Net Dummy Awards

This Award was created at the request of my friend Mark, who claims the distinction of being the #1 Net Dummy. He was proud and delighted to receive this honor. I have decided to make it available now to anyone who can qualify for it.

Requirements to Qualify for the
"Net Dummy Award"

To qualify for a "Net Dummy Award" you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • You have given up trying to learn how to cut, copy, paste.

  • You wrote some html in your Webtv e-mail signature box but removed it after waiting 10 minutes for your page to load.

  • You don't know what an e-mail signature is.

  • Your "Spell Checker" always finds errors in your spelling.

  • You don't know how to use the "Spell Checker" and send your messages out with the errors.

  • You don't know you have a "Spell Checker"

  • You still think a "search engine" is something that powers search lights.

  • You made a quick homepage using a page builder but didn't save the URL or password and haven't seen your homepage since.

  • You don't know what a homepage is.

  • You have received a reply from the Webtv Help Center that actually answered your question.

  • You wrote an irate e-mail to your web site host but sent it to yourself by mistake.

  • You are certain that a "transloader" is a piece of heavy construction equipment.

  • You have been using the on-screen keyboard to write messages because you can't figure out where to connect your wireless keyboard.

  • You've had your Webtv for at least 6 months and still don't know what the "ALT" key is for.

  • You've had your Webtv for at least 3 months and don't know what any of the keys are for.

  • You use the "fn" key on your keyboard regularly.

If you find that you meet some of the above requirments and are living in fear of receiving this dreaded award, you may be able to avoid it and improve your internet and Webtv skills by visiting my


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If you do not meet any of the requirements above but still feel that you qualify as a "Net Dummy" please submit your qualifications for review and consideration. Net Dummies will be entered into a Dummies Hall of Fame page along with your claim to dummyness and a link to your homepage if you have one. And of course you will receive your personalized "Net Dummy Award" for your homepage or e-mail signature. Help to install the award will be provided upon request.

Net Dummies Hall of Fame

To apply for a Net Dummy Award of your very own click on the "Net Dummy Award" image at the top of the page and explain why you feel you deserve a Net Dummy Award. Be sure to include the name you want on your award in the "name" line and your webpage URL if you want it linked to in the Hall of Fame page. If you don't want a"Net Dummy Award" then please click on my banner at the top of the page and visit my sites.

NOTE:To send questions or comments you may

Do not request your award here. To request your award you must click on the Net Dummy image at the top of the page and fill out the form.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to Marlene of NaNaMar's Web Wonders for providing me with the Mortimer Snerd image from which this award was made. Thank you Marlene.