To use for shortcuts to your favorite sites.

Your F keys can be set to take you to any page on the web with a single press of the key. You have 7 F-keys and can set each one to a different page. These are very useful for tools pages, news groups, transloaders, your file directory, or any page you use often and want fast and easy access to. Here is how to set your F keys.

First you have to save the pages you want in Favorites. Be sure you know what folder you have saved them in if you've created additional folders in Favorites.

    1. Go to your Favorites and open the folder where you saved the site you want to assign to an F key.

    2. Click "Organize" in the sidebar.

    3. Click "Shortcuts".

    4. Find the page you want in the list for that folder. DO NOT CLICK ON THE PAGE. Click the grey button to the right of the page.

    5. On the next screen you will see 7 buttons down the right side of the page and each will have an F key number next to it. Click the button for the F key you want to use. Then go to the bottom of the page and click "Done".

    6. You can now leave your favorites or click "Done" again at the bottom of that page to step back to your favorites folder. Try the F key you just set to see if it works. It should take you to the page you set for it if you did it right.