September Twenty Seven, Two Thousand and Three I, Techniguy, do hereby announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America.

As a loyal member of the Online Party, and a natural born citizen of the United States of America over the age of 35 years, I declare my intent to run for this high office, to correct the injustices and inefficiencies that are plaguing our great nation.

I feel qualified for this office for the following reasons:

I attended school which gave me the education to write this document, therefore I understand the importance of education.

I have had 2 dogs and 2 cats therefore I understand diversity.

I served in the US Army during the Vietnam war, and got the crap kicked out of me during basic training, therefore I understand the need for national defense.

I have employed both a Black and a Hispanic while self employed and therefore understand equal employment opportunity.

Although I have never been able to balance my checkbook, I use online and automatic bill paying and deposit my paycheck in the bank weekly, therefore I understand economics.

I know where Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico are, therefore I understand foreign affairs.

I once had a hemorrhoid surgically removed at the VA Hospital so I understand the need for health care.

I once had my vehicle impounded therefore I understand the importance of transportation.

I have seen the clowns who are running our country now, and the ones who want to run it, and believe my qualifications for this office must be far superior to theirs.

I understand the need for major reform which none of the other candidates offer. The following is my platform for Government reform if elected.



Government Reform Platform

By Techniguy for President

In the course of human events, it may, at times, become necessary to amend and revise existing laws which regulate the policies and actions of our elected and appointed officials in order to preserve and protect the freedom and liberties of the people, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America, this time has now come.

Public officials are elected by the people, to serve the people. They are not elected to have the people serve them which has become the case all too often with unpopular laws created by Congress and unpopular decisions by Federal and State judges. The United States of America was made a great and powerful nation not by the rule of elected officials, nor by the practice of government imposed socialism and racial diversity, but by liberty, opportunity, free enterprise, capital incentives, and the freedom to grow creatively, and be rewarded for your work with proper compensation for your accomplishments, and with fair taxation to support a representative government. These principles are now being abused, restricted, and denied by a government which has become more and more oppressive over the people whom it is suppose to serve.

Upon my election as President, I hereby declare that the following governmental reforms shall be implemented immediately in both Federal and State Governments where applicable, and shall become a permanent amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

That should just about do it.

1. Congress

Members of the House of Representatives and the US Senate will be required to punch a time clock upon entering and leaving the Capitol building. They will be expected to devote their time to doing the job they were elected to do. That job is in the Halls of Congress where they will compose, debate, modify, reform, and pass legislative bills into law. All Congressmen and Senators will be required to be present for any and all votes on matters of legislation. Exceptions for illness, family emergencies, or other emergency situations will be allowed, however, it will be required that no more than 5 members may be absent from any one vote. Time cards will be submitted to the General Accounting Office on a weekly basis while Congress is in session, and Legislator's pay will be proportional to their attendance. The GAO will be required to publish a monthly report for public review on the attendance records of each legislator to the states they represent. The Congressional Retirement Plan shall be immediately repealed and time spent in public service will be credited to their individual Social Security benefits. This will motivate the Congress to fix Social Security instead of robbing it to finance their own extravagant retirement plan. All benefits currently being paid under the Congressional Retirement Plan will be halted and converted to Social Security payments under the existing SS payment schedule.

The Black Caucus will be abolished as well as all other special interest caucuses and groups in Congress. Blacks in Congress, as well as all other persons of ethnic origin, will consider themselves just Americans without regard to race, creed, or national origin, and will concentrate on representing the will of all of the people they represent. Race shall be transparent in Congress and all legislation will apply to all citizens equally in accordance with the Constitution. Congress shall make no laws with regards to religion in accordance with the 1st. amendment except where such law may enforce this provision of the Constitution on other Federal Departments. Religion shall be transparent to Federal Government as was intended by the 1st. amendment of the Constitution. Such issues will be decided at the state level only, as specified by the Constitution and will not be considered by Federal institutions. Since the term “separation of Church and State” is a fabrication of politicians and not a part of the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, or any other government document, this phrase will no longer be used as a tool to ban the observance of God and Religion in any government forum, nor shall the government actively sponsor any one religion over another. This amendment will be referred to as the “Freedom of Religion Act”.

2. Lobbyists

The job of a lobbyist is to bribe public officials with campaign contributions and other perks in return for favors to their special interest group or industry. An elected officials job is to represent the interests of their constituents who voted them into office, not the special interest groups who gave them money. The practice of lobbyism will be abolished, anyone caught attempting it will be arrested for attempted bribery and any politician who accepts money from such sources will be charged with accepting a bribe. The best interests of the public will the primary concern of elected officials as was intended by the Constitution. Business and industry leaders may contribute to election campaigns as individuals, and in amounts allowed by law.

3. Elections

Elections shall be held as they have been, however, the following changes shall be made.

Ballots shall be printed in US English only. This will drastically reduce the cost of elections and insure that only US citizens and naturalized citizens who have made the commitment to become Americans will be electing our public officials and entering propositions into law. Citizenship should never be granted to anyone who cannot speak the language of the country they wish to become a citizen of.

Voting shall be restricted to taxpaying adult citizens, 21 years of age and over, who are giving a portion of their income in the form of Income Tax to support the country and the government. As within a corporation, it is the investors who have the right to vote on how the corporation is run. To include all wage earners under this ruling, all working citizens must be required to pay a minimum of one percent of their income from wages into the income tax fund.

In order for a candidate to be elected to office, a minimum of fifty percent voter turnout shall be required from that state or district from which the candidate is running. If the state or district fails to obtain a fifty percent or more voter turnout, the office in question shall go unfilled until the next election. Should the election include heads of state such as Governors or President, all wages paid to registered voters in that state or district shall be withheld and the polls shall remain open until a fifty percent voter turnout is attained.


4. Government Spending

No state or federal budget shall include any amount of deficit spending. Budgets shall be based on the last years revenue and adjusted for anticipated decreases but never increases. No money shall be spent on any program or project without complete Congressional review and approval with a minimum two thirds majority vote. Riders to Congressional spending bills (Special Interest “Pork Barrel” spending) shall not be permitted under any circumstances. Every dollar allocated to a Federal or State program by a vote of Congress shall go to that program exclusively.

Ten percent of the State or Federal annual budget shall be allocated to payment of the State or National Debt until it is paid off. The remaining ninety percent may be used by the Congress to finance Federal and State spending programs. Taxpayers will no longer be left holding the bag for out-of-control spending of money that does not exist, by irresponsible politicians who cannot understand that two plus two does not equal three. The only exceptions shall be a national emergency declared by the President including war.

No Government programs that compete with private enterprise shall be permitted. Tax dollars should not be wasted on services that are already provided by the private sector. This will benefit and stimulate American businesses and lessen the burden on taxpayers. Health Care shall be provided exclusively by the private sector and the costs regulated by the individual’s ability to pay, similar to the tax structure. Government welfare programs shall be abolished and run by churches and charities. This gives the taxpayers the choice of contributing or not to those who refuse to support themselves. The Government may retain support programs for the disabled who are unable to work and provide their own support. These cases shall be reviewed by qualified and certified medical professionals for validity of the claims. The medical professionals certified for this service shall be compensated by the state and shall submit to an annual inspection of records for license renewals. Approval of fraudulent disability cases by said medical professionals shall be grounds for revocation of license.

International trade imports shall be abolished unless it can be shown that more money is coming into the US in trade than is going out. Products sold in foreign countries (such as pharmaceuticals) shall be sold at the same fair market price overseas as they are in the continental US. This will put an end to the overcharging of US citizens to subsidize foreign sales at a below market price. Laws against the employment of illegal aliens in the US shall be rigidly enforced with heavy and substantial fines for violators to deter illegal employment which take jobs away from legal American workers. Employers found to be employing illegal aliens will be held liable for the expenses incurred in transporting said aliens back to their country of origin.


5. Judicial

Federal Supreme Court judges will take a refresher course in Constitutional Law and the duties relegated to them by the Constitution of the United States of America. Those duties are specified as the interpretation of the Constitution when lower courts present cases with constitutionality questions involved. Supreme Court judges will cease to make up new laws on the fly without regard to the laws provided in the Constitution. It is the duty of the Congress and the voters to make new laws, not Supreme Court judges. This illegal activity of the courts has come to light particularly over the issue of religion recently. The Constitution clearly states that the Government shall make no laws regarding freedom of religion in America yet the Supreme Court judges have seen fit to ignore the Constitution in this matter. Ruling for or against, or even hearing a case involving religion by the Supreme Court is unconstitutional and illegal according to the Constitution. That right is left to the individual states by constitutional law. Religion is to be “transparent” to Federal Government, not to the people who support it. The Supreme Court will cease to interfere with the rights of the American citizens and end the oppression they wish to, and have been imposing on us by overstepping their authority.

Lower Civil Courts will use discretion and a reasonable amount of common sense in accepting frivolous lawsuit in their courts. Schemes by money grabbing lawyers to hold someone or some business responsible for an individual’s own careless actions will not be tolerated or heard by the courts. People are to be held responsible for their own actions unless a substantial case of negligence, misleading or false advertising, can be made at the initial hearing. If illegal activity, minor or major, is found responsible for a lawsuit, that case will be referred to the Justice System for prosecution. All other cases aimed at gaining money for lawyers and clients shall be thrown out of the courts. Cases accepted by the courts will be made public in the media and public outrage shall be considered before any case goes to trial. Judges who defy the will of the citizens in these matters shall be bound in the municipal courtyard and pelted with rotten eggs and fruit. It’s time for Americans to take back our country from tyrant judges who deny us our Constitutional rights to peace, security, and to keep what we earn. This, of course, will greatly reduce the congestion in the courts and help to relieve the tax burden on the taxpayers. Lawyers bringing these lawsuits to the courts will be held responsible for the cleanup of the Courtyard.

All judges in all courts will be required to pass a psychological examination and the Mensa Test of Intelligence once a year. If either test finds them not in full possession of their faculties or not capable of rational thinking , they will be removed from the bench immediately. Court decisions shall be made on law and reason, not special interests or partisan politics. Voters shall have the opportunity and the right to recall any judge at every national election with a 66.6% majority vote. This will assure that court decisions are acceptable to both sides of the political spectrum. Every court decision shall be decided on it’s own merits and no court decision past or present shall ever be used as, or to set a precedence for any other case. If judges can’t decide cases on their own merit without using the decision made in a similar case as a guide for their ruling, they should retire.

6. Immigration

America has no need for immigration. Legal immigrants will be accepted only when sponsored and recommended for adoption by a legal American citizen. Local authorities will be required to arrest and report illegal aliens found in their jurisdiction to federal authorities for immediate deportation back to their country of origin. The National Guard will be mobilized at vulnerable borders to stop illegals from crossing the borders by whatever means necessary. Foreign governments who promote the illegal crossing of the US borders shall be sanctioned and prohibited from profiting by this illegal activity and shall be held responsible for keeping their citizens on their own side of the border and responsible for the fate of their citizens who try to cross illegally.

Governors in border states such as California’s outgoing governor, Gray Davis, will be educated in the difference between “immigrants” and “illegal aliens” so that they can tell the difference. They will also be prohibited from signing into law, bills that grant legal citizen‘s rights to illegal and undocumented aliens. Such illegal aliens will be given one right, the right to a free bus trip back home. Members of state legislature who propose and support such bills giving other rights to illegals will be held financially and legally responsible for the support and actions of said aliens, not the citizens and taxpayers of the State. They may maintain the right to rehire the Japanese-American gardener and housekeeper they use to employ when their current illegal gardener and housekeeper is deported.

 7. Education

Tax money should be spent on public educational institutions such as grade schools and state owned colleges to provide students with a quality education aimed at making them well qualified and educated citizens in vocational career fields and the arts. Public money will not be spent on schools that offer “sex classes” that promote sex to minors, classes on “how to be gay”, as if gays don’t already know that, Marxism taught by Marxists, Communism taught by Communists, Government and Political Science taught by instructors with an un-American political agenda, Economics taught by instructors with maxed out credit cards , and all other courses that corrupt our children, waste taxpayers money, and do nothing to improve the vocational education of our young and make them better Americans. College professors will provide students with a proper foundation in the subjects being taught but will keep their personal political views private so as not to influence the students thinking.

Teachers need to be paid fairly and commensurate with their teaching ability. Teachers who only baby-sit and grade papers and expect students to learn at all from the book, with no real effort to instruct and help the students to learn shall be fired. Students shall be required to satisfactorily pass one grade before advancing on to the next. Middle school students in their first year will be required to take an intensive class on the value of an education and how it will effect their adult life. This class will replace the sex and/or gay promotion class they are taking now.

Computers in schools may be provided for use by facility only, and pocket calculators will not be allowed in math classes. Students need to learn the skills, not to have calculators to do their math, and computers to do everything else for them. Computers shall be available to students for Computer classes only. Too much of the education budget is spent on computers that sidestep student learning and do nothing to improve their education unless they‘re looking for a career in data entry . This money will be better spent on quality teachers. Parents of students will be held responsible for feeding their own children, not the taxpayers. A hungry student my get food from the school with a voucher if he or she has no money, but the parents will be billed monthly by the school district for the charges on the vouchers. After school programs may be funded by tax money, but only where they do not incur additional expenses for equipment and supplies that are not provided for regular school activities. Such programs, where they may incur additional costs may be funded by the parents of participating students and the PTA. Schools may revive the “paper drive” to enhance their income for special activities.

Discipline in schools will be strictly enforced. Student punishment will be imposed by placing offending students in a locked empty cell with only a desk and chair and their textbook. The student may be released only when he or she has learned the lesson of the day and is able to pass a quiz on the subject. A faculty member will be assigned to assist locked in students in learning their lessons and will serve as “Warden”. This punishment should also serve as a valuable lesson in deterring crime in young people.



End of Document.