How To Win The War On Terror 
by Techniguy - 07-14-2005

Let me just begin with this short article from the San Jose Mercury News which inspired this article:

National Guard criticized for anti-Islam poster

Associated Press SACRAMENTO - Islamic leaders and peace groups are criticizing the California National Guard for a flier posted in its headquarters suggesting the United States should execute Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in pig's blood to deny them entry to heaven.

The poster attributes the practice to World War I General John J. Pershing.

"Maybe it is time for this segment of history to repeat itself, maybe in Iraq?" the flier stated. It was posted outside a cubicle in the Guard's Civil Support Division.

A second flier showed the wings and tail of a bomber forming a peace sign with the slogan, "Peace the old fashioned way." Also posted was a cartoon from a Web site showing a Red Crescent ambulance stuffed with weapons and a caricature that looks like the late-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat unloading the weapons.

Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Doug Hart at first defended the postings to the San Jose Mercury News, which reported the posters Tuesday but later said they had been removed.

Peace activists spotted the fliers during a tour last week. The tour came after peace groups and a state senator questioned whether a new Guard unit had been formed to spy on U.S. citizens and had monitored a Mother's Day anti-war rally.

"It's troubling to see a governmental organization dedicated to the security of our country promoting culturally and religiously insensitive ideas," said William Youmans, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Santa Clara. "It's very possible to combat terrorism without offending the cultural values of a major world religion."


Information from: San Jose Mercury News

Why did they take down the posters? Do they think they did something wrong in putting them up, or care if it's politically incorrect to be insensitive to the religion of terrorists, simply because a group of lefty terrorist appeasers said so? It’s more likely that it was the “peace activists” who were offended by the posters because they were anti-Islamic instead of anti-American. Sure it's insensitive, but so what? Do we really want our fighting soldiers to be "sensitive" to the enemy they’re fighting against? Did we worry about being insensitive to Nazis, or offending Japanese Kamikazes during WWII? How long will this silliness of trying to protect the integrity of the Islamic religion go on when it has spawned terrorists who use it as justification for murder and slaughter of innocent men, women, and children? Why are we more concerned about being insensitive to the Islamic religion than the Muslims seem to be? If we keep this up, Islamics will eventually have us all convert to Islam to show we are not insensitive to them.

If Muslims are concerned with protecting the integrity of their religion then let them do it themselves by showing all of us that they stand against the terrorists. Let them show us that they are willing to fight against terrorism by turning terrorists in their communities into the authorities and telling them what they know. Let them do it by ridding their mosques of radical clerics who preach jihad and hate for America. Let them do it by showing us that Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and other Islamic countries are willing to fight with us in the War on Terror instead of protecting and defending terrorists. Let them do it by demonstrating a change of attitude at al Jazeera which supports terrorism with their anti-American propaganda that they get largely from the American left.

Either we try to kill all the terrorists before they attack us again, or we make them afraid of attacking us and being caught or killed and sent to an eternity with the pigs and hogs instead of 72 virgins. Their religion is their Achilles heal that we should be exploiting and using against them to win this war, just as they are using our Achilles heal which is "rules of conduct", "rules of war", rules for interrogations, and enemy sympathy from the American left. They know we are bound to follow the restrictive rules and regulations, and fight fair while they are not. That's why they don't fear us, because they know they are protected by "our rules" which limit us to fighting with one hand tied behind our back, and if our prisoners aren't treated like valued guests, there will be holy outrage from the left in America.

Terrorists don’t fear death by jihad because they believe it is a step into everlasting bliss with Allah and their 72 virgins. We can stop this killing very simply by putting the fear of God into them. All we have to do is let them know that their death will not bring heaven and 72 virgins, but rather hell with fire and brimstone, and we don’t have to change their beliefs to do it either. All we have to do is use their religious belief about contact with pigs which can ruin their whole day, but we can’t do that as long as we practice political correctness and “sensitivity” to the enemy and his religion.

Today, I heard in the news that some Muslim in Britain is complaining that he was denied entry into American and given no reason for it. How about “we are at war with Islamics!”, is that a good enough reason? I frankly do not understand why we are letting any Islamics into our country at this time. Did we invite Germans and Japanese into the country during WWII? This is just insane to allow any of them into our country while we are at war against Islamic terrorism.

I say every Islamic killed while fighting in this war against the US, or his remains left after a suicide bombing, should be buried in a deep hole with pig blood and guts and make sure they all know that this is what we will do with them. Give the media something useful to do. Let them spread the word that this is the fate that awaits any Muslim involved in terrorism. Let the media think they are criticizing our country and military in running the stories which will fill the front pages of the New York Times and most other leading newspapers and network news broadcasts. Plant the story in the media and let them run with it, as they will without hesitation, just like it was another Abu Ghraib or phony Gitmo story. They can all be counted on to fall right into lockstep and tell the whole world what a horrible thing America is doing with dead terrorists, then see just how willing these jihadists are to blow themselves up along with innocent civilians in their jihad, or even engage in war against us in Iraq and elsewhere.

This will give them a good reason to fear death by terrorism. By eliminating political correctness, we can kill two evil birds with one stone and make our country safe again. Who cares what France and the like think of us? What they think is not our first priority, so why does the left think it is or should be? We will win the war psychologically and on the battlefield and win back the respect that our country deserves. The world loves and respects a winner but we cannot win with liberal appeasement, sensitivity, and political correctness in the mix, not in this war.

This is an unconventional war unlike any we have ever fought before. We can only win it with the use of unconventional means. The enemy we face today has no rules to hold them back and restrain them as we do. We cannot treat them with the same respect and restrictions that were also honored by our enemies of the past. There comes a time when taking the "moral high ground" will get us all killed, and now is the time. Is it any less moral to do what is necessary to protect our innocent civilians from further slaughter and win the war, than it is to protect the so called "human rights" and "sensitivities" of our inhuman enemy and loose the war?

This is a war that cannot be fought and won with "morals" and "human rights", the enemy knows nothing of these. Some will say that we cannot lower ourselves to the moral level of the enemy when we must maintain a high moral appearance to the rest of the world. Certainly, we don’t have to stoop to the level of beheadings, blowing up innocent children, or bombing civilians on subway trains and busses. No one is suggesting anything like that, but we do need to stop all this political correctness and worrying about who might be offended. If being offended was so terrible, there would be laws in the Constitution against it. The First Amendment gives us the constitutional right to offend anyone, anytime, anywhere, as the left so well knows because they do it all the time, yet they are the only ones who ever complain about it. Moral values in America among most Americans are as high as anywhere in the world if you don’t look to closely at the liberals.

Does anyone really seem to care about the low moral standards of France, Sweden, Denmark, or Norway? Countries which have destroyed the meaning of marriage, who give birth to bastards as commonplace, and serve up abortions on demand. Yet if Gitmo interrogators put panties on the heads of terrorists, or insult their religion, then somehow we have lowered our moral standards. Why isn't the American left, who insists on the US maintaining high moral standards in the middle of a war, more critical of European countries who have lost all moral character? In fact they support them and want American to become more like them. Okay, let's start by lowering our moral standards in the fight against terrorism. In addition what I’ve suggested above, to help with interrogations we can force prisoners to engage in homosexual relations and give them all abortions whether they need them or not. Now surely the left wouldn’t consider that torture since it’s what they promote as good healthy American morals.

We simply have to stop listening to the left and do what we have to do to win the war. And if that means breaking a few minor rules or using the religion of Islamics against them then that’s what we need to do. The enemy isn’t going to cut us any slack, we cannot afford to cut them any.


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