(Near Death Experience)

What is it like to be dead? Have you ever wondered about that? You have probably heard of people telling of their encounters with death or near death after an accident of some kind. You may have heard them tell of what it was like while they were apparently experiencing death for a matter of a few minutes before reviving or being revived. Most of these experiences tell different stories but all have certain things in common. They all tell of passing through a tunnel, some have seen a blinding white light at the end. Some have been visited by loved ones who have previously died but all of them have seen a life after death. For those of us that have never experienced death or consciousness outside of our bodies this may be hard to relate to or understand but it does happen from time to time and tells us that the death of the body is not the end of life. To those who have experienced it, it has changed their lives and proves there is an afterlife and the existence of our eternal soul. Some "experts" have tried to explain it away as hallucination or tricks of the mind while in certain subconscious states but they, obviously, have never experienced it or any out of body experience for that matter or they would know better than to try to find some rational explaination for something that cannot be explained in logical terms. Rationale and logic apply only to the physical world and not to the world of the human spirit. Yes, people have died and returned to life to tell about it. That is to say that their soul has separated from their bodies and left the physical world then returned with a message to pass on to others. It happened to me, and this is my story.

The Transition

The Unveiling

The Departure

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