Or a *refurbished* WebTV "Plus"

CLICK HERE to purchase a new MSN-TV receiver online or locate a retailer near you. BE AWARE: These are "Classic" models. They do not have the TV side "Plus" features, such as tv tuner, tv listings, pip, and audio/video uploading inputs. Because of the lack of tv support features, they also have only 8 Megabytes of RAM and more limited internet support software than the "Plus".

NOTICE: New WebTV Plus receivers are no longer being manufactured by any manufacturer. They were discontinued in 2001 by the manufacturers and MSN. Only Philips Factory Refurbished "Plus" receivers are available and come with a one year warranty like a new receiver did. These are "never used", repackaged dealer overstock returns and returns in unopened boxes from customers, and are just as dependable and a great value. The Philips MAT-976 units are pre-tested and upgraded with the latest browser and full 16 Meg RAM Cache and will fully support the latest browser upgrade versions properly.

CLICK HERE to order a Philips Factory Refurbished WebTV "Plus" receiver online. These units cost about $150.00, or you can

save about 50%
by calling the Philips Magnavox factory direct at: 1-888-813-7069 ext. 2 and tell them Techniguy sent you. Tell them you want the 'refurbished' MAT-976 WebTV Plus receiver. Get one while they last.