Techniguy 11-01-2004

It's really a shame how the liberal media, in echoing the charges of less than honest Democrat spokesmen, has warped people's thinking on the left. Those victims of the media just have no concept of the good our country is doing in the world and only hear about the negatives and difficulties in places like Iraq, then paint our country as some evil monster. They just don't seem to understand that there are enemies out there who want to kill us and have been attacking us for 2 decades now. Then they say "everyone hates us" for defending ourselves when we finally decide to fight back. Well, that's just garbage! The only people who are angry with us now are our enemies who started a war with us, and those who support those enemies. These liberal appeasers never specify who hates us but just make that blanket claim. It’s not our first priority to be liked by everybody in the world, nor should it be. Our first loyalty and responsibility is to America, not foreign nations. We must not compromise America and who we are to appease foreigners who disagree with us.

Who is really opposing us now? France, Germany, and Russia, who have been on the wrong side of terrorism because of corruption in the UN with the Oil For Food Program, and we exposed it. Oh, of course there are countries like Canada and a few others in Europe with large antiwar, socialist populations. They are not exactly the beacons of freedom and democracy in the world or any threat to Islamic Totalitarianism. Terrorist have no interest in them so why should they worry about our war? The opposition to the United States is in the socialist and communist countries but not among other capitalist democracies who remain our allies in the war on terror. The world is divided, just as the American people are divided over different ideologies. liberals want to point only to the countries who share their ideology and scream “Look, everybody hates us!”. But it’s not “everybody” is only a few. Liberals are free to go live in those countries if that’s what they prefer because American liberty gives them that right, but real Americans will stand their ground and preserve our country and everything it stands for against all enemies.

Do France, Germany, and Russia speak for the whole world now? Think about it, they didn't want us in Iraq for reasons of their own profit ie; MONEY. Those who oppose us now are the same people and countries who have been breaking the law, violating UN sanctions, supplying our enemy with support and weapons, and stealing from the Iraqi people. And all of this with cooperation and under the corrupt eye of the UN. They took sides against us when they chose to give aid and support to our enemies, we didn’t take sides against them for some obscure reason.

Just who is the evil party here? I am sick and tired of people pointing an evil finger at our country, then defending and siding with those who have committed the real crimes. We are not on friendly terms with France, Germany, and Russia now because they betrayed us, not because we betrayed them! They thumbed their nose at us and stabbed us in the back, it wasn’t the US who pushed them away, they chose to walk away. Do they really expect us to do them favors and let them profit further in the reconstruction efforts? Can the UN even be trusted in Iraq knowing what we know now? They are the ones who were violating their own sanctions and making corrupt deals with Saddam Hussein in the Food For Oil program. They are the ones who caused the program to fail. They are the ones who were providing Saddam with weapons and WMD to kill our people, our soldiers, and our allies. Now we are just supposed to kiss their asses and apologize? Screw that! It is them who owe the apology, not us! They would never sanction the US to do what sooner or later had to be done so President Bush had no other choice but to go without them. It is their failing, not ours.

Why must liberals always side against America instead of getting on America’s side and supporting her when that support is so desperately needed ? It's been that way ever since Vietnam and some have just never gotten over it. John Kerry is one of them and has been using the same playbook with Iraq he used with Vietnam. I am so sick and tired of Americans always looking for fault with America and ignoring the crimes of, and siding with those countries who oppose us. These are not patriotic Americans no matter how much they say they are. If you do not stand with your country and your president in a time of war, you are not being patriotic. They are selfish and misguided people determined to undermine and tear down our country then try to remake it into some unrealistic fantasy land of socialism under international law. Most are too young to even understand the world or what makes America tick and are easily lead around by Communists offering socialism. Wake up people! Learn about your country's history. Read the Constitution! Learn what America stands for! This is not France, it’s America you’re living in.

We have liberated countries all around the globe and we continue to do that today in Iraq and Afghanistan. We don't occupy and annex the countries we liberate them, we set them free to govern themselves when our work is done. We turn oppressive dictatorships into democracies and have been doing it for a hundred years. Look at Germany, France, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Afghanistan, and many others. Wake up people and stop calling your country evil. There is nothing evil about giving people their freedom.

It's not foreign countries who are the problem, it's the left in this country that's giving the wrong impression of America to the world. Has the Communist invasion of America really progressed that far? I guess it has. And if you don't think so, I’ll be happy to provide you with the 52 point Communist plan for taking over America! Half of it has already been imposed on us by liberal activist judges and lefty Democrats in Congress. Do you think a majority of American want to be constrained by “political correctness”? Or maybe you think dividing the country into minority groups and turning them against each other is a good idea? That’s only a preview, there’s lots more.

How about a little patriotism instead of constant criticism and condemnation from the left? Most of it comes from erroneous assumptions of evil and ulterior motives and intentions on the part of our President. The true evil is in the liberal population and they want to project their evil to our president because they think he is like them, he is not and it won't work, the template just doesn’t fit.

God will see that the right man is reelected just as he did in 2000. Somehow, I think God knew we were going to need the strong leader that we have in George W. Bush. You can't fight terrorism with a leader who has no core beliefs or conviction. You can't fight terrorism with a leader who has to take a poll before he knows what side of an issue to take and you can't do it with a leader who then suddenly decides to take the other side because it's politically advantageous for him. I am confident that our country will be in good hands for the next four years and the evil both in our country and the world will be confronted and headed for destruction by the end of his second term.

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