Losers in Denial

Techniguy 11-14-2004

To the person who sent this graphic, you know who you are, and anyone else who thinks this is cute and clever, I would like to answer you this way.

Your party ran a candidate who stands for nothing American, and pretends to be whatever he thinks voters will want to see at any given time. He never took a stand on anything without taking the opposite stand a week later, he has no core beliefs (at least not ones he can share with the American people). He ran as a "war hero" with no real experience in real combat and with a handful of phony begotten medals that he didn’t earn, then threw away (or was that ribbons, or someone else’s medals or ribbons?). He then made untrue and treasonous statements about his country and the real fighting men in Vietnam, he betrayed his country and fellow soldiers and should have been tried and sent to prison, not to the Senate where he sat for 20 years doing nothing but raising taxes and cutting defenses.

He pretended to be one of the common people, who he feels so superior to with his private jet, large yacht, 5 SUVs, $12,000 motorcycle, and $5,000 bicycle and didn't think we would notice what a arrogant, elite, and dishonest snob he really is. He clearly indicated his support for American dependence on the UN and France for our defenses while we are fighting a very difficult war against terrorism that they do not approve of. He promoted socialist spending programs with no way to pay for them, then says he's only going to raise taxes on the "very rich" who are not the people in the tax brackets he intended to over tax. He has more in common with the Communists than he does with the American people and would destroy jobs and businesses with his reckless and destructive beliefs and policies for America.

His entire campaign was built on lies and deceit, faulty economic math, ridicule of our President and our military people and mission, a defeatist and appeasement attitude on the war we are now fighting, nothing but negativity and pessimism for America in Iraq, at home, and elsewhere, and support for the failed and corrupt policies of the UN. His campaign was largely supported by anti-American people like George Soros and Michael Moore who would then be expecting payback if Kerry won. We don’t want George Soros and Michael Moore having private rooms and offices in the Whitehouse. He pitted all of this against the rock solid and reliable, morally clear and dependable man who now holds that office and has held this country together through a recession and major terrorist attack on our people and financial centers. A man the American people know and trust to say what he means and mean what he says and knows the difference between good and evil. And now because you lost big time, you want to blame it all on "stupid America" for not being fooled as you were by the lies and deceit and smear tactics of your candidate.

You and your kind have been calling everyone in the Bush states "idiots, morons, dumbasses", and anything else you can think of ever since the election, to avoid facing the truth about yourself and your candidate. You even blame corrupted voting machines for your loss, which you would know is quite impossible if you knew anything about them and how their software is developed. The simple truth is that you are simply not what the American people want in charge of our country. You are welcome to live here but we don't want you running things. You may think the majority voters in this country are “stupid idiots” but they were smart enough to see through the facade of your phony candidate right into his Communist core and knew they didn't want him or his disgusting, foul mouth wife anywhere near the Oval Office.

Instead of thinking you lost the election because the American voters are all stupid, or the voting machines must have been rigged, maybe you ought to be looking at yourself and your own party for the answers to your dilemma. You lost the election because your candidate and your party’s leadership frankly SUCKS big time. You lost because we have a President that most Americans like and trust and don't want replaced. You lost because this year, we were able to stop your illegal voter fraud before it was included in the count. You lost because you and your party have lost sight of what America is and what it stands for. You lost because you think France is a real ally, Iraq has nothing to do with the War on Terror, the UN should trump our national sovereignty, and money should be taken from the rich by the government and given to the poor. You lost because you think that we should all be dependent on the government instead of our government serving us and our free enterprise system. You lost because you don't believe America has the right to defend herself against foreign threats without a “permission slip” from France and without passing a “Global Test” in the UN first, and you think that negotiating with terrorists is possible and the only way to end terrorism.

You lost because you and your candidate have no respect for the intelligence of the American voter, and thought all of America was as stupid and gullible as you are. You lost because your candidate ran the most dishonest campaign in history and fooled only the liberal minority with it. All in all, you lost because of your party's Communist leaning agenda, and it being run by fools just like you. But the voters just didn't buy your lies and deceit and were not fooled by it, they aren’t as dumb as you thought and that is why you lost the election. Not because the voters are “stupid idiots” but because they are smarter than you give them credit for. It would seem that the stupid ones are the ones who don’t understand America and voted for your candidate.

I hope you will continue sending your arrogant and disrespectful hate messages like the one at the top of this page, and I will continue collecting them for use in the 2008 campaign to then remind American voters of exactly what the Democrat Party really think of them. Prepare yourself for an even greater loss than the one you just experienced if you don’t wise up and reform your party and your attitude. If you continue with your hate that was instilled in you by your party’s dishonest campaign, you will doom your party to extinction before the next election. As President Bush so accurately said; “Hate is not an agenda for America”. If you hate America so much you are free to leave. Canada or France would welcome you into their socialist, America hating fold, and we would welcome your departure.

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