How Trial Lawyers Are Screwing America

Our legal system is a "game of chance" full of lawyers crawling out of the sewers looking for excuses to legally steal money from those who have it with ridiculous law suits, and liberal judges without an ounce of a sense of justice, ripping off successful people with ridiculous rulings just to keep the lawyers in Mercedes and BMWs. Also in the game are juries who award millions of dollars to a woman for spilling hot coffee from McDonalds in her lap while driving her car, millions to a man who got lung cancer from excessive smoking because the tobacco company didn't force him to read and heed the warning on the cigarette pack. They even award millions to people who got fat from eating McDonalds burgers and fries and Hershey's chocolate everyday of their lives, because they weren't warned that this could lead to obesity. Were the product makers negligent and guilty of deceiving the public with their products? Are food providers responsible for telling people that stuffing yourself on burgers, fries, and chocolate everyday may make you fat? Why doesn't our judicial system hold people responsible for their actions, excesses, and indulgences instead of rewarding them for their own carelessness? Must people in business take every consumer by the hand and guide them through their lives so they don't hurt themselves and turn around and sue for millions of dollars?

The lawyers say these huge awards are meant to punish corporations and teach them a lesson. This is nonsense and does neither. The corporate execs continue to draw their multi-million dollar salaries, the stock holders continue to receive their dividends, and business goes on as usual. The only people who are punished are the consumers when they have to pay higher prices for the products to offset the costs of paying these awards. Many small businesses are restricted in price hikes by competition and regulations on what they can charge for their products and services, they are simply driven out of business by greedy lawyers. One Law Firm has even filed multiple lawsuits on thier own behalf (not that of a client) against a string of small businesses in Los Angeles simply because they found a code violation complaint in the city records against these businesses. The did give the businesses an out however, they told them they would drop the suit against any business who payed them $2500.00. This is nothing less than legal blackmail by unethical trial lawyers. They have the power of the law in thier hands and won't hesitate to use it to make theirselves rich.

None of us are safe from legal greed and can have our life savings ripped away from us at the whim of a trial lawyer. If you settle the suit, you loose your money. If you choose to fight it, you still loose your money in paying for a defense from another lawyer. In either case, you loose and the lawyers win. I can just imagine the meeting between them in the restroom after the trial, dividing up the award money between the two of them regardless of which side won the case.

Lawyers tell us in TV commercials that we should get payed for having automobile accidents. This has spawned a flood of staged accidents resulting in deaths, fraudulent insurance claims and law suits, and skyrocketing insurance rates for all of us.

Now we have this new case to add to the list of legal bullshit. The maker of a gasoline can is being sued because two small children were burned, one died, in a fire that they started while playing with the gas can and opened it, spilling the gas near a water heater in the family home. Why weren't these children being supervised? Why was this gas can left accessible for the children to play with? Where is the parents responsibility to supervise their children in a child safe environment? All gas cans have essentially been the same since they were first invented. Now, suddenly, a manufacturer is being held liable because they didn't provide a child proof cap on the container and may have to pay out millions of dollars to a mother who endangered her kids with her lack of supervision and not taking responsibility for her children. People have to take responsibility for their own lives and stop thinking that they can walk down the street with their eyes closed, bumping into trees and buildings, and suing the property owners for putting those trees and buildings in their way.

It's absurd lawsuits like these that are putting many business out of business and we wonder why prices are high, unemployment is up and the economy is suffering. Lawyers and judges are all from the same school and are partners in the same profession, they support eachother. Some lawyers will do anything to anyone to get their greedy hands on the money and the judges support them no matter how absurd the claims are. If the person responsible for some injury or offense to another has little or no money, the lawyer will name some large company in the suit who's product may have been remotely involved in the offense, and attempt to take money from them. The person hurt by their own carelessness is never held responsible for their own actions in civil courts, it must be someone else's fault, someone with allot of money. Judges should be dismissing these frivolous lawsuits immediately instead of allowing them to go to trial and raising the cost of living for all of us.

When we have more lawyers in this country than legitimate lawsuits, they become desperate for work. They start looking for excuses to file lawsuits. You see them advertise on TV with adds that say "if you had a hip replacement, or if you have been diagnosed with arithmospasitisticphobia, call the law offices of "Hookem, Cheatum, and Screwem". Yeah, "we'll sue someone and get you, and us, a bunch of money. Hell, if someone offended you with their freedom of speech, we'll sue them for all their worth too". Someone has to pay for all these absurd awards from the courts and that ends up being you and me in our cost of living.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) lawyers are supposed to be protecting our civil liberties and freedoms. Why then are they destroying those liberties with lawsuits that take away our rights to display Christmas scenes on public property? Why are they forcing the removal of stone tablets displaying the Ten Commandments at a public school in Ohio against the wishes of all but one member of the community? Why are they trying to remove the name of God from public view and ban the Pledge of Allegiance in schools altogether. Why are they suing to have a WW1 memorial to a fallen soldier removed from the Mojave Dessert in California simply because it's in the shape of a cross? Is this the ACLU defending our rights and liberties? I don't think so. This is just another example of ACLU lawyers trying to justify their existence by filing useless and offensive lawsuits and tying up the courts with their warped, liberal view of America in defense of atheists. They must think that it's better to offend the 90% of God loving Americans than to have a 10% population of atheists be exposed to the name and the word of God. Has anyone yet seen an atheists burst into flames upon hearing the name of God? Has an atheist ever been killed or injured by hearing the word of God? Does allowing the existence of God's name or laws in public indicate government support and promotion of any religion and really violate the separation of church and state? Only to those who have no God and are shamed by his name.

It's no better in the criminal courts either. Defense lawyers aren't interested in justice or the truth, in fact they usually try to keep the truth hidden. What is important to them is winning the case at any cost, as though it were some kind of contest between lawyers. The end result is that we have criminals on the streets that should be in prison and would be if justice had been served. But then, the system doesn't want all the criminals in prison either. Crime is big business for government at all levels. If all the criminals were in jail, then there would be no one for police to chase and arrest and allot of cops and defense lawyers would be out of work. The penal system knows this and kicks them out of prison and back onto the streets so the cops can chase and catch them again. It's just one big game being played in America to the benifit of those in the legal profession and at the expense of you and me.