What has happened to our country?

You may be shocked by the time you get to the end of this article. You just may find the answer to the question "What has happened to our country?" I know this may be painful but it is very important that you read each item one at a time and ask yourself "where have I seen all this before?" It's important that you do this with each item. When you get to the bottom of this email, you're going to be shocked and quite possibly a bit wiser. Don't cheat and scroll down, you won't find the answer at the bottom anyway, you have to take it one item at a time and think about where this is published.

Now, where have we seen all this before? These headlines and lead-ins were taken from a popular American website:

Top Ten Reasons to Defeat Bush - Downloadable Flyer (English & Spanish)

There's so many reason to defeat Bush. Here's our top ten. Just click link above to read them and download the PDF flyer in English or Spanish. Then print, and use with voter education and mobilization efforts.

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1. Bush is destroying workers rights and outsourcing jobs instead of protecting the right to organize and creating new jobs rebuilding schools, bridges, roads and hospitals

2. Bush is privatizing Medicare, Social Security and public education with phony reforms instead of enacting health care for all, protecting retirement funds and full funding for public education through college.

3. Bush is bankrupting the Federal Government with giant tax cuts for the very rich and super-funds to the military instead of securing the budget for human needs by taxing the rich and spending on human needs.

4. Bush is rolling back civil rights gains instead of enforcing and expanding affirmative action to end racism in all areas of life.

5. Bush is curtailing women's rights and choice by undermining Roe v. Wade instead of upholding the right to choice and ending the gender wage gap.

6. Bush is abusing immigrant workers in low-wage jobs instead of providing a clear path to citizenship and equal rights.

7. Bush is exploiting and ruining the environment by protecting corporate polluters instead of conserving our natural resources for the public good.

8. Bush's war in Iraq is a disaster for our security and economy. He is pushing for more preemptive wars and for first strike nuclear military policy instead of negotiations and cooperation utilizing the UN.

9. Bush is denying civil liberties and free speech in the name of fighting terrorism instead of repealing the USA Patriot Act and helping cities, towns and states fund firefighters and police.

10. Bush discriminates against Gays and Lesbians with a Constitutional Amendment instead of expanding civil rights and liberties for all.


Build Unity to Take Back Our Country in 2004!: Defeat Bush and the Ultra Right!

The 2004 election is a turning point that will make history one way or the other. The backdrop is the mighty battle being waged by right-wing capitalist interests for hegemony over all the world's resources, markets and labor. The shocking disparity between wealth and poverty worldwide, and the never-ending search for new sources of profit, set the stage for sharp conflict.

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Nuestro Mundo editor Jose Cruz said that in New Hampshire, where the turnout was a record 214,000, the over-riding atmosphere was also the desire to defeat Bush in November. Support for Kerry was primarily based on the perception of electability because of his record of military service, and because, in response to the voice of the people, he began putting economic issues up front. The biggest issue on voters' minds was the need for healthcare and jobs, and then the war in Iraq. In the Republican primary, seven percent voted for Kerry and other Democratic candidates.


National Conference to Defeat Bush & Ultra Right! New York City, January 31.

Conference features: Keynote: "Building Unity to Take Back Our Country in 2004" Panels: I: "Unity of Labor and Allies v. Ultra-right tactics." II: "What it Takes to Win." III: "The Party at the Grass Roots."

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Opening Remarks: "Building Unity to Take Back Our Country in 2004"

Panel I: "Unity of Labor and Allies v. Ultra-right tactics." Experiences since 2000.

Panel II: "What it Takes to Win." A roundtable with leaders from Labor, African American, Latino, Women, Peace, Youth, Environment and other groups organizing to defeat Bush.

Panel III: Building at the club level. The Midwest Project.

Closing plenary. Performance and summary remarks.

Now that you've followed the instructions and read all of the above, do you think you know where all this came from? Was it MoveOn.org? Was it the DNC website? Was it the John Kerry for President website? Was it Common Dreams Website? If you guessed any of these, you would be wrong. These are the front page articles on the CPUSA Website, the Communist Party of the United States of America at: http://www.cpusa.org/. Shocked? You shouldn't be. Is this where the Left has been getting all their propaganda from?

When President Ronald Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, it was not the end of the Cold War or Communism. The Cold War began shortly after WW2 with the nuclear race. Communism was spreading throughout the Eastern European and Asian continent bringing the advance of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, aka; The Soviet Union. Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam were a part of that advance and that is why we were in Vietnam, to block the spread of Communism. That is why we have maintained troops and bases in Germany since WW2.

Russia was full of American democracy hating Communists who spread their anti-American hate all throughout the Communist block countries. When the Soviet Union collapsed in on itself due to the lack of individual freedom, liberties, and free enterprise, it was being said that Reagan had defeated Communism and in a way he did. But where did all those American hating Communists go with their propaganda? Did they just disappear? Did they suddenly start liking America? Did they just all die away? The answer is none of the above. Many of them left Russia and settled in Europe. Many more came to America with their anti-American agenda intact and with the intent to destroy America from the inside. Nikita Khrushchev, in fact, publicly stated this very intent in a heated discussion with Richard Nixon in 1972. The cold war continues but now it's a war of ideologies.

We see all this anti-Americanism and hate for America in Europe and think that it's all about envy, superpower domination, capitalism, military power, etc. Do you know that in Europe, the communists have even posted anti-American billboards on the roads? In our own country we see protests from the left organized by the Communist Party, criticisms of our government and our leaders, the far left agenda being pushed on us in schools and colleges, in the legal profession and the courts, in the ACLUs' war on Christianity, in the promotion of minority groups including Gays, Blacks and Hispanics, in overblown civil rights and political correctness, and in the celebration of diversity in America instead of unity under one system and one language for all.

Now we are also seeing this same Communist influence in opposition to the War On Terror and the strengthening of our national security. Our country is now facing the most evil enemy in the world and the most difficult fight in our history for the protection of our citizens. This is an enemy who kidnaps people off the streets then carves their heads off, and they are the same people who flew fully loaded airliners into buildings in 2001. How can any rational person object to us fighting this war or fail to see that Iraq was very much a part of world terrorism?

When George W. Bush said "Either you are with us, or you're with the enemy", he meant what he said. Those who want to see Bush fail and our country surrender to terrorism are buying into the propaganda of the Communist Party who's agenda is to bring about the collapse of the United States of America, just as they swore they would do decades ago. By persuading the young who don't know any better, and by persuading others who should know better, with ideas like "government should provide free health care for all", and "government should take from the rich to pay the way for the poor", and "America should get the permission of the United Nations before going to war", and government should take care of everyone with guaranteed income and welfare. People need not accept responsibility for their own lives or have to pay for a college education themselves. Storekeepers should give away their goods to people who can't afford them, and everyone should be equal in society. Government should regulate oil prices and all of big business. In other words, government should be responsible for seeing to it that every citizen has everything they need. This is what the younger generations are being taught to believe, that this is what America is supposed to be and they don't know any better.

What I have described here is not American Free Enterprise or Democracy, it is Communism. Those who fall for this line are never told that American government is not Santa Claus or your parents, and that the taxpayers have to foot the bill for all the entitlements and giveaways. The young are trained to believe that American government is there to provide for the people, not merely to represent the people as it was intended and functioned for 200 years until the second half of this century. Freedom, liberty, and achieving the American dream through self motivation and self reliance is no longer being promoted. Now, it's get the left in control of the government and government will provide all this for you and some now believe this is the way its supposed to be in America. This is the bill of goods being sold to Americans these days and it's right in line with the intentions of the Communist Party who intend to take over this country quietly without anyone noticing, but I've noticed and I hope you have too.

It time for all Americans to make their choice and decide who's side you're on. You have three choices now. You can join with the patriotic Americans who are defending and protecting this country and fueling it's growth, or you can join with the Terrorists by opposing those who are fighting the War on Terror, or you can join the left in embracing the vision and agenda of the Communist Party who proved in Russia that their system doesn't work and is doomed to financial failure and social revolt.