I have received a very interesting photo presentation from the recent operation in Fallujah, from an Army Captain with US Army Intelligence stationed in Baghdad, Iraq.  The following comments on the photos and the mission were included with the presentation.

"I've attached an unclassified presentation on the stuff we are finding in Fallujah and other locations.  We are finding the same things in the mosques in my area.  The US soldiers don't enter the mosques, but our Iraqi National Guard unit do go in.  They will call us up to tell us that they've found a weapons cache and request some trucks to remove the equipment.  The good news is that Iraqis have gone from, " you will do this mission" to "can we do this mission?" to "we are doing this mission, we'll call you if we need help."  Personally, I'm very excited that they are able to operate independently.

It is very disturbing that people would desecrate a holy site like these terrorists do here everyday. I wish the US government would release more information like the presentation I'm sending. Maybe, then the people in the US and everywhere else would realize what type of enemy we are fighting here and in Afghanistan. These people have no issues with fighting from mosques, bombing hospitals, schools, and churches, and feel that it's ok to behead civilians."

This presentation requires "Power Point" software.  If you don't have "Power Point", you can download a free Power Point Viewer here