Selfish Americans

By Techniguy

Why is this administration spending $87 billion on Iraq when they could be spending it on me, me, me? That’s $67 billion in spending for our troops stationed in Iraq, and $20 billion for Iraqi reconstruction. Why do some think that $87 billion should be spend on them instead of where it’s needed most, in Iraq? Do they think we just had $87 billion laying around and we were looking for a place to spend it? Apparently, our national security, our military troops overseas, and the war on terror have little priority with them.

The left wing website “”, with the help of their billionaire supporters like George Soros, have produced a tv ad opposing the spending of any money to maintain our troops and continue the rebuilding in Iraq. They want you to think that the entire $87 billion is being thrown down the drain and given to Iraqis and construction contractors like Halliburton. They hope you won’t know that most of it is going to our troops to keep them alive and able to complete their mission.

The ad is in slideshow format depicting pictures of children, sick people, old people, poor people, and of course, ends with their favorite film frame capture of President Bush speaking. The carefully selected frame washed out, taken from a poor angle, in the middle of a word, with a stern look on his face and a finger raised, tries to depict our president as looking like Adolph Hitler which is another one of their favorite lies, making Bush out to be a Nazi. It is, of course, the worst picture of President Bush they could find or capture from a film strip and in no way depicts the real George W. Bush.

“In the ad, we ask, "If there's money for Iraq, why isn't there money for America?" At a time when schools are being closed, prescription drugs are unaffordable for many Americans, and even police and emergency first responders don't have the funding they need, the message clearly hits home.”

Well, it may hit home for those who don’t understand government funding but in fact, the examples they site are not the responsibility of the Federal Government, they are state and local responsibilities. I suppose they think that the other $800 billion in the annual federal budget isn’t going to Americans either. needs to learn what they are talking about before spending $2 million on an inaccurate tv ad, because this one just makes them look stupid an uneducated in government. Another attempt to fool the people with distorted information.

Here is what the Federal Department of Education has to say on school spending:

“The Federal Department of Education currently administers a budget of about $63 billion per year and operates programs that touch on every area and level of education. The Department's elementary and secondary programs annually serve nearly 15,000 school districts and more than 53 million students attending over 92,000 public schools and more than 27,000 private schools. Department programs also provide grant, loan, and work-study assistance to more than 8 million postsecondary students.

That said, it is important to point out that education in America is primarily a State and local responsibility, and the Federal Department of Education's budget is only a small part of both total national education spending and the overall Federal budget…

Nor are prescription drugs the responsibility of the Federal Government though some are trying to make them another entitlement funded by our tax dollars to create more citizen dependency on big government. The government needs to crack down on drug prices to make them affordable, not pay for them with our tax money and keep prices high.

And whose responsibility is it to pay for police, fire, and emergency first responders? It’s not the Federal Government, that money is supposed to come from state and local taxes. But even so, the federal government still contributes over $2.5 billion of those funds. Is it the federal government who is responsible for schools closing, more police, fire, and first responders needed (if they even are), high prescription drug costs? Not at all, those are all local issues and responsibilities.

So what does the $87 billion to Iraq have to do with any of those things mentioned in the anti-Bush tv ad? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Just who are they trying to fool with this distortion of the facts? Only the ignorant, uneducated, and uninformed. Democrats will just never understand the intended purpose of federal government and the separation of powers between the feds and the state. They can conceive of only one huge government with President Bush running everything. They give no credit or responsibility to Congress where all of the spending bills are passed and funds are allocated. If their congressmen and senators thought the $87 billion should be spent in Iraq, then why don’t they? Is it their opinion that our men and women in Iraq should be stranded there and abandon and that we should let the country fall back into the hands of Saddam Hussein and his supporters? It would seem so.

It’s no wonder that the left hates conservative talk radio and Fox News for getting the truth out and exposing the lies and distortions the left has been telling and getting away with for decades. Now the left is having second thoughts about “Freedom of Speech” and is trying their best to shut them up. “Freedom of Speech” is great, just as long as it only comes from the left. Now, the truth is coming out and they don’t know how to deal with it. The more the truth is exposed, the more their voter base is moving away. This will all become clear in the next general election, mark my words.