The words spoken today by Paul Bremmer, "We got him!" will go down in history right along with "Let's Roll" as brave Americans took back their plane from terrorists. Saddam Hussein, found hiding like a rat in a hole in the ground the size of a grave, was meek, disoriented, frightened and cooperative and will likely provide valuable information on the disposition of WMD.

In spite of the left's premature claims of quagmires and failures, progress in Iraq continues, not on the schedule demanded by the left, but at a pace consistent with circumstances that develop and the ability of the Iraqi people to govern their own country. For those on the left who have been complaining about the attacks on our troops and "useless deaths", this is what the recent battles and attacks have been all about, the capture of Hussein and the Baathist attempts to protect him. This was not by accident that he was found, it is the result of an operation that has been going on for months by 4th Infantry Division soldiers from Ft. Hood Texas. Information gained from other captured Iraqi officials is what led to the final success of finding the rat in the hole. Just as with the game of chess, Baathist supporters tried to protect their king with their own lives to keep us away from him. The closer we got, the more they attacked. Unlike chess, the fighting will not stop with the capture of the king, the resistance forces will continue to try to drive the "invaders", as they see us, out of the country, encouraged by the left in the US and Britain.

Saddam was found at 8:26 pm Baghdad time, hiding in a 6 foot deep hole in the ground with $750,000 in US currency. Information leading to this capture was provided by previously captured close family members of Saddam. It has been reported that this hole was typical of several other holes that Saddam has been living in for the past 5 or 6 months. It wasn’t all that bad though, he always had a good view of some of his palaces where he used to live in luxury.

Al Jazzera is condemning the capture of Hussein calling it a "Black Day" for Muslims. They are encouraging Muslims to resist the American and British invaders. Palestinians are outraged with disbelief that their hero has been captured. There will be no more money to the families of suicide bombers. Yes, it is a "Black Day" for terrorism, but a good day for freedom and liberty.

Howard Dean said it's a great day for the US military but had no smile on his face and was obviously distressed by the news but trying to make the best of it. It's interesting to see politicians interviewed on tv today. You can tell if they're Republicans or Democrats even before the moniker appears on the screen, just by their smile or lack of it. It’s a bad day for Democrats, just one more campaign issue gone down the drain for them and another victory for our President Bush.

General Wesley Clark who appeared irritated with no smile for the victory, I thought had the most interesting reaction. Among his comments were “The war was unjustified and had nothing to do with 911“. Clark and the left still choose to side with the Baathists and ignore the other aspects of terrorism that may or may not be connected to Osama Bin Ladden. They still fail to understand that the War on Terror is not just about revenge for 911, but about terrorism itself and a means of controlling it. The elimination of Saddam Hussein and his WMD programs is very much a part of that effort whether Clark and the left understand it or not. Will the left ever be able to grasp this concept? Probably not, at least not until after the elections of 2004. Saddam had twelve years to stop supporting terrorism and cooperate with UN resolution which he failed to do. He will now pay the price for his crimes against his people and his support for terrorism.

Clark also repeated again his charges: “the Bush administration had no plan for after the war and winning the peace”. Can anyone really believe such utter nonsense that Clark and the Democrats have been professing in their persistent rhetoric? Do they think that Paul Bremmer is there on vacation and just happened to stumble upon Iraqi leaders needing help to form a new government? Do they really think that all the rebuilding progress I have been reporting in my newsletters is just happening by accident? Do they really think that George W. Bush is a fortune teller who should have predicted the future of everything that would happen after we took Baghdad? In spite of the unforeseen obstacles placed in our path, the administration’s plan for reconstruction and winning of the peace continues at an unprecedented pace. It’s just plain foolish to think that there was no plan for completing the mission in Iraq after Baghdad was won. Should someone who makes such a stupid public statement be elected president of the US or even be running for the office? No matter how many times they repeat this nonsense, the plan continues to be put into place and the progress continues. I wish candidates who run for public office were better informed on the issues.

Clark also stated pure and simple “there were no WMD“ as though the country has been thoroughly searched and proof has been presented of their non-existence. No such thing has taken place, the search continues as does the intelligence investigation to discover where these weapons have gone. Again, the search for weapons of mass destruction continues at it’s own pace and not at a pace dictated by Democrats running for office. Is Clark interested in finding out where the WMD are now? Hell no, he would rather believe that they never existed and have us believe that the Bush administration lied about them. Maybe he thinks that all those hundreds of thousands of Iranians, Curds, and Sheas died of mosquito bites. Maybe he thinks that all the captured documents and plans for WMD were just interesting reading material for Saddam. Maybe he thinks that Saddam’s scientists were working on a cure for the common cold.

John Kerry also had something to say on the capture but I haven’t seen that coverage so far. Have you noticed how Kerry is trying to look more “stately” lately in his speaking? Maybe he thinks this will get him more votes than using the F word while criticizing the president in talking to the press. Who elected this turkey anyway? He’s been all over the map on the issues and really doesn’t have a clue where he stands on anything, nor does anyone else.

Oh yeah, after stabbing Joe Lieberman in the back, Al Gore, while placing his support behind Howard Dean says that the Democrat party needs to be “recreated”. I think he means “after the Clintons have screwed it up so bad”. Can anyone argue that Gore is right?

Jacques Chirac claims "delight" at the capture of Saddam Hussein. This is very difficult to understand as Chirac has been one of Saddam's biggest supporters. What a politician! Does this mean he will be more willing to support the US now since his pet dictator is out of the contest? And why does he still want to collect on a debt for all those weapons and ammunition stockpiled all over Iraq that he sold to Saddam in violation of UN sanctions? And on top of that, he thinks France should be included to profit from the Iraqi reconstruction. This is outrageous and Chirac should be brought up on charges right along side of Saddam Hussein for providing weapons that killed and are still killing American soldiers. His country should be held liable for the cleanup and ridding Iraq of all those weapons they put there illegally, instead of demanding that they be paid a debt for it that Saddam never paid. If Chirac is smart, he’ll take an example from his cohorts the Germans and Russians and sit down and shut up before he puts another foot in his mouth and really gets himself in trouble with the free world.

In closing, I want to congratulate the 4th Infantry Division, Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, and President Bush for a job well done in the capture of Saddam Hussein and another successful mission completed in Iraq. This success will likely change the face of the war, remove the fear in the Iraqi people of Saddam‘s return to power, and encourage more support from them for our efforts there.