What John Kerry doesn’t know

Techniguy 08-15-04

According to John Kerry and his campaign spokesmen, there would seem to be an awful lot that John doesn’t know about his country. For example:

Kerry doesn’t know that our economy was hit with a recession that began in 2000 which seriously impacted the stock market, jobs, and domestic production.

Kerry doesn’t know that our country suffered a devastating blow to the economy when terrorists attacked New York and Washington in September of 2001.

Kerry doesn’t know that President Bush’s first economic plan including the first tax cut wasn’t passed into law by Congress until November of 2001, well into the recession.

Kerry doesn’t know that prosperity in the 90s was a result of the internet boom and that the bubble created, burst in 2000 sending the economy downward.

Kerry doesn’t know that the two million jobs lost between 2001 and 2003 were a direct result of all of the above mentioned, and not the fault of President Bush.

Kerry doesn’t know that one and one half million jobs have been created since the disaster and recession related job losses. Kerry doesn’t know that we are not in the Great Depression of 1929.

Kerry doesn’t know that there is no mention of guaranteed health care in the Bill Of Rights and that it is not the responsibility of Federal Government to provide it, but is a personal responsibility of citizens.

Kerry doesn’t know that it is private business that are responsible for outsourcing certain jobs and that the President has little or no control over it. He should understand that from his interest in the Heinz Corp. which outsources 75% of it’s jobs.

Kerry doesn’t know that the War on Terror must be fought with guns and not with idle talk with terrorist dictators.

Kerry doesn’t know that the United Nations is not the supreme authority over the United States of America. We do not need a permission slip to defend our country and our allies.

Kerry doesn’t know that it was France, Germany, and Russia on the UN Security Council who turned their backs on their allies, not the United States.

Kerry doesn’t know that the United States did not go into Iraq ALONE, but went with troops from 30 other countries and aid and support from 60 countries. The obvious absence of France, Germany, and Russia does not mean we are “going it alone”.

Kerry doesn’t know what’s been going on in the Senate because he hasn’t been on the job there for the past 18 months and failed to resign before starting his campaign for President as others do.

Kerry doesn’t know what was discussed in 38 out of 49 Senate Intelligence Committee Meetings because he didn’t bother to show up.

Kerry doesn’t know the contents of the Patriot Act or the Resolution for War on Iraq because he didn’t take the time to read them before voting on them.

Kerry doesn’t know that the Iraq War Resolution gave the President authority to send combat troops into Iraq, and was not merely a document to threaten Saddam Hussein into compliance.

Kerry doesn’t know the difference between a real “war hero” and a coward with band-aids who shoots a fleeing vc in the back and recovers the man he tossed into the water in his panic to run away.

Kerry doesn’t know there is a big difference between the Iraq front in War On Terror, and the Vietnam quagmire.

Kerry doesn’t know that serving four months on a Navy boat in Vietnam doesn’t qualify one to be President of the United States.

Kerry doesn’t know that the Bush tax cuts were intended to give business incentives to employers to create new jobs, and not simply a government giveaway to everyone for no good reason.

Kerry doesn’t know that everyone across the board received the same rate cut in their taxes and that twelve million lower income taxpayers were dropped entirely from the tax rolls.

Kerry doesn’t know the real reason for President Bush to wait six and one half minutes before leaving the classroom when informed about the 911 attacks. He was too occupied frozen to a chair and table unable to think for the next forty minutes after he was informed.

Kerry doesn’t know that President Bush has not misled or lied to the country, but has been honest and sincere with the public and takes his service to his country as a very serious responsibility.

Kerry doesn’t know that he is in the unique and distinct position of being the “anybody but Bush” candidate, instead of running on his own merits, which would be impossible. Historians will record this election as being George W. Bush vs. “Not Bush”, or perhaps George W. Bush vs. “that Vietnam swift boat guy“.

The above list is based on John Kerry’s own statements as well as statements from his campaign. Shouldn’t a candidate for President be better informed on the important issues facing our nation? Is John Kerry really this uninformed or is he just lying to us about the current state of the country? The leaders we elect should be more honest and informed than John Kerry seems to be.