make it stop, please" but it does no good. Lilo's Midi keeps going around and around in my head no matter how much I hate it. I must find a way to end this torture. I need to find a good tune to replace Lilo's Midi that has been burned into my brain.

The worst is in the morning just before I leave for work and Lilo's Midi gets stuck in my head. I turn on the car radio on my way to work to try to find some other music to replace Lilo's Midi in my head but alias, nothing but talk shows on the radio at that hour of the morning. I'm getting desperate. I hear a beat vibrating through my car in traffic, sounds like it might be music coming from a car up ahead. I speed up to get an earfull..... it's a black guy listing to rap, no help there. I speed away from him as fast as I can. Lilo's Midi is still going around in my head but that "rap" was worse. I hear something else and get my hopes up again for some relief. I find the car it's coming from but it's a Mexican listing to a Mexican band with an accordion, a tuba, and a horn. OMG, I can see right now that this just isn't going to be my day, and Lilo's Midi is still torturing me by going around in my head as I pull into the parking lot at work. By now, I'm really in a bad mood and when the boss hands me my calls for the day I say "I can't possibly get all this done today and storm out of the office.

I get into my truck but of course the radio in that old truck doesn't work. By now I don't care any more and am accepting the fact that I am a victim of Lilo's Midi again today and will just have to live with it. I head for the donut shop to get coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese. While waiting for my bagel and watching the tv on top of the cooler behind the counter, and much to my surprise, I find that Lilo's Midi is no longer in my head. It has now been replaced with the theme song from the "Good Morning America" show. I am relieved and pleased that I have been saved from the torture of Lilo's Midi but know too that within a few hours, I'm going to hate the "Good Morning America" show.

Has this ever happened to you after an ice cream truck has gone by?......OMG!!!