Since I am being bombarded frequently with a new Democrat ad attacking the economy tonight that doesn’t have it’s facts straight, I thought I should just send out this reminder.

The ad claims a million jobs lost to “outsourcing” under Bush.  That may be exagerated, but Bush didn’t do it. Outsourcing is in the NAFTA Treaty signed into law by Bill Clinton and tax incentives for foreign trade were in the tax code long before Bush was elected. Outsourcing has it’s good points and it’s bad points but the fact remains that it creates more jobs for Americans than it costs, only 10% of the job losses have been due to outsourcing.  It also is a major factor in keeping the cost down of the goods we buy.  If John Kerry has a problem with outsourcing, someone tell him to take it up with his ketchup queen who outsources 75% of the Heinz jobs.

The ad also claims the most jobs lost under any president in 75 years. Bush didn’t do that either.  As we all should know by now, jobs were lost as a result of the 2000-2002 recession, compounded by the 911 attack.  Bush has done everything possible to create a business friendly tax environment to encourage job creation and it has been working.  From 2 million jobs lost after 9-11-01, over 1.5 new jobs have been created to replace them.  More Americans have jobs today than at any time in history.  Unemployment is back down to 5.5%, historically low, and equal to the lowest rate in the 90s.  New jobs are still being created, not lost.  We are not in the “Great Depression”, Mr. Kerry.  People are not flocking to the poor house, Mr. Kerry.  People are no longer loosing their jobs, Mr. Kerry. Stop reading newspapers published in 1929, Mr. Kerry.

If you believe Mr. Kerry claims that the whole country is suffering from poverty and joblessness, just look around you.  Are you or your family jobless and facing poverty?  What about your neighbors?  Who is John Kerry talking about?  Do these people really exist at all anymore than normal?  With the exceptions of a few isolated areas, the country as a whole is doing quite well economically now.  Even if it wasn’t, how would John Kerry know, from his high perch on top of the rich aristocracy?  John Kerry wouldn’t lower himself to even talk to a poor person and you know it.

Kerry and the Democrats are not going to eliminate poverty, ever.  Poverty is not a social problem, it’s a personal responsibility or lack of it.  Anyone can climb out of the ghetto if they want to and are willing to take personal responsibility for their own life.  People make their own choices to live in poverty or not and no amount of Democrat sponsored government entitlements is going to give them the incentive to work and take responsibility for themselves, in fact it will have just the opposite effect and send the message that there is no reason to as long as you can live off of the taxpayers.  Cut off welfare and entitlements and just see how many of those recipients go out and find jobs.  Many people who are now unemployed are that way because they want to be, even if their registered with the employment Department in their state.  As long as they can get that unemployment or welfare check, they don’t want a job.  I have to wonder what percent of that 5.5% unemployed stay that way by choice.

Someone tell John Kerry and his campaign that the Great Depression is over.  Someone tell him that the recession Clinton left for George W. Bush is over.  Someone tell him that most of those people who lost their job when the planes hit the World Trade center have found new jobs.  Someone tell Mr. Kerry to get his facts straight and stop blaming our president for things he has no control over or responsibility for.  Someone tell Mr. Kerry what a good job Bush has done in repairing the damage to the economy caused by the recession and the 911 attacks.  Someone tell Mr. Kerry that he will have his depression that he seems so fond of talking about if he gets elected.

Oh btw, Kerry dropped another couple of points in a new Fox News poll today.  It’s now Bush - 49%, Kerry - 44% and falling.  This is very interesting in that the Democrats have already had their convention with no bump in the polls, the Republicans will have theirs next week.  At this point, Kerry should be way ahead historically but isn‘t. Instead he’s falling.  Are Americans who haven’t been following the political scene beginning to learn now who Kerry really is?  Are they realizing that they really don’t want an egotistical, arrogant, and socialist, Vietnam vet traitor who thinks we’re back in 1929 for their president?  Or are they realizing that they really don’t want Kofi Anon as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces?  Maybe they’re just realizing that they like the optimism, strength, humor, honesty, integrity, and moral character of President Bush and believe he deserves four more years to continue the progress he‘s been making on all fronts.  A man who says what he does and does what he says and doesn't change his position every day on the important issues, to pander to votes.  A proven leader who has shown us over the past four years, his courage of conviction and dedication to God and Country.  A man we know we can trust to lead our country honorably for another four years.