Did you hear that the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1511 giving UN cover to operations in Iraq? Now the only question is... What can France, Germany, and Russia do to help out? I have made this suggestion to the Whitehouse and will share it with you. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like a good idea to me:

"I am writing in regards to two major problems facing us in Iraq. One is the clean up of massive weapons stockpiles, the other is the Iraqi debts owed to France, Germany, and Russia.

I have a simple solution to both of these problems that I hope your administration will consider. Since those three countries have now signed on to the UN Security Council resolution 1511, they could make an invaluable contribution to the rebuilding and cleanup in Iraq by sending people to collect and repossess all those weapons they illegally sold to Hussein in violation of UN sanctions. They can then return those weapons that were never paid for, back to their own country and cancel the sale and consequently, the debt.

This seems like a fair and just procedure for dealing with the huge stockpiles of French, German, and Russian weapons and munitions left strewn throughout the country. They should be held liable for violating UN sanctions instead of expecting to collect money for the mess they have created. We could use their help in getting rid of these munitions that they are responsible for. "


How many times have you heard prominent politicians stand atop their soapbox and say lately "I support our troops, BUT..."?

If you oppose funding for our troops,
If you oppose the mission of our troops,
If you claim their mission is based on lies,
If you profess only the bad news from the war zone,
If you trash their Commander in Chief for his decision,
If you say their mission is a failure,
If you claim their progress is in a quagmire,
If you condemn our president and our country for taking this stand on terrorism,
If you say we should get out of Iraq before the job is done,
If you do not give our troops credit for the huge successes they have had in Iraq,
If you insist that our troops are not welcome and hated in Iraq,
If you do not agree that Iraq is a better place to live now than it was under Saddam Hussein,

Then you DO NOT support our troops so don't tell me that you do. We are smart enough to know who the real liars are here, and it's not our president or his administration.

Last week, Ted Kennedy stood on his soapbox and stated "Prior to this war, week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after lie to promote this war" Didn't Kennedy see the same intelligence information that President Bush and everyone else saw on the threat that Saddam Hussein posed to the world? Didn't he agree at the time that there were countless weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as well as missile and nuclear programs, and serious human rights concerns for the people? Didn't Ted Kennedy read David Kay's initial report of his findings so far in Iraq that was released to him a few weeks ago which confirmed these programs along with huge stockpiles of weapons everywhere, many dual purpose labs and raw materials? Shouldn't Kennedy be asking "Where are those weapons now?" instead accusing our president of lying and concocting the whole thing in Crawford Texas? Is Kennedy suggesting that we should apologize to Saddam Hussein, tell him how sorry we are for destroying his compassionate regime, removing him from power, and killing his two wonderful sons, and that we should leave his country now and let him regain control over Iraq? We will even throw in all of the improvements we have made to his infrastructure, hospitals, and schools. Perhaps Kennedy would feel the same way about Adolf Hitler if a Republican president had defeated him too. I have to wonder what world Kennedy is living in and what road he is trying to lead his party down. He is no longer sane and has lost his grip on reality as have most of the candidates for president. It seems to me that Joe Lieberman is the only one who has some integrity and sense of reality and is willing to stand up for what he believes in rather than just pander for votes to whoever he's speaking to.