Lie of the Day

Techniguy 08-13-04

It seems like the further we get into this election season, the more lies we hear by Senator Kerry. It’s now getting to where he tells a new lie almost every day. I am seriously considering adding a window to the political main page on my website entitled “Lie of the Day”. There seems to be plenty of new material for it on a daily basis but the only thing holding me back is that I’m not sure I would have the time and energy to keep up with Kerry in updating the page on a daily basis which of course would include writing the updates. If I didn’t have to work a full time job during the weekdays I’d love to do this. I may give it a try anyway. Here is today’s “Lie of the day

Kerry thinks he has an edge in beating Bush on the economy. Although it’s true that Bush has had some real problems with it which resulted primarily from the recession and the 911 attacks with our military response, the fact remains that without the actions Bush has taken, it’s quite likely that we would now be in a deep recession, perhaps even a depression. Bush acted swiftly when he saw trouble coming and stopped the recession cold, much like the boy who stuck his thumb in the leaky dam to prevent a flood. But it took more than just tax cuts to turn the economy around, it took allot of government spending to stimulate the economy. Bush allowed hundreds of millions in spending, money (or credit) from the Federal treasury to be cycled back into the economy to plug up the holes in the dam. At the same time, his tax cuts gave employers incentives to create more jobs. The result is a huge federal deficit, but not proportionally larger that pervious deficits when you factor in inflation and economic growth. What it really boils down to is this; would you rather have balanced budget, or a job and money in your pockets? The deficit is manageable and with Bush in office, it will be responsibly managed and paid off over the next 10 years. Our economic growth is at it’s strongest in 20 years, unemployment is at a record low now and the economy is back on track. And as a bonus, we are all paying less of our money in taxes, which brings me to the latest “Lie of the Day

Senator Kerry is now trying to tell us that taxes on the middle class have actually gone up under Bush and sites the New York Times and the Washington Post who both ran this headline today. There is no question that you can twist and spin economic figures to make them show whatever you want them to, PROVIDING you don’t tell the whole story and reveal all of the relevant facts. This, of course, is what Kerry always does to spin his web of lies based on partial facts. It’s the same thing he did to get his medals in Vietnam and it’s the same trick he’s been using to run his campaign. In both cases, it amounts to the same thing… lying to the American people.

Without going into allot of figures, I’ll try to make this simple. To start with, the tax cuts were at the same percent across the board. Let’s say, for example, that you are a middle income taxpayer and pay $10,000 a year in taxes and get a 2% tax break. You then will pay $200 less, bringing your tax bill down to $9,800. Your neighbor is one of those evil “rich” people who owns a small business with several employees, and he pays $100,000 a year in federal income tax. He too gets the 2% tax break so he saves $2000, bringing his tax bill down to $98,000 a year. John Kerry is comparing your $200 savings to your neighbors $2000 savings and telling you that he got a much larger tax break than you did, typical Kerry accounting. What Kerry, The NY Times, and The Washington Compost doesn’t tell you is that your neighbor is still paying $88,200 more than you are. He saves more because he pays more. It only makes sense that your tax saving in real dollars is going to be allot less than his, but this is the basis for Kerry’s Lie of the Day. Kerry is also not telling you that as a part of the Bush tax cuts, over 12 million lower income earners were dropped completely off of the tax rolls. That $2000 that your neighbor saves will pave the way for him to increase productivity and hire another employee which is exactly what resulted, and is still resulting from the Bush tax cuts. That’s why 1.5 million new jobs have been created and more people in America have jobs now than at any other time in our history. That’s why unemployment is down to 5.5%, equal to the lowest level achieved during the boom in the mid nineties.

The object of the Bush tax cuts was not to give government entitlements to working people as Kerry seems to think, it was to give jobs to working people, jobs provided by the “rich“. I don’t know of anyone who was ever hired by a poor man because he got a tax break. Kerry’s attitude is one of typical Democrat selfish greed, and the misguided idea of “what can I get from the government”. When will Democrats begin to understand that it is our tax dollars that they’re talking about when they think they are being given something by the government. They think that government is a bottomless money pit where they should be able to take all they want, and the government can afford it. This is true of many serving in Congress as well. Well, it’s not the government’s money, it’s yours and mine and we expect it to be managed responsibly by our elected officials and not given away in entitlements to buy votes, which, by the way, just happens to be a violation of the Constitution. “No tax revenues shall be used to fund charity”.

Kerry is also trying to support his false claim by saying that the Bush tax cuts have caused the states to raise their state taxes, causing the middle class to pay more in taxes. This may be true in some states but not here in California. This, however is a state issue that the taxpayers there will have to take up with the state legislature. Bush and the Feds have no control over that. State taxes in most states are generally so low compared to Federal taxes, that any increase would barely be noticeable by most taxpayers.