Richard Holbrook, foreign affairs advisor to John Kerry, appeared in an interview with Brian Wilson on Fox News this morning to discuss Kerry's "Global Test" comment in the debate. Holbrook explained that Kerry would not hesitate to take unilateral preemptive action when needed but first you have to make your case to the American people and to the world community. Then Wilson asked the million dollar question; "What if you can't pass the Global Test?" In other words, what if you don't get UN approval and support from all European countries? Holbrook completely dodged the question and never gave an answer. Instead, he started talking about John Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He said Kennedy gained international support before standing up to the Soviet Union and forcing them to remove the missiles from Cuba. I could be wrong, but I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I have no recollections of anything involving talks with other countries before Kennedy took action. As far as I recall, it was completely unilateral on the part of the US and John Kennedy.

But getting back to Holbrook's interview this morning, Wilson asked him a very simple and direct question that I think we all want answered because as usual, Kerry is talking out of both sides of his mouth on this issue. On the one hand, he says he would be willing to take unilateral action without an international permission slip to defend our country, but on the other hand, he says it needs to pass the "Global Test" before any action is taken. So if you don't pass the Global Test to get international approval from countries like France and Germany, then you don't do anything? Holbrook couldn't give an answer to this question but I think the answer is quite clear to any of us who know John Kerry's record, maybe Kerry should explain it.

I think we all realize by now that France and Germany are never going to agree with anything we do in the war on terror, and that includes dealing with Iran. France and Germany have the same corrupt dealings with Iran that they had with Iraq in providing WMDs and nukes. They are not on our side in the war on terror and we cannot allow them to interfere with our national defense and security as John Kerry would let them do with his “Global Test“. A test to be administered by foreign countries who support our enemies.