The Beheading of Nick Berg

In view of the media’s relentless pounding of the abuse photos taken at the Abu Ghriab prison in Iraq, but with little media attention given to the beheading of Nicholas Berg by the same kind of people who were in the photos, it’s important for Americans to see just what kind of animals we are fighting against in the war on terror. People who joyfully murder and ruthlessly carve a man’s head off while chanting their praises of their God, Allah. Certainly, this is not the same God that we Americans know and love.

There are many unanswered questions regarding Nicholas Berg and his presence in Iraq. Why did Zacarias Moussaoui, the so called 20th 911 hijacker have access to Berg’s email? What was Berg doing there in Iraq? He was not a part of any sponsored group or organization, he went there on his own. His excuse for being there was to find work in the wireless communications field for his company, however, his company has never been registered as a company or corporation anywhere. He wandered around Iraq alone and with no interpreter or body guards and when asked to leave for his own safety repeatedly by the coalition, he refused. He was even offered a private jet flight home at government expense but again he refused. He was arrested and detained by Iraqi police and questioned about his presence there but they apparently found no reason to detain him for more than a few days. He wandered into Mosul alone on March 24th and was detained by Iraqi police under suspicion of possible involvement in illegal or terrorist activities. He was released April 6th and soon after, captured by radical Islamics being lead by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of an Islamist terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for attacks on coalition forces in Iraq and known to be an Al Qaeda terrorist leader.

Was Berg just a foolish adventurer as his family claims or were there other motives for him being in Iraq? Upon hearing of Nicholas’s beheading, Michael Berg, father of Nicholas, threw himself to the ground in tears as is understandable, but then he got up, faced the news cameras, and proceeded to blame and accuse President Bush of murdering his son. bergfamily.jpg, 12169 bytes If this had been your son who had been beheaded, wouldn’t you be outraged at the killers who committed this heinous act long enough to put your political agenda aside? Not Michael Berg. Not a word was uttered by him regarding the murderers who slaughtered his son, but instead he chose to exploit his son's death for his political views and only hate for President Bush was expressed by him. It was learned that Michael Berg has long been a Bush hater and antiwar activist involved with a left wing antiwar group. In his words; “My son died for the sins of Bush and Rumsfeld”. Berg Sr. has no interest in bringing the killers of his son to justice, he blames our president for the killing of his son. 911 has been brought right to his family but he still doesn’t get it. Even as he buries his son, he still fails to realize that this kind of brutality and barbarism is exactly what President Bush is fighting to prevent from spreading around the world. I’m sorry to admit this, but after seeing more and more facts, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps Nicholas Berg martyred himself for his fathers cause. Could this be a possible answer? Berg has traveled in several Islamic countries before. Did something happen to make him sympathetic and comfortable with the Muslims?

We may never know the answer to these questions but as far as I am concerned, Michael Berg has lost all respect, sympathy, and creditability with the American people. This page is not intended to criticize Michael Berg, but to make people aware of the kind of savage monsters that the Bush Administration is fighting against. The kind of animals that our troops and civilians in Iraq have to deal with, and the savage way Nick Berg lost his life at their hands. Why isn’t our media nearly as outraged at these pictures as they are over the prison abuse photos which are nothing by comparison?

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