Good Newsletter - 09/13/03


Hi Friends,

I’m long overdue for a newsletter or site update and thought I should try to catch up. The main reason for not sending out something sooner is because I’ve been working on some things that aren’t ready to publish yet, and also, just when it had been about a month since my last newsletter, I bought a computer and have been breaking it (and myself) in. I’ve been pretty busy getting the pc set up internally, then doing some reformatting on my website to make it presentable to both computers and for MSN-TV users. If you’ve been there lately, you may have noticed that there are two main pages now, one for pcs and one for MSN-TV. I’ve found many other things that needed work too and most of it has been done now. For those of you on MSN-TV, you probably won’t see any changes but the computer users will.

Since this is the “Good Newsletter”, there are some things I want to discuss. I had a few items saved for this in my domain email account but when I set up my Outlook Express and imported all my email to there, everything was deleted from the domain server unknown to me at the time, and I consequently deleted most of the mail from my Outlook Express account thinking that it was still at the domain, it wasn’t. However, I’m going to share with you what I perceive as good news that I have gathered from other sources. I am also going to refute many of the claims being made by the Democrat Presidential wanabees so if you’re a liberal and choose to believe all the “doom and gloom” that you hear from these people living in some other world, then you may want to just delete this email now and not read any further. This letter is for those who want to know the truth about our world, our country, and our president that the mainstream liberal media would rather not tell you about.

Dick Gephardt, in all his desperation to win his party’s nomination, has called President Bush “a miserable failure”. Nothing could be further from the truth. To start with, Bush has pulled the country out of a recession left by the Clinton Administration in spite of the huge obstacles presented by the events of 9-11, plus the failing corporations in energy and communications caused by illegal practices by the CEOs and board members that has been going on since before Bush took office. We have a long way to do with the economy but the recession was halted and we’re on our way back up now and the unemployment rate is starting to drop. With the demise of so many large businesses in not only the energy and communications fields, but also the travel industry including major airlines and hotels as a result of 9-11, it’s a wonder that the unemployment rate is as low as it is at only 6.2%. This has come down from 6.4% just a few months ago and is within a point of the average norm.

Democrats say we should get out of Iraq and that our mission there has been a failure, an unjust war, and an unwanted occupation of the country. This is also a lie. A recent poll of the Iraqi people, the first time they’ve been asked for their opinion in 30 years, found that the vast majority of them support our presence there and want us to stay until our mission in completed. They are friendly and helpful to our troops in finding the enemy and the children welcome the soldiers with kisses everyday. They view them as liberators, not as occupation forces. There was an incident reported that Baghdad had erupted in mass gunfire with tracer rounds being seen everywhere. Were our troops under attack? No, word then came over the military radio that it was only the Iraqi people celebrating the death of Huey and Louie Hussein (Uday and Quesy).

The only real fighting still occurring is located only in and around Tikrit (Saddam’s home town) and areas of northern Baghdad, the rest of the country is at peace. These attacks are being carried out by a few Saddam loyalist holdovers and terrorist imports from other neighboring countries, most are Al Qeada members. Many of these Al Qeada terrorists were trained right there in camps in northern Iraq and fled across the Iranian border when the war started. Now they’re coming back to try to drive the American armies out and encouraged by the Democrat candidates for President with all their hate and discontent for our President. They are giving our enemy the impression that our country is divided and not in support of our president’s policies, and if they can just put more pressure on our troops, they think they can drive us out as they did during the Clinton Administration. In other words, when you hear these 9 dwarfs bashing our President on the Iraq issue, remember that they are giving comfort and encouragement to the enemy in a time of war bordering on treason. When you hear them complain about another soldier being killed in Iraq, remember that it may very well have been their despicable behavior that caused the death.

They propose turning Iraq, the war on terror, and our national security over to the UN and the French. That way, one of them won’t have to deal with it should he become President next year, this is their solution to international terrorism. Howard Dean says we should get out of Iraq so there can be peace in the Middle East. Doing that would only bring the terrorists to our own shores, it’s better that we fight them there. He seems to value Middle East peace over peace in the United States. President Bush has acquired a perfect strategic location to wage the war on terror from, and attack the terrorists in their own land before they can come here. This is the right thing to do and we have thus far been remarkably successful with it. Between our efforts in the Middle East, and our homeland security policies, we have all been protected from further attacks since September 11, 2001. Is this what the Democrats are calling a “miserable failure“?

We are not failing in the rebuilding of Iraq either. We have 90% of their infrastructure rebuilt and operating already. 100% of the hospitals are operating at full capacity. 100% of the schools and institutions of higher learning are open and teaching the young, not to hate western civilization, but in the areas that will make them better and productive citizens. Electrical power is back up to over 90% of the prewar state and will soon be at and above what it was before the war. Clean water is flowing in all cities and towns now. Oil production is up to nearly 2 million barrels a day, the figure it was at before the war. A new coalition government has been created of Iraqi leaders representing all tribes and faiths, and many towns are now self governing. Iraq is about to adopt it’s own constitution created by the new Iraqi leaders of the country with the help of the western coalition. When we leave Iraq, they will be our good ally in the Middle East. This is exactly what the United States needs and what the Iraqi people need.

Saddam Hussein has not been found yet but his power and influence over the country has been lost. 40 of the 55 most wanted Iraqis have been killed or captured and the remaining 15 will be falling into our hands with some regularity just as the first 40 did. We have come a long way in a very short period of time in Iraq and I would call that, and our President, a huge success.

Afghanistan is progressing well too. We know this because we are not hearing any negative reports in the liberal media from there. We know they don’t report on the positive results so when there are few negative items in the news, we can assume that they just don’t want to talk about it. We know where Osama Bin Ladden is now. The only problem is that we can’t get to him. He is pinned down in a 40 sq. mi. area of Pakistan that is control by a local tribe. It’s in very rough terrain and even the Pakistanian government cannot enter that region. He is under surveillance from satellites and ground forces and cannot leave the area or communicate effectively with his people. It’s just a matter of time until he too comes into the sights of our military. 75% of Al Qeada leaders have been captured or killed to date.

With 50,000 people liberated, two countries nearly rid of terrorist, terrorist organizations ripped apart, a brutal and murdering dictator hiding in the tunnels under Tikrit until he’s found, I have to say again that this “miserable failure” of a President has been a remarkable success, and the vast majority of Americans seem to agree. We don’t need a new President any time soon and the ones who are trying to take his job have offered us absolutely nothing useful. It appears that they are all just puppets on the strings of James Carvel, the foul mouthed Democrat Campaign Advisor. Carvel is Bill Clinton’s boy, could it be that the Clintons really don’t want any of these puppets to win the election and are intentionally trying to make them all look bad? I must say, he’s doing a good job at it. When you have to resort to trying to make your opponent look worse than you are, you have to be really desperate. Did they learn this from California Governor Joe (Gray) Davis, or did he learn it from them? It’s like the blind leading the blind and none of them are fit to lead this country. A president will never be successful by demeaning and ridiculing other countries to advance his agenda on the world stage. The kind of leadership they display now, we could expect from them in their official duties as well. Perhaps this is the cause of the serious problems we have in the Congress today. The good news is that we will have a chance to change it with the general election next year. I hope votes won’t be wasted on these morons that we are seeing on the media stage today.

I'm going to be making an important announcement sometime in the next few months, weeks, days, or hours. I haven't decided just when but be watching for it. Also, I'm going to start archiving my newsletters on my site. This one will be posted there along with the previous ones if I still have them.