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Powerpoint Presentation
on New Orleans Aftermath

(I did not create this. If you know who did please
contact me so I can credit them.)
Iraqi Combat Videos
Fallujah Combat
  Video of the recent urban ground combat in
Fallujah shot by embeded cameraman as troops go after insurgents.
Insurgents Takeout
      FLIR video of insurgents getting wasted at
late night covert roadside meeting by US air power.
Sudden Roadkill
  US fighter aircraft makes roadkill with smart
bomb out of enemy insurgent group as they prepare for an attack.
Getting Whacked
   Insurgent thinks the middle of the street is a
good place to fire his RPG, doesn't see Iraqi troops just behind him.
Rifle vs. Tank
   Probably the first Iraqi Darwin Award winner
who showed up at a tank battle armed only with an AK-47.
Iraqi Torture
  Not really a combat video but demonstrates
the brutality of Iraqi torture under Saddam Hussein.  Very graphic!

Soldiers like to have fun too. Sometimes they make music videos.

"Amarillo" (Armadillo) - made by fun loving Brits in al Faw, Iraq
"Kosovo" - From Norwegian UN Peacekeepers in Kosovo


LaConchitaSlide.wmv  VIDEO of Landslide that burried a dozen houses and killed as many people
Windows Media Player - File size: 2.72 Mb
Malibu_Bolder.wmv VIDEO of road crew trying to deal with a 300 ton bolder resting on the road
Windows Media Player - File size: 5.66 Mb
Man_River_Rescue.wmv - VIDEO of man being rescued from river after loosing control of his car.
Windows Media Player - File size: 1.71 Mb
Road_Collapse.wmv VIDEO of roadway collapsing into river swolen by heavy rains. 
Windows Media Player - File size: 1.80 Mb
Utah_Home_Gone.wmv  VIDEO not from California but of a house in Utah falling into river
Windows Media Player - File size: 1.21 Mb