Mission Accomplished - 1 Year Later

Techniguy May 1, 2004

One year ago, on May 2, 2003, President Bush made his famous tail hook landing on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. It was the first time a sitting president has arrived on the deck of an aircraft carrier by plane to honor the men and women returning from battle. Moments after the landing, the president, wearing a green flight suit and holding a white helmet, got off the plane, saluted those on the flight deck and shook hands with them. Above him, suspended from the tower was a huge banner that read, "Mission Accomplished." The crew of the Abraham Lincoln had successfully completed their mission in the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq and the end of the invasion hostilities was at hand. We were all proud of the brave men and women who engaged in this effort as was our president who personally met with them to honor and thank them. No president in history has before shown this much appreciation and gratitude for our fighting men and women as to personally greet them as they returned home. It was a great day for our military and a great day for America.

It would seem that John Kerry and his associates were so consumed with applause and cheer that they didn’t hear the President say in his speech; “Although the major fighting is over, the war will still go on for years to come”. Yes, the men and woman of the Lincoln had accomplished their mission, but we still had allot of work and fighting left to do before Iraq would be rebuilt and stabilized, and terrorism would be defeated. Even to this day, Kerry and his campaign spokesmen still thinks that the “Mission Accomplished” banner meant that the war was over and they are still emphasizing their error in their campaign speeches.

You would think that someone in the Kerry organization would have explained it to them and corrected this error by now but apparently not. Kerry criticizes the President in every speech for hostilities still occurring in isolated areas of Iraq and people are still dying. Kerry must be terribly confused at how this can still be happening when he thought the war was declared over a year ago. I don’t think Kerry and his campaign people pay any attention to current events or they would have corrected their mistake by now and would know to what the banner referred. Even just the other day, Terry McAuliffe publicly stated that George W. Bush had been AWOL from the National Guard for a year, in spite of the fact that Bush’s records were fully disclosed to the public and proved just the opposite. Are the people in the Kerry campaign stupid, ignorant, or just plain lying to the American people?

Kerry’s statements regarding the banner on the Abraham Lincoln are an insult to all the men and women who serve on that ship as well as all the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who participated in the removal of the Hussein regime. He is in fact telling them that they miserably failed and their mission to remove Saddam was not accomplished. Is this the kind of demoralizing rhetoric our fighting troops want to hear from someone who has ambitions of becoming their Commander In Chief? I think not. Kerry is not fit to be Commander In Chief of our Military Forces and that has been quite evident by his record ever since he ran from Vietnam only to slander, condemn, and accuse our fighting troops there of committing war crimes and atrocities. I suspect that Kerry ran away from Vietnam because he was more afraid of our soldiers than he was of the enemy who he rarely had any contact with.

And now Kerry wants to be President and Commander In Chief of our Armed Forces? This makes as much sense as having Hillary Clinton commanding our Armies. Even Bill Clinton would probably have been a bit more aggressive against terrorism if Hillary hadn’t been holding him back. Faced with the revelation that the war is in fact not over, how would John Kerry handle the job? His plan is to “take it to the UN and gain international support in Iraq“. Doesn’t he even know that we’ve been there, done that? Where has Kerry been for the past two years, anyway? The UN wasn’t interested in removing Saddam Hussein and just like Kerry ran from Vietnam, the UN ran from Iraq after the first attack on their embassy. In spite of that, we still have the support of over 50 countries in Iraq so what does Kerry expect to be accomplished by again bowing at the alter of Kofi Anon and the UN? The UN who was stealing billions of dollars from the Iraqi “Food for Oil” program in a corrupt conspiracy with France, Germany, and Russia. Of course they weren’t interested in removing their partner, Hussein, from power, they were making way too much money off of him. More will be known about this soon as an investigation into corruption of the UN is now beginning.

Kerry has no other plan for Iraq and all he can do is mimic President Bush’s plan and criticize Bush when things don’t always go according to plan. Yes, there have been some mistakes made in Iraq that have been realized and the CPA is attempting to correct them. No one could possibly have predicted everything that would happen there after the removal of Hussein, nor should they have been expected to. The Kerry campaign has always been based on nothing more than criticism of the President on every imaginable issue because Kerry has no vision, no plan, no clue for America of his own and hasn‘t offered any. He now says he would continue with the war on terror but his record after Vietnam and in the Senate says just the opposite. We can’t trust Kerry to do what he says since he always says something different depending on who he’s talking to, and we can’t trust him with the War On Terror and control of the largest military force on the planet. What Kerry has not been able to conceal is his desire to make our Armed Forces subordinate to the UN and turn over our national sovereignty to the international community in spite of the fact that it would not be in our best national interests.

The Kerry campaign has made the statement that America is not well liked by the International Community and somehow thinks that we will be better liked if he is the President. In fact, it’s the Socialist, Communist, and Terrorist countries who do not like us. Is that any wonder? Does Kerry want to make America more like them so that they will like us better? It’s important to consider another reason for many countries to dislike us. Think about all the criticisms, false accusations, and propaganda that has been publicized world wide, and that was created by partisan Democrats in our own country against our President and our foreign policies in an attempt to sway voters by encouraging hate for President Bush. Democrats know that with a candidate like John Kerry, their only hope of winning an election is by creating enough hate for President Bush in the minds of the people. What they don’t seem to care about is that all of their hate statements against Bush are used to generate hate for America around the world and fuel the hate propaganda machines in Socialist, Communist, and Islamic nations. These foreigners don’t care who our president is, they oppose our way of life. The slanderous statements made by Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore, Robert Bird, Terry McAuliffe, Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, and others are used as hate propaganda against America, encouragement to resistance fighters in Iraq, and reinforcement of a warped view of our foreign and domestic policies.

Regardless of which party is in the Whitehouse, These Democrats need to learn that they have a responsibility to the country to support the administration and administration policies in the interest of a united America. If the people disagree with those policies, they will make it known at the election box next election. It is the job of elected officials to represent the people, not tell them what to think. It is not the job of our elected officials to slander, criticize, degrade, and show blatant disrespect for our president and Commander In Chief, especially during a war. In an earlier time, the thing being said publicly by these Democrats would be considered treason and should be considered so now. The harm they are doing to our country, the American deaths they are causing in Iraq by encouraging the enemy, the anti-American propaganda they are supplying to the enemy, and the misleading of the American people they are guilty of will not be soon forgotten or forgiven. These spoiled children who are throwing tantrums and destroying our home because they are not in charge of the country need to be slapped, kicked, thrown out of Washington and sent home to cry in private where they can do no further damage to our country.

It’s time for patriotic Americans to stand up for their country and deal with these subversive and unpatriotic influences that are trying to tear it down. Am I questioning their patriotism? You’re damn right I am, and it‘s time someone ignored political correctness and called a spade a spade. These people have put their partisan party interests ahead of our national interests and security and have made it perfectly clear that the only thing they really care about is winning an election and regaining their power at any cost. They have done an excellent job of dividing our country into minority groups and turning those groups against one another, and now they are dividing it even more with their hate agenda for the current administration and the Republican Party. This is the perfect recipe for how to destroy a country, “divide and conquer” and our enemies such as Communists and Terrorists know that. It’s exactly what they want to see happen and they well know that the worse it gets, the weaker America gets. Americans need to unite behind the President and our policies and support the efforts of freedom and democracy in the world or this country will soon parish. We need to get rid of these hate mongers in our government who instead of doing the job they were elected to do, are spending all of their time trying to tear down our president and our country by finding fault, blaming America first, and generating more hate in their effort to get their “hollow man” elected.