We Are Americans, A Nation Of Immigrants No More

Techniguy - 04-03-2005

Welcome to The United States of America, we are Americans. We are not a “nation of immigrants” as some have been describing us as. 200 years ago we were a “nation of immigrants”. Perhaps, even 100 years ago we were a “nation of immigrants” to some extent. Everyone's ancestors in every country were immigrants from somewhere at some point in history. Even the tribes we call "Native Americans" migrated here from somewhere else at one time. It's time to dispel the myth that we are a nation of immigrants, we are not. Today, we are a nation of native born Americans with an immigration problem. We have our language and we have our own culture, the same as any other country. We've fought for it, we’ve earned it, we're entitled to it. We are no longer a nation of foreigners, we are a nation of Americans who welcome foreigners into our country, perhaps too much, but it is our country and we'd like to keep it that way.

When our country was new, we told the world “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, your homeless, etc…”. Yes, back in those days we were a country with a lot of land and few people. We invited people from all over the world to come to America and help us build our civilization and our population. They came by the millions. They learned our language. Then adopted our culture. They became Americans. At that time we were a nation of immigrants, a melting pot of people from all over the world and they all became Americans. They had children, and their children had children, and their children’s children had children and generation after generation of Americans filled the country. And still more came to be a part of the new and free country and they joined in our culture, learned our language, and also became Americans.

America became the “melting pot” of the world and that was fine as long as everyone considered themselves Americans. Today, we still have people from other countries entering our country but they do not learn our language, adopt our customs, join our societies, respect our culture, or become Americans. They live here as foreigners retaining their own language and customs and in many cases, using them to replace the culture that has taken Americans 300 years to build. We hear those who are willing to surrender American sovereignty and culture saying “we’re a country of immigrants” to justify this invasion of foreigners on our soil. We put out that welcome mat 200 years ago but it’s wearing very thin now from being trampled on for too long. Our American sovereignty, culture, and way of life is now at stake. People should not be allowed into our country unless they are willing and hopeful of becoming Americans. The left in this country has turned the “melting pot” into the “salad bowl” by celebrating diversity instead of unity, exactly as Karl Marx had planned. It is not our diversity that makes us strong as the liberals are known for saying, it’s the unity that we once had and our system of freedom and free enterprise that has made our country strong. Now the left wants to tear that all down, and play right into the hands of Marx and the Communist Manifesto by dividing the country into countless minority groups and turning them against each other. The convenient influx of foreign immigrants becomes quite useful to them and provides plenty of diversity for them to use in their political agenda.

We do not want diversity of language in our country, that‘s what happened to Babel in the Old Testament that brought chaos to the people. We don't mind sharing in foreign cuisine but we hope they will enjoy ours as well. We don't mind eating pork, we don't mind a shot of alcohol now and then, we like to party and dance on occasions. We are a vast majority of Judeo-Christians and our country and it‘s founding documents were based on Judeo-Christian principals, we are Americans with laws based on God‘s laws. We welcome other religions into our community but we don't want our Christian beliefs and traditions to be trampled upon. We do not bow down to Mecca five times a day, recite the Koran, or wear long robes with burkas and veils over our heads. If you wish to do that we have no objections, but please do it in private as you will not blend into American society very well if you do it in public. When we meet at our holy places, we pray to God to pay respect to our creator, to guide us in living good lives, to love our neighbors as brothers and sisters, and to give strength to those in need. We do not pray to Allah to cleanse the world of people of other religions and grant us 72 virgins when we die. We do not promote hate for those of other faiths or for the country which has welcomed us, and we do not discuss methods of terrorism and encourage mass murder in our places of worship. We do not slaughter innocent civilians or carve off people’s heads to make a political statement.  We do not carry or store guns and explosives or teach bomb making in our churches and temples.

We like American music and do not care to hear music from south of our border blasting from boom boxes and car stereos on our public streets. We expect people we do business with and their representatives to speak understandable English. We do not graffiti on walls and road signs, use emergency wards of hospitals for free treatment of every little ailment, and we do not expect our government to print everything in different languages at taxpayers’ expense to accommodate those who fail to learn the language of the land. We do not turn our neighborhoods into trash heaps or illegally trespass on our neighbors property whether it’s over a fence or over a national border. We carry licenses and insurance when we drive our cars on public streets or we don’t drive, that‘s why we have buses. We do not believe breaking into a neighboring country illegally entitles us to the same rights enjoyed by the citizens of that country any more than breaking into our neighbor‘s house entitles us to live in it.  If you come to live in America it is your obligation to come here legally and obey our laws, not the laws of the country you left.

We expect nothing more from immigrants into our country than any other country has a right to expect from their immigrants. If you want to share in the benefits of living in America, then be willing to become an American. If you want to retain your old country culture, language, and way of life, then you are welcome to stay in your old country where you will have all those things that you hold so dear. We do not want our country to become just like the country you left, or before long, America will be no better than the country you left. If you come to our country you have no right to expect us to accommodate your foreign language, foreign customs, or way of life. We expect you to learn, accommodate, and respect ours. We are Americans and this is our country. You are a guest here and should behave as a guest until you too become an American yourself and in spite of yourself.

Our Country is in trouble and it’s only getting worse. A large portion of these foreign invaders are not coming here to become a part of America, the are coming here to take all they can get from America. In some cases this means an education that will later be used in attacks against us. In other cases it’s merely to milk America for financial aid to be taken out of our country. If this diversified culture continues, the only way our country can survive is through complete socialism or civil war. Our free enterprise and capitalist system will not work in a country fragmented by ethnic and minority communities each pursuing their own ethnic and cultural agenda, rejecting the American culture, and who end up taking more from our country than they give. They make up a majority of our prison population, take jobs away from Americans, raise the cost to taxpayers and consumers in social services, education, and in language duplications of official document printing which amounts to billions of dollars every year.  And what do we as Americans get for those dollars? Insults to our national heritage, a trampling of our values, higher taxes, and more hate and crime. 

When I call a customer service number, why do I have to hear “for English press 1, for Spanish press 2”?  If it were up to me, we would hear "for English stay on the line, por Espanol via a Mexico".  We have made it way too easy for foreign invaders to slide through life in America without even bothering to learn our language. There is no need for it now, we offer them everything in their own language and on their own terms. By offering bilingual services, we remove any incentive for them to learn our language. The next step will be to install signs at intersections that read “ALTO” just under the “STOP” sign and sombreros on the heads of the little figures on the men‘s room door. And then we’re going to let them vote without understanding a word the candidates say or the issues on the ballots? Something is very wrong with this picture. We better fix it, and soon, before it’s too late and we forget who we are and what we stand for. We are Americans with a 300 year history, and no longer a country of immigrants except for those guests we allow in or won‘t stop from breaking in. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in America, do as the Americans. We too have a pride in our country that needs to be maintained and preserved if we as a people are to preserve who we are.

The United States of America is a unique country in this world, that is why we have become the leader of the world. For those who like the idea of open borders and multicultural, socialist societies with little opportunity to advance, I recommend a fine place half way around the world. It is called Europe.

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