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Techniguy - 08-13-2005

Have you had enough of the illegal trespassing of Mexican Nationals across our southern border? Are you tired of leaving our country open to foreign invasion from the south? Are you ready to take action and do something about it? The Minutemen have been effective in bringing this problem out into public view. Their vigils on the border have impacted the flood of illegal aliens crossing over into our country but they can't be everywhere all the time, they can only do so much.

The only real solution to this problem will have to be a political one and that is where you can help. No, I'm not going to ask you to sign a petition or write your congressman or anything like that. As we know, those tactics do little good and are mostly ignored by our public officials. I have a plan that will get results providing enough people participate in it. But first, let me explain why this is needed, as if you didn't already know.

The problem of illegal Mexican immigration into our country has gotten out of hand. Not only are illegals a serious problem, but bringing their culture to our country and trying to force and impose it on us is a serious threat to our own culture and way of life. Now in Colorado there is a bill in the legislature to make seven public libraries become predominately Spanish libraries. For too long now, we have been paying for Spanish language translations of all public government publications as well as most private public notices such as utility bills and service notices. When you drive through some parts of the Los Angeles business district, you would think you were in Mexico City, or perhaps Tijuana would be more accurate. Many businesses encourage Mexican patronage and don’t care where they get the money, they just want them to feel at home whether they belong here or not.

In fact, if you're in our country from Mexico and don't speak our language, no problem, we speak yours so there is no need to learn ours. If you get sick, we give you free medical care, providing our emergency hospitals haven‘t already gone broke for lack of payments. Need an education? No problem, we'll provide that for you too, and at our expense, the American taxpayers can pick up the tab. Need money to pay your bills and buy food? Again, no problem, we'll give you welfare, social security, and food stamps so you won't have to work if you don‘t want to, and would rather stay home and have babies who we will then honor as real American citizens. Want to get high or drunk and have some fun? Well come on in, trash our neighborhoods, sell your drugs, break into our houses and steal what you can and rape our women. The authorities aren't going to stop you or even know who you are. If they do happen to catch you, you'll be back out on the streets in no time, instead of deported to your own country as they would do in most any other country. And who's paying for it all? Why we are, the American taxpayers and citizens not only in financial costs but also at the cost of our culture and security and feeling safe in our own homes.

In San Diego, an illegal immigration forum held yesterday in the Carlsbad High School auditorium was met with 150 Mexican protestors, many here illegally, shouting phases like "go home minuteman Klan", "go home racists", "we belong here", "this is our land", "you can not stop us", "we are here to stay and more to come". Statistical reports came out this week that show Hispanics now have a majority of the population in San Diego and Los Angeles. It is the admitted intent of both Mexican Nationals and their government that they fully intend to take over and control the Southwestern United States, and their contention that the border doesn‘t mean a thing. Will we then receive the same benefits from the Mexican Government that we currently give their citizens? What do you think!

The problem in Phoenix Arizona is even worse. It started in Tucson where local residents have been driven out by Mexican invaders. Many Tucson residents relocated to Phoenix to escape the constant worry, intimidation, and threats from Mexican Nationals in their neighborhoods. Now I have been receiving letters from those same Arizonians telling me that the same conditions that drove them out of Tucson is now driving them out of Phoenix. Law enforcement and the government does nothing about it. One letter I received from a female list member described the horrors that are now going on in one, once peaceful, neighborhood where Mexicans have moved in, living 20 or more to a house, selling drugs on the corner, breaking into homes, and intimidating and threatening their American neighbors.

Another letter I recently received is as follows by permission of Richard, the writer:

Recently, I signed a Border-Petition to be sent to the president of the United States. The illegal aliens situation here in the Phoenix area is completely out of hand. In the early morning hours there are places where the illegal aliens gather and await mostly yard maintenance and contract construction owners who will “day” hire them. It is not simply a “few” illegal aliens, but three to four hundred at each of the many various “pick up” locations. The illegal migrants block traffic into places like convenience stores, are rowdy, attempt opening vehicle doors, pound on hood and trunk lids, frighten people – especially women and children, yet little or nothing is being done about it. The police disburse them with threats of arrest for trespassing, but the border patrol turns a blind eye to this every day event.

In the Phoenix and Mesa areas, there are multi thousands of these Illegal migrants. Not only should they be arrested and deported, but those people hiring them should also be prosecuted. Federal correctional institutions complain not having ample facilities to incarcerate the illegal aliens (poor excuse). In the Phoenix area, an illegal worker earns $12 to $15 per hour, provided a mid day meal, and transportation to and from work. They pay no taxes. Also, we are experiencing a “higher than usual crime rate” and most the apprehensions by police and deputies are Mexican aliens. There is a medical center in central Phoenix at which signs are posted read as follows: “We do not report illegal aliens to the U.S. Department of Immigration, and you will receive medical help.” And it should have been noted; at the tax payers’ expense.

The Arizona-Mexican boarder is virtually wide open, and when United States citizens took matters into their own hands and began to patrol the boarder, George W. Bush called them Vigilantes. A recent visit to the border by a U.S. Senator, earned him being called names and threatened with physical violence. We have local groups that are placing food and water at various places along the travel routes for the illegal aliens.

I don’t really care what type of names George W. Bush may decide calling those of us who are petitioning him, and members of the senate and congress. I lived and worked in the State of Texas for nearly thirty years, and it’s no secret Texas farmers and ranchers hire mostly “illegal Mexican wet backs, which is thought of as traditional.” Immediate actions need being taken against the ever increasing onslaught of illegal aliens, which includes terrorists now using the easy routes into our nation.

Richard is not alone in his concern. This ever growing problem is effecting all of us financially, culturally, and politically. It is going to continue until the citizens of America demand that it be stopped in mass numbers.

Don't believe there is nothing the authorities can do about the illegals who are already here. As Richard pointed out, they gather by the hundreds at casual labor pickup points, not only in Phoenix, but in all Southwestern states. One thing the government could do is form a fleet of busses with a coordinated plan. The busses could arrive at the pickup points simultaneously all over a state in the early morning. They could appear as corporate vehicles with the message to laborers that they have a very large project in need of labor help for the day. Once the buses have been filled and LOCKED, they would then join a convoy with police escort, and with prior coordination with the Border Patrol, would proceed directly to the Mexican border and across to an empty field where passengers would disembark. They would then be told "welcome home", and anyone with a legitimate US ID or green card may re-board the bus for the return trip. This could be done in waves spaced about an hour apart and repeated each day for a week or until the pickup points were cleared and thousands of illegal aliens have been returned to their country.

I am not going to discuss this plan in detail, but I can assure you that the legal and technical details could be worked out. What about the cost? Would it really cost us any more than the incarceration, housing and feeding for jailing them is costing now? And what about the cost to the American citizens who are paying to care for these illegals, repair the damage they cause, and try to secure their homes against them? A small investment that would pay off big in the long run. What about the cheap labor we keep hearing about? What “cheap labor”? Is $12 to $15 an hour considered “cheap labor”? There are plenty of unemployed American citizens who would gladly work for that, or less. I seriously doubt that American industry would be strapped for affordable workers. How did we survive before the flood of illegal invaders from Mexico?

At the beginning of this article I said there is something you can do to help, and there is. You have the power to force change in the palm of your hand, or right in your back pocket. If you are a registered Republican or Democrat, you, no doubt, receive countless solicitations from your party to contribute either to the party or it's candidates. Respond to these solicitations, but instead of sending money, send them a note stating that no more money will be forthcoming until the border is secured and the illegal border crossing are stopped and the illegal aliens in your community have been deported. Now this is the language they will understand and react to. If enough people will simply withhold political party contributions on this basis, our elected officials will have no choice but to act in the interest of the American citizens.

It will take a massive effort to get this message out, I know you will all do what you can. You have the power to force government to take action that they have been reluctant to take so far, and save yourself some money at the same time. If they refuse to represent your interests, then get them out of your wallet until they do. We can do only so much at the ballot box, and when we do manage to get a small part of this issue on the ballot, some liberal court usually overturns it as it did with California's Proposition 187 and now the court battle in Arizona. How a single judge ever got the power to overturn a majority of voters is beyond me, but they did, and a foolish government obeys them instead of using the power of Congress to overrule them. This battle won't be won at the ballot box, but it can be won at the bank with enough citizen participation. Stop sending your money to parties and politicians who are putting your life at risk and not doing the job they were elected to do.


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