How to format a link for pc users to see it as a link.

When you're at the page you want to send, first use the Go To key and click on Show Last to get the url in the window. Then use Cmd+A and Cmd+C to copy it.

You can use the send key now to get to your email page but instead of clicking on "Send", click on "Edit Message" and you will go to your email page with the site name already in the subject line. The Webtv link to the site will also be at the borrom of the email under your sig. If you're sending to AOL, then you have to remove your sig.

You can put this anywhere you want in your message. You can even make the site name a part of a sentence and a link at the same time but putting the link code right in the sentence. Remember, the codes won't be seen, only the "visable link" which in this case will be the site name. This is the code for the link. For demonstration purposes, I'll just use my site. <a href=""> Techniguy's Web Sites </a>

Be sure you put quote marks around the url. You can put anything in the visable link you want, it can even be an image tag. The visable link is where it says "Techiguy's Web Sites". This part doesn't have to be in quotes.

After you have used c/c/p to copy the url from the site and have come to your email page and are ready to add the link to your message Type: <a href=" Now hit Cmd+V to paste in the url from c/c/p Finish the opening link with a quote at the end of the url and the closing sign like this:   ">

Then type in the visable link (probably the name of the site, but you could also just paste the url in here too and it would then show as the visable link.

Now close the link with the closing tag: </a> Now if you have removed your sig, then your message and link is ready to send to an AOL fool.

For more information on links go to: