When is "murder" not murder?
Techniguy  11-12-2004

Today, Scott Peterson was convicted by jury of two counts of murder. One count of "murder in the first degree" for killing his pregnant wife, Lacy Peterson, and one count of "murder in the second degree" for the resulting death of their unborn son, Connor Peterson. A conviction of "murder in the first degree" means the murder was premeditated, where "second degree murder" is a killing without premeditation. A recent California law known as "Connor's Law" (named for Connor Peterson) was placed on the books that says if you kill a pregnant woman, you can be tried for two murders.

So let me see if I've got this right... If an unborn baby dies as a result of the murder of the mother, that is considered murder of the baby as well. But if a baby is intentionally killed during birth by a doctor performing a partial birth abortion, then that's not murder. This is so confusing, isn't "murder" the intentional killing of a human being for whatever reason? If any of you have any liberal friends still left after the election, maybe you could ask them to explain this to me. It would seem that the Peterson verdict based on Connorís Law is in direct contradiction to Roe vs. Wade, they both can't be right. Either the intentional killing of an unborn baby is murder, or it isn't. If Roe vs. Wade is to be accepted, then how can there be a "Connor's Law" and how could Scott Peterson be convicted of second degree murder? If we accept the jury's findings that Peterson did indeed kill the human baby, Connor, who was still a couple of weeks from being born, then it would follow that killing a human baby during birth would also be murder.

In fact, there was allot of screaming and hollering from liberals and feminists over the passage of Connor's Law at the time, due to fear of the effect it would have on Roe vs. Wade. With the development of modern medical science that shows now that unborn babies are very much living human beings, and with the verdict in the Peterson trial, this could very well be the beginning of the end of Roe vs. Wade. And if not, then the charges of second degree murder and Connorís Law will have to be overturned by the courts.

We have a staggering contradiction on our hands right now with two conflicting laws. Laws must be uniform and apply to everyone equally. The laws that convicted Scott Peterson must also apply in the abortion clinics, or the laws applied in abortion clinics must also apply to Scott Peterson. Either the killing an unborn baby is murder or it isnít. I donít think weíve heard the end of this yet and expect to see challenges in the courts to overturn Roe vs. Wade and put an end to partial birth abortions as a result of the Peterson verdict. Either we are morally bound to protect the lives of unborn babies, or we are not. We simply can't have one standard in the courtroom and a different standard in the abortion clinics simply because an young woman doesn't want to be a mother but didn't take steps to prevent it. In the Peterson case, the intended target of the killing was Lacy Peterson and the baby died as a secondary result. In abortion clinics, the killing is aimed directly at the baby which seems to me to be justification for first degree murder charges, more so than the second degree murder that Peterson was convicted of, if we assume that an unborn baby, or a baby being born, is a human being.

I am neither an advocate of, or strongly opposed to abortion as long as it's not done in the third trimester. In fact I believe it's a valuable medical tool when used early in accidental pregnancy. I used to believe that a baby didn't really become a living human being until birth and it takes it's first breath of life, I no longer believe that. We now have overwhelming medical evidence that there is some degree of human consciousness in unborn babies in their third trimester, and that consciousness is a human being. If a pregnancy is unwanted, there is plenty of time to terminate it during the first few months, there is no excuse to wait until birth, then kill the living baby with barbaric and inhumane methods used in partial birth abortion. A responsible and moral society simply cannot allow this practice to continue knowing what we know now.  If Scott Peterson is guilty of second degree murder, then so are the abortionists everytime they perform an abortion. 


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