Nailing The Border Security Problem

Techniguy - 07-17-05

Why do we have a border security problem on the U.S. borders? With more than 800 illegal invaders and possibly a number of Islamic terrorists crossing our southern border from Mexico each week, you would think that this would be of major concern to our government and elected officials. Not so. In spite of nation wide outrage from citizens and demands on our government to secure our borders, all we get are Band-aids to cover the sores instead of real medicine to prevent them. Cheap labor and trade relations with Mexico would seem to have a higher priority in Washington than our national security.

Last year the Senate proposed a bill to fund 2,000 additional Border Patrol agents and space for 8,000 additional illegal alien detainees. The final version of the bill funds only 1,000 additional agents and space for only 2,240 additional detainees. This is the equivalent of choosing a small Band-aid instead of a larger one to cover a wound that should have been prevented in the first place. The answer is not more bureaucracy to “deal with the crime” after it’s been committed, but to prevent it in the first place. Once they’re in our country, few ever leave, or are deported, whether they have been detained or not. This system merely filters out known criminals.

This morning on Fox News Live with Eric Shawn, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fl) appeared on the program to discuss the problem. Although Nelson doesn't realize it, he nailed the problem clearly and precisely. During the discussion, Shawn emphatically proposed the idea of building an Israel type wall on the border, a concept I have suggested and supported all along. Nelson's response to this was "Why not, even better, add more UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) and build new detention facilities to hold more detainees?", "even better", the Band-aid approach? In other words, Nelson has demonstrated to the American people that he, and others in the Senate who think like him, would rather dump more money into prison construction, border surveillance technology, and enlarging a continuing bureaucracy to handle the 10% of illegal invaders who are caught, than to put that same money into construction of a wall that would stop the problem cold in it's tracks.

Clearly, Nelson and others in our government, all the way up to the President of the United States, do not want to correct or properly address the problem of border security in our country. It has now become necessary for private citizens to form their own border security groups such as the Minutemen, and a new group just formed in California, the ‘California Minutemen Association‘, to do the job our Federal Government is supposed to be doing with our tax money. These groups with our real national interests at heart, are being persecuted and condemned simply for trying to do what our Federal Government is failing to do, that which is its primary constitutional duty.

I submit to you, Senator Nelson, that we cannot depend on you, and others like you, to solve this problem for our citizens, you are the problem. The only way we are going to correct the problem of illegal invasion of our borders is to vote you, and everyone who thinks like you, out of office and replace you with elected officials who have a sincere interest in doing their primary Constitutional duty in protecting the citizens of America. I sincerely hope the voters will consider where every elected official in their state stands on the border security issue and act accordingly in the next and all future elections.

It may already be too late. Intelligence reports indicate that the damage has already been done and WMDs have already been smuggled into the United States and are just waiting to be detonated at the right time and place. These borders should have been secured immediately after 911 and Islamic travel restrictions into the United States should have been imposed. They no doubt would have been were it not for the Liberal opposition to the “profiling” of Islamic terrorists. We will be paying the price for that misguided ‘political correctness’ before long.

We pay a lot of our income to the government for the service of protecting our country from invasion by foreign enemies and invaders, we are not getting what we pay for. If you have to hire a body guard and pay a lot of money for him to protect you, the last person you want is Gary Coleman. Yet, that is exactly what we are getting from our government because of Senator Bill Nelson and others like him.

This does not exonerate President Bush either. He is just as responsible for failing to do his Constitution duty in protecting our nation as Nelson and others. The War on Terror and fighting in Iraq is a valid strategy as a long term solution to terrorism but does not address the immediate problem of protecting our nation from border invasion. Any elected official who does not support a clear and permanent solution to the border problem, such as the suggested wall, is putting the lives of you and me and every other American at risk and playing roulette with the security of our country.


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