It has been nearly seven weeks since the destruction of the World Trade Center and the other terrorists acts that were committed against our country and our citizens, and what have we done about it? I have been tuned into the 3 major cable news networks as well as KNX News Radio almost constantly ever since September 11th and this is what I see, what I am satisfied with and what I am not. Like most Americans today, I trust and have faith in our leaders to know what they're doing and to know what is best for our country and for the world as a whole, but now I am beginning to think that politics may be hampering our efforts to achieve our goals. I am proud to be an American and very proud of President Bush for the stand he has taken against terrorism but now am begining to wonder if enough is being done in Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and the Al Qaida network. Are we being so careful to avoid civilian casualities that we are not getting the job done that we started out to do? Are Afghan civilian lives more important than the 7000 American lives that were lost?

It has never been the intention of this country to target civilians in any war except where they were an important part of the war effort against us. The bombing of Germany in WW2 targeted military and industrial complexes, even the atom bombs that were dropped on Japan were aimed at major military industrial cities and although many thousands of lives were lost, we did it because it was necessary to bring the war to an end and put a stop to the years of killings. In Korea and in Viet Nam again, our targets were the enemy solders, their supplies and equipment and in the Gulf War, technology was improved and surgical strikes with smart weapons were used to target strategic locations and to keep civilian casualties to a minimum. Yet, in all of these conflicts, civilian casualties occurred.....this is a fact of war and cannot be avoided if we intend to win. We lost our asses in Viet Nam because of too much interference and restrictions placed on the military planners by politicians, and in the Gulf War, we didn't finish the job and remove Sadam Hussain from power because it wasn't our political objective and now we will have to deal with him again because of this new crisis. I am tired of hearing about all this propaganda and concern for civilian casualties in Afghanistan, how do we know that these casualties aren't Taliban supporters, anyway? If civilians get in the way of a war, there will be casualties, that's just the way war is and cannot be avoided if the military is to focus on their objective which is to kill the enemy. Our reluctance to take civilian lives in Afghanistan has allowed the enemy time to scatter and hide and shield themselves with their own civilians to avoid our attacks on now empty buildings and structures. They still remain in power and are still making a mockery of us with their exagerated propaganda and lies over unintentional casualties. We need to shut them up before they turn the whole Islamic world against us, they already have a head start and a growing group of supporters who are only allowed to hear one side of the story and think they are fighting a "Holy War".

They have been convinced by the lies of Osama Bin Laden, that we are trying to destroy the Islamic faith and that they must fight to protect and preserve their religion. They have never been allowed to hear the truth, that we are fighting against terrorism and this war has nothing at all to do with religious faith. Many of those who have heard the truth, choose not to believe it and prefer to believe Bin Laden. What reason could we possibly have for wanting to destroy the Islamic religion? How can these people be so foolish as to believe such nonsense? They live primitive lives and have little contact with the outside world, their view of it comes from the propaganda fed them by their leaders. They have little to live for except their religious faith, and Osama Bin Laden is now perverting that and using it for his own selfish purposes to gain their support in his evil cause. Could Osama be the "Antichrist" spoke of in the Book of Revelations? Just something to think about.