Intercourse Will Win The War
Techniguy 08-12-04

Gen. Wesley Clark in an interview with Pat Buchanan on MSNBCs Scarborough Country tonight stated that under John Kerry, we are going to talk the Iranians out of their nukes. His actual words were “We will convince them that the world would be safer without their nuclear weapons”. I say, with a hearty belly laugh… “GOOD LUCK!” Does he really think the Iranians are going to agree with him and just give up their nuclear program thinking it will make the world a better place? Would we also then try talking the North Koreans out of their nuclear weapons and offer them blackmail payments as was done in the last administration? And why not use the same tactic on China? I’m sure China would love to surrender their nukes if John Kerry asks them nicely and offers the world an apology for all the terrible, evil things his country has done over the past four years. After all, no one has ever thought of doing it that way before, right?

Kerry has recently stated that although he supports the war in Iraq and is committed to victory there, he will begin pulling our troops out within six months of taking office, just as Spain did as soon as their liberal was elected to the office of president. How do we assure victory in Iraq and in the War on Terror while we are withdrawing our troops? John Kerry has a secret plan according to his statements to the press. Now we know what that plan is. He is going to talk the terrorists out of hating us and trying to kill us. Sound like a sound plan for protecting America? There’s only one problem, besides the fact that it won’t work, what’s going to happen when the Islamics find out that John Kerry was actually born John Kohn? Kohn, of course, shows Kerry's true heritage as a Jew. Is the Islamic Nation going to disarm because they have been told the world will be a safer place by a Jew? Between Kerry’s statements on Iraq and Wesley Clark’s statement regarding Iran, it is painfully clear that these people have absolutely no understanding of our enemies. Furthermore, they don’t seem to have a clue what the War on Terror is all about. No war in history has ever been won by talking the enemy out of fighting and waging “a more thoughtful and sensitive war”. This is especially true when you enemy is race of barbaric and uncivilized radical Islamics who have been raised all their lives to hate and kill Americans.

Kerry is trying to tell us he will replace our troops in Iraq with those from our allies that we turned our backs on. In other words, France, Germany, and Russia. Every other country that was willing to help in Iraq (60 with 30 sending troops) is already there. France, Germany, and Russia don’t want to be there, John, haven’t you been paying attention again? There is no way that France, Germany, and Russia are going to send troops to Iraq, they have made that quite clear. Where has John Kerry been during his nearly twenty years as a Senator? Why does he seem to know so little about what’s really going on in the world? Has his window on the world been only through the liberal media and Michael Moore’s movie “Fahrenheit 911”?

And by the way, it wasn’t the US who turned their backs on their allies, it was France, Germany, and Russia who stabbed their allies in the back and blocked UN entry into Iraq while the other fifteen countries on the UN Security Council all supported the action and sidrf with the US. Who turned their backs on their allies, John? Let’s be clear here, it wasn’t the United States.

Aren’t you getting just a little tired of the “blame America First” crowd spreading their anti American propaganda all over the world and led by their presidential candidate, John Kerry? He lied about Vietnam and he’s lying now. I for one, am getting damn tired of what this charlatan and his crowd are doing to America’s unity and our reputation and respect in the world.

Just one more note. Kerry’s latest Bush bash is on the National Sales Tax, saying Bush want to add additional taxes in the form of a national sales tax. The idea is being discussed, but it’s not a tax increase. What Kerry isn’t telling you is that Bush wants to eliminate the IRS and income tax and replace it with a national sales tax. I think this sounds like a good idea. Just think of the money we all would save by not having to file annual income tax returns, especially if you have to pay someone to do it for you. Most people do these days because the tax code has become so complicated that no one can understand it without a PHD in accounting. Think of what your paycheck would look like without the Federal Withholding. You would pay your taxes when you spend your money, not when you earn it. Think of the taxpayer’s money the government would save by not having to fund the enormously costly IRS with offices in every city across the nation. The tax burden would be more fair and everyone would pay their fair share. The rich would still be paying a much larger portion of the taxes because when you’re rich, you spend more. And when you spend more you would pay more taxes. If you are one who prefers to save your money rather than spend it, you would have more to save without having it taxed until you spent it. Just think, no more calls from the IRS threatening to take your home, your car, your children and the food out of your mouth for not paying your taxes. It would streamline the tax collection system and benefit everyone, except perhaps H & R Block.