John Kerry’s War Plan

Techniguy - 09-25-04

Based on recent statements made by John Kerry and his campaign, I think I’ve finally figured out what his plan for fighting terrorism is. Since Kerry has decided “Iraq is the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time”, a line he stole from Howard Dean who stole it from Al Sharpton, here is what he plans to do if elected.

To start with, he says he has a plan, which incidentally happens to be identical to Bush’s plan now in operation, but with some new twists. He wants to involve more allies, so he’s going to have to use force on France and Germany to get them into Iraq since they have clearly stated they are not going there under any circumstances. Then we will have our “so called” allies there with us according to Kerry. He will have to build an army in Germany since the German army is practically nonexistent now. We’ll have to transfer personnel from Iraq to train Germans who are now busy training Iraqis. He’s going to increase troop strength in Iraq while withdrawing troops at the same time, I don‘t quite understand this part. Since he is so committed to fighting terrorism, he is then going to move all the troops to Afghanistan to find and get that old man in the cave while the terrorists continue to flood into Iraq. This will be a safer way to fight terrorists and we will lower the casualty rate since the enemy will all be left in Iraq.

Iraq is not a strategic location in the war on terror and we should never have gone there in the first place so we‘ll just leave it to the Iraqis to fend for themselves. It‘s all George Bush‘s fault that terrorists are there now but it has nothing to do with the War on Terror, let Bush worry about them from his ranch in Texas. If we hadn’t gone in there then the terrorists would still be in Syria, Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, and elsewhere where we could fight them in smaller groups while violating sovereign territory in searching for Bin Ladden. George Bush is the reason for terrorism, and has to be replaced so that terrorists will like us better and be more willing to cooperate with western interests and stop attacking. Is that about right?

You have to give Kerry credit for his insight though. By moving the troops to Afghanistan, they will be out of harms way and there will be fewer American deaths. It will take a big load off of the presidency as he will no longer have to worry about protecting the growing democracy in Iraq, there won’t be one anymore. Kerry says he intends to “win” this war, but what he’s really saying is he intends to “end” this war in the same way he influenced the ending of the Vietnam war. He opposed the war in Vietnam from the start just as he has opposed this one. To Kerry’s thinking, winning the war means surrender and withdrawal, it’s the only strategy Kerry knows. He is now trying to undermine the War on Terror more than ever, to set the stage for his plan for withdrawal as president. It’s truly amazing how this war protester and traitor to his country has come this far in American politics. What has happened to our American values and respect for our country?

The media doesn’t bother to tell you that for every American killed in Iraq, there are 20 to 30 enemy killed. They like to leave you with the impression that our soldiers are nothing but targets wandering around just waiting to be shot or hit by a roadside bomb. There are no accurate enemy body counts since the terrorists don’t report them as we do. They know better, and realize that this kind of reporting is demoralizing to their fighters and supporters, something Kerry and our liberal media has yet to learn or simply doesn‘t care about. These attacks do not go unanswered thought and usually occur while our troops are engaged in offensive operations against the terrorists. When they kill one of ours, we kill 20 of theirs. It would be nice to have a little balance in media reporting but then that wouldn’t fit into their agenda of making the war look bad and America look defeated.

Kerry likes to talk allot about Bush’s secret plans. If they’re secret, how does Kerry know about them, does he have the Oval Office bugged, or are these just more made up lies by the Kerry people? When confronted on these charges, they cannot be supported with any evidence by Kerry spokesmen, they must have heard it over the Oval Office bug. Kerry is saying Bush has a secret plan to reinstate the draft, it looks like Kerry is the one who will be needing the draft. Military recruitment was down by 5000 last month when the polls were showing Kerry in the lead. Young men and women don’t want to volunteer for military service under a President Kerry, and be treated like they were under Bill Clinton, or even worse. They don’t want to go into combat without funding for weapons and body armor and other necessities that were consistently opposed in Kerry‘s senate voting record . If Kerry gets elected, he will certainly have to reinstate the draft or do what his Senate record shows he favors and reduce the military to the level of a street gang. That’s fine with Kerry, then he won’t be having soldiers killed in the fight against terrorism and can claim a victory. Civilians don’t matter to Kerry as is evidenced by his complete lack of any mention of those killed in the 911, and other terrorist attacks during the course of his campaign. Kerry has no interest in criticizing the terrorists, his only interest is in criticizing his own country and our president while we are at war, and weakening our position in the view of foreign countries. Were we in WWII and Kerry were to do what he is doing now, he would be arrested for treason. Liberals today have no concept of loyalty to one’s own country and would prefer to see Kerry as President instead of in prison where he belongs.

Kerry is now nearly screaming that Bush is lying about Iraq because he doesn’t dwell on the negative news of the war, but talks about the positive progress being made. Obviously, Kerry knows nothing about the progress in security training, a constitution, financial, industrial and commercial progress, and upcoming free elections for the first time in 35 years, to mention only a few. According to Kerry, these are all lies by Bush, and the real truth is that people are being attacked and dying, our military is in a quagmire, and progress, or lack of, is measured in body bags. It’s clear that Kerry’s only sources of information on Iraq are CNN and Dan Rather. Americans want to hear about the real progress taking place in Iraq that we get from Bush, not the negative pessimism and destructive criticism that we get from Kerry. The country is getting sick and tired of the bad news Kerry insists on dwelling on, but bad news for the country is good news for the Democrats. Good news from Iraq is bad news for the Democrats and they don’t want to hear it and Kerry doesn’t want to acknowledge it. To John Kerry, if it’s not bad news, it doesn’t exist. We’ve been seeing for some time now how Kerry dwells exclusively on the negative of every situation but never offers a positive solution. Is this the kind of attitude and outlook Americans want in a president? Personally, I prefer the positive optimism of President Bush. Optimism ends in victory, while pessimism will always end in defeat.

It’s true that a thousand lives have been lost in Iraq and that terrorist attacks are increasing now, that comes as no surprise to anyone who understands the situation. In Kerry’s feeble mind, this is an indication that our mission there under George Bush is failing, which clearly proves he doesn’t understand what is really going on. The truth is, that these stepped up attacks indicate that the Bush plan is working successfully, and that scares the hell out of the terrorist who are becoming more desperate in trying to stop freedom and democracy from taking hold in Iraq. They know that elections are soon eminent and are doing everything they possibly can to prevent it. That is why there are more attacks now than before. The measure of success in Iraq is not the number of terrorist attacks that occur, but how Iraq progresses toward democracy in spite of them. This simple fact seems to be beyond Kerry’s comprehension. If he can’t see this, how can he ever hope to be successful as Commander in Chief? You have to understand what you’re fighting for if you ever hope to win the war, and Kerry clearly doesn’t. He completely ignores, or is oblivious to, the goal of democracy in the war in Iraq and the effect that reaching that goal will have in the Middle East and on the War on Terror. Kerry doesn’t seem to understand that this is a political war of ideology as much as a battlefield war. His lack of comprehension of the bigger picture is astounding for someone who hopes to be President.

Iraq is now the center of the war on terror but to John Kerry, it’s a failure and an un-winnable quagmire and 1000 deaths proves it. These attacks will increase and continue for some time as terrorists try to scare us away. Kerry is playing right into their hands by not supporting our efforts there and dividing our country with his criticism, pessimism and defeatism. Were it not for people like John Kerry, Americans would be united the way they were during WWII. Terrorists in Iraq would have no hope, Iraqis would have more hope and would cooperate with us more, there would be less attacks and deaths, and the war would be allot closer to being won. It’s people like John Kerry who cause the war to be dragged out into a quagmire with no hope of winning but that‘s what a war is to Kerry and his only extremely limited experience with it. War is won or lost in the hearts and minds of the people behind it, not on the battlefield. Only battles are won or lost on the battlefield. This is a lesson that Kerry and his people don’t understand yet Kerry wants us to believe that he knows all about war from four months in Vietnam? This shows clearly how much he learned in those four months. He learned only how to loose a war, but not how to win it and that is the same direction he wants to take our country in again so he can relive the only time in his life he was really alive and in touch with reality.

We have been fighting in Iraq for 18 months now and suffered only 1000 losses but to John Kerry, this is a sure sign of defeat. An average 18 month period in Vietnam cost us over 23,000 lives, and in fact, more people are killed right here in Los Angeles than in Iraq on a weekly basis. The truth is, that 1000 deaths in 18 months of war is an unprecedented and remarkably low number for any war and shows the professionalism of our military and the technology used to protect them. We should be very proud that our losses have been as low as they are in this war. As with some Vietnam vets, all Kerry can see in Iraq is Vietnam all over again, and every war is just another Vietnam quagmire because it wasn‘t ended by yesterday. When you get all your information from CNN and CBS, that is the only picture you get and Kerry‘s outlook and statements mirror theirs perfectly.

Why doesn’t he have better information on the things he talks about? He seems to be living in his own little world like a child, with Democrat talking points, completely out of touch with the real world. It’s always the same whether he talks about the War on Terror, the economy, health care, or anything else. His vision is one of negativity and hopelessness followed only by no answers, or hypothetical solutions that don’t stand up to the facts of reality, and would be impossible to implement, like, for example, getting French and German troops into Iraq and getting Kofi Annan’s support for the war. Surly, Kerry must at least know that these are impossibilities, but thinks that you won’t know this. His pompous arrogance is astounding and would no doubt be much worse as president.

Kerry says he is more qualified and capable of running a war than George W. Bush and somehow can do a better job of fighting terrorism using the same plan he copied from Bush. Kerry clearly doesn’t understand the War on Terror or why we are even in Iraq if you listen to his latest speeches. Four months riding in a boat on the rivers of Vietnam doesn’t teach anyone how to run a war, but this is what Kerry claims as his only qualification. Where has Kerry been for the past 20 years when he was supposed to be in the Senate? Why is he so uninformed on current issues? What did he ever accomplish in the Senate and where did he ever show any leadership ability? He has contributed absolutely nothing in 20 years and his Senate career has been a complete failure. The only possible thing that could account for his continued reelection would have to be pork barrel spending riders on other bills using our tax dollars to fund special interest projects in Massachusetts. The “anybody but Bush” crowd got exactly what they wanted… the original “anybody but Bush” candidate with nothing to his credit. They would have been better off recruiting a homeless man off the street as their candidate if what they wanted was someone with a record of failure who was in Vietnam. That homeless Vietnam vet probably served his full term in real fighting there too, and knows more about it than Kerry ever will. You can’t solve our nation’s problems simply by say “I was in Vietnam”.

More evidence that Kerry and his people don’t understand anything about war is their never ending criticism of our military and their Commander in Chief, as well as his criticisms of our foreign policy regarding terrorism. Either he doesn’t have a clue about the negative effect his comments are having on the enemy and our troops, or he does, and really wants us to loose the war. The anti-American pessimism and propaganda he promotes not only emboldens the enemy, but makes the Iraqi people more reluctant to help in the fight for fear we will desert them if Kerry is elected. It’s demoralizing to our troops when they hear the foul rhetoric coming from Kerry and his attack ads on their Commander in Chief. This is the one thing Kerry did learn from Vietnam, how to embolden the enemy and betray your own country and troops. He’s using the same treasonous tactics now that he used on our vets in Vietnam that cost us that war. With Kerry’s recent rhetoric, I am more convinced now than ever that John Kerry is a Communist, if not officially, then at least at heart. He seems to have more loyalty to France and the UN than he does to the United States.

We need a president who cares most about doing what is right for the Untied States, not what foreign countries want us to do. Perhaps the real truth here is that John Kerry just doesn’t really know what to do and needs someone to depend on to guide him and make decisions for him. France and the UN is not the answer to America’s problems, they are in fact, part of the problem. Right now, this country needs a strong leader and George W. Bush has been providing that strong leadership. He’s the right man, in the right place, at the right time, and we need to keep, and thank God for him.

When Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi came to America this week to thank our President and the American people for liberating his country and helping to defend it, John Kerry and his spokesmen had the unmitigated gall and disrespect to call him a liar and a puppet of George W. Bush. Allawi expressed his gratitude for all we have done for his country in the rebuilding process, but Kerry and his people accused Allawi of simply reading a speech written by Bush’s speech writer as though Allawi had no thoughts of his own. The Ketchup Tramp got her two cents worth in too by saying “you could almost see the hand controlling his mouth”. This rude and disgusting display of disrespect for a man and ally who has put his very life on the line everyday in Iraq to bring freedom to his people sounds more like it came from the Ketchup Tramp than from a candidate for President of the United States. Speaking of the Ketchup Tramp, with Kerry getting $80 haircuts every week, why doesn’t Ms. Ketchup spend a few bucks to have something done with that mop she wears on her head?

It apparently never occurred to the cynical and arrogant Kerrys that perhaps Allawi and Bush are on the same page and have the same vision for Iraq. Could that be the reason that Allawi’s speech sounded similar to what Bush says? I’ll bet Kerry never even considered that, he prefers to simply and arrogantly call our president a liar and Allawi a “puppet“. Kerry’s speeches have been getting more and more angry everyday as his frustration mounts over a failed campaign and three teams of advisors who can’t agree on anything. There was the Kerry team, then the Kennedy team, and now the Clinton team and non of them can get it right. It’s being said that the Kerry campaign headquarters now looks more like a war room than a club.

More proof of Kerry’s unmitigated arrogance has been showing in his recent speeches when he says he gave President Bush “advise” on Iraq on three different occasions but “Bush didn‘t take it“. Just who the hell does Kerry think he is, one of Bush’s advisors? He can’t even run an election campaign, what makes him think he can run a war campaign? Is it any wonder that Bush ignored Kerry’s advise that was given in the middle of Kerry’s negative smear rants during campaign speeches? I’m sure President Bush didn’t even take the time to listen to this advise that I‘m sure he would have found laughable if he had. Bush is not interested in taking advise on how to run a war from a professional war protester and anti-American propagandist. Kerry’s obscene arrogance and disconnect with reality is becoming more obvious than his inability to make a decision and be consistent on important issues. At the rate he’s going, even the liberals are likely to see it before the election.