New Hope for Democrats

The New York Tirnes - Sept. 6, 2004

Undisclosed sources are reporting new hope from within the Democrat Party. As Democrats are leaving the party in droves, word has begun to surface of a shake up and reorganization in the making. According to a party insider who asks to remain anonymous and is know only as “The Mole”, “our party has been hijacked by extreme leftist radicals, socialists, and Communists, and we plan to take it back over the next few years”.

Mole explains that during the nineties while the country was asleep and the Clinton Administration was preoccupied with numerous scandals, the radical left wingers including socialists and Communists, took advantage of the restrictions placed on the CIA and the FBI to gather and share intelligence, and slipped into positions of power in the party almost unnoticed, in much the same way that terrorists infiltrated our country. “You have only to look at the Democrat talking points and listen to their on-air interviews to see just how out of touch with reality and the American people these people really are“, says Mole. “We are supposed to be the party of the working people to represent their interests but instead, we have become the party of special interests and big government control, catering to nothing but left wing special interest groups and promoting pure socialism“.

"We are constantly told America is deeply divided," bellowed Bill Clinton on the gala's opening night. "Republicans need a divided America. But we don't." Ted Kennedy, who wrote the book on disunity, declared to delegates, "There are those who seek to divide us. ... America needs a genuine uniter -- not a divider. The Kerry-Edwards campaign has structured its "ends justify the means" strategy entirely around the theme of discontent. “Discontent of who?” asks the Mole. “It’s the radical left wing Socialists and Communists who are not getting what they want under the Bush Administration. The reality is that Republicans are united and being joined in their unity now by millions of Democrats, while it’s actually only the Democrat party that suffers from internal disunity brought on by it‘s socialist agenda“. “We cannot survive as a viable political party if this corruption is allowed to continue”, says Mole.

“I barely recognize my party anymore“ states Democrat Senator from Georgia, Zell Miller. “Most of its leaders including our nominee, John Kerry, don't hold the same beliefs that have motivated my career in public service“. Miller goes on to say “Today, it's the Democratic Party that has mastered the art of division and diversion. To run for president as a Democrat these days you have to go from interest group to interest group, cap in hand, asking for the support of liberal kingmakers”. Miller, who is about to retire from politics, isn’t afraid to speak up at this point in his life but says there are many others in his party who see what has been going on, but with their careers at stake, are not speaking out publicly just yet.

“There is hope on the way for Democrats” reveals The Mole. “You could think of it as an underground movement deep within the bowels of the Democrat Party of those who still support traditional American values. We have to remain silent for now and until after the elections but then you are going to start seeing a change to more conservative values in our party after John Kerry and his ilk are sent back to Massachusetts to beg forgiveness from their constituents. We are making plans now to remove by whatever means necessary, the Jessie Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Michael Moores, Al Gores, Ted Kennedys, and Howard Deans who have stolen our respect and turned our party into something we don’t even recognize anymore“. Mole tells us that it’s going to take some time to restore the party to what it was meant to be and repair the damage, but it will happen over the next few years providing the radical left socialists don’t gain more power by winning the election in November. “This is very unlikely to happen” says Mole, “I think the American people can see through the campaign rhetoric and distortions and by November, will see Bush for the responsible leader he is, and see Kerry and his ilk for exactly what they are. Democrat voters need to know that we see these left wing radical hijackers for what they are too, and we intend to take our party back“. Mole hopes that registered Democrats will stay with the party and support the efforts to “reclaim it from the wreckage” even if that means staying away from the polls on election day. He reminds us that “Hope is on the way”.