The Middle East, Today and Tomorrow

Techniguy 02-06-2005

Isn't it interesting that Iran says its nuclear program "will be used to generate electricity, not make bombs". But then when the discussion turns to a possible attack on their nuclear facilities by Israel or the United States they say; "If such an attack takes place then of course we will retaliate and we will definitely accelerate our activities to complete our (nuclear) fuel cycle." What are they planning to do, retaliate with electricity? It seems to me that this is an admission that they are lying about the purpose of their nuclear reactors, but thatĎs nothing new.

Don't place too much hope on diplomatic efforts to resolve this situation with Iran. They will not listen or cooperate with anyone including Europe and the UN, and will continue to do exactly what they have been doing in spite of what they may say publicly. The Bush Administration is determined to exhaust all diplomatic efforts to resolve this but I believe it will be totally useless, just as it was with Saddam Hussein. Iran will build their bomb by hook or by crook and no one is going to talk them out of it.

Of course they are developing a nuclear bomb, only a fool would think otherwise. And they have the missiles to deliver them to US and Israeli targets in the Middle East. It's only a matter of time before the mushroom clouds appear over Israel as long as Iran is supporting terrorism and jihad under the rule of the Mullahs. That isn't likely to change either unless the current regime is overthrown by the Iranian resistance groups now growing in Iran. President Bush has pledged to support them if and when they make their move. I think it likely that sooner or later, Israel will have to take out the Iranian reactors, just as they did in Iraq in 1981. The choices seem clear; either the Western world takes no action against Iran other than failed attempts at diplomacy and allows Iran to build their bomb, or we stop them by destroying their ability to do so with military attacks on their nuclear facilities. Neither option looks good but we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. The only hope for a peaceful solution is the overthrow of the Mullahs and a democratically elected government to be installed.

Iran isn't the only trouble spot in the Middle East right now. Intelligence believes that it will be a matter of years before they would have the bomb completed, mated on a missile, and ready to use. The more urgent issue is Syria who is supporting and aiding with the insurgency in Iraq. There will be no peace in Iraq until Syria is taken out of the picture there. Many believe that Saddam's WMDs are also being stored in Syria along with most of Saddam's top officials who haven't already been captured or killed. Using money stolen from the Iraqi people during the "Oil for Food Program", they are supporting and financing the insurgency. Syria will have to be cleaned out, and that will most likely happen this year under the authority of the new Iraqi government and with support from the U.S.  We know where to look for Saddam's WMDs and it's extremely likely they will be found there.  Oh, what will the American left say then?  Bush planted them there?

That just leaves Saudi Arabia, the source of Wahhabism which is exactly what we are fighting in the War on Terror. There is no question that Saudi Arabia is a major problem when it comes to terrorism. They say one thing in English, and then just the opposite in Arabic and always have. There is no easy solution to this problem as we have strong economic and political ties with Saudi Arabia. Some political progress is being made on this issue within the country but it's slow and not as aggressive as the Saudis would have us believe. My concern is that their many citizens here in our country, and especially in the universities, will eventually turn into terrorist cells if they haven't already, and start venting their hate for America on our citizens. Those who have expressed their hate for America on campuses such as San Francisco State College should all be deported but "political correctness" will protect them and allow them to continue their quiet jihad until it erupts into violence. Even then it will still be a problem to deal with them because of PC. This is very dangerous and you can count on Americans dying because of Politically Correct policies.

In time, all of this will be dealt with, the Middle East will find peace with the world and peace and democracy within themselves, and there will no longer be the need for a War on Terror. But until then, it may get allot worse before it gets better. Political change does not often happen peacefully and usually requires war to bring it about. It's up to each person to decide which ideology they choose to support. If you're an Islamic then you may choose to support the radical Islamic view of hate and intolerance for others. But if you're an American, then it's your patriotic duty to support the American view whether you like our president or not. Too many Americans in the media and on the left are confused about who to support and don't realize that you can't have it both ways.

We have been drawn into this war whether we like it or not, but we didnít start it. The left still sees this war as a ďwar of choiceĒ. Sure we have a choice, we can either fight it or surrender to it. I believe the left thinks if we just ignore it like we did in the nineties, it will just go away and we wonít be bothered by it anymore. They didnít learn a thing from the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, followed by the job being completed in 2001. They completely ignore all of the other attacks that have occurred during the nineties such as the Kohbar Towers attack that killed over 200 US Marines and the USS Cole. No, to the left, this all started with our invasion of Iraq and thatís why we are hated by the Islamics. Everything that happened before were just isolated attacks by disgruntled Islamics and not a part of a master plan to destroy America and democracy in the free world. People tend to believe what they want to believe and that is amplified when they hate our president.

Why the World Trade Center? Because itís the center of capitalism and democracy in the western world and that is the focus of Islamic terrorism. We should have recognized this threat early in the nineties and stopped it then when it was small but we didnít. Instead we ignored it and let it grow to become the monster that it is today, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg now. Hate for America has been growing since President Bush took office, thanks to the anti-Bush, anti-American propaganda of the left and their European socialist way of thinking. The President is doing what he must, and his constitutional duty to protect our country now, and in the future, but the lift just canít see that through their hate and partisan prejudices. They say we should try to understand why the Islamic radicals hate us, and tell us itís all our fault. Well, we know why they hate us and we are not about to change our values and way of life to appease radical Islamics, so again I say to the American left; choose your sideÖ you canít have it both ways. Either get on the side of America or get off the ship.  I know of a couple of countries in the Middle East and one or two in Europe that would welcome your way of thinking, but here in America, we are busy fighting to keep our country free and donít have time for your interference, negativity about our country, and support for the enemy we are fighting.

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