Iran may have bomb in 4 months
Techniguy 10-03-04

Another frightening report from John Loftis of claims Iran will have a nuclear bomb within 4 months. Loftis, appearing on Fox News this morning said that new intelligence from an Iranian resistance group known as the "National Council for the Resistance of Iran" has found two previously unknown enrichment facilities near Tehran capable of producing enough fissionable material for a bomb by February.

Don't look to the UN to deal with this threat. According to Loftis, equipment and materials for the reactors are being provided by France and Germany, just as they did for Iraq under Saddam Hussein. It's likely that China is also involved in Iran's nuclear program. We know this because when Libya turned over their nuclear program to US inspectors, the nuclear documents were written in Chinese.  Russia is also involved in building a nuclear reactor in Iran for supposed energy production in a country that can produce more energy from their own oil than they will ever need.

John Kerry made an offer to Iran that if elected, he would give them low grade nuclear fuel for energy production in return for them dismantling their nuclear program. Iran flatly refused the offer indicating that they are determined to use their reactors for bomb building, not energy production. 

It would appear that Kerry would prefer to send our nuclear fuel to Iran rather than use it here in the US where it could be used to solve the oil shortage and energy crisis. Nuclear power plants could produce all of the electrical energy we need with low cost, clean, non polluting fuel. It's the perfect system for energy production, so why do we let the liberals continue to block nuclear power plant construction and continue our dependence on oil?

3 Mile Island, followed by "The China Syndrome" with Jane Fonda, that's why. Nuclear plants have been much improved since 3 Mile Island but even with that first crude nuclear plant, the system worked and there was no contamination. As it turned out, it was human error that caused the near disaster. If they had left things alone and let the system do what it was designed to do, there would have been no emergency and the reactor would have shut down when a problem was detected. Operators didn't yet trust the system and overrode the built-in safety features causing the reactor to runaway. Even after all that, the reactor was shut down without outside contamination, it was proven safe.

We are wasting resources by not using nuclear power for all of our energy production. It's the perfect electricity generator. If it can power an aircraft carrier for 20 years without refueling, why not use it to power our electric grids? We should not let liberal fear rule our energy program.