Diplomats and Democrats

By Techniguy - May 15, 2004

It has been said that the sole purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis. This has never been more evident than it is now in Iraq. It is a fact that this war in Iraq could be won in days and peace would reign in Iraq if the diplomats and Democrats would just get out of the way and let our Armed Forces do the job they are trained for and very capable of doing.

Today, leaflets were dropped in Sadr City by the US offering cash for turning in guns. The reaction of the insurgents and radicalsÖ.they are laughing at us and tearing up the leaflets. Once again, the US has been humiliated and made to look weak by diplomats trying to do what only the military can do. This is just insane! We would get much better results if the leaflets read ďSurrender your guns or your livesĒ, and back it up. These diplomats donít have a clue how these Islamics think. They will never surrender their weapons, they will fight to the death to get control of the country, and they certainly are not going to simply sell their weapons to the occupying forces for cash, this is just stupid. Diplomats have again succeeded in making America look weak and silly in the eyes of Islamics. Of all people, they should know by now that the only thing our enemy respects is heavy handed and overwhelming force. We are never going to achieve our goals in Iraq without using it and diplomatic efforts will only be laughed at. Have Americans become too concerned with our image and humanitarianism that it is interfering with our ability to succeed in a war?

When I see useless and embarrassing diplomatic tactics like this being used, it makes me ashamed to be an American. It makes us look weak and afraid to take them on in a real war, exactly the way our Liberal Democrats make us look. This ridiculous attempt at disarming the insurgents and rebels with leaflets has only resulted in the collation loosing more respect in the region and becoming the joke of the enemy. The only weapons being surrendered are ones that are useless to the enemy and we are being foolish enough to pay for them so the enemy can use the cash to buy guns that still work. If this sort of thing keeps up, we are soon going to find that we have no support at all left in Iraq. If we donít disarm the diplomats and politicians, and take the leash off of the Marines and soldiers, we are never going to end this conflict or win any war ever again. I thought we had learned that lesson from our experience in Vietnam when we entered the Gulf War, but I guess not. If Donald Rumsfeld should be retired, it is not because he is too tough on the enemy, but because he is not tough enough. Send the diplomats and politicians home, send in the Marines, and this will all be over by next week.

What is wrong with our country? Are we being lead around on a leash with our hands tied behind our backs by idiots? This is no way to win a war! Maybe Rumsfeld should resign and be replaced with Norman Schwarzkopf. Then again, maybe Rummy is just as frustrated over this as I am, but has his hands tied by the politics of Democrats who insist on making an international public issue of everything they can to try to make Bush look bad. I wonder if the worst enemy America faces is the radical Islamics or the Liberal Democrats whoĎs sole purpose is loosing the war and winning an election.

In World War II, the Germans occupied a monastery on a mountain top in Southern Italy to use as a fortress to repel allied invasion forces. Did anyone suggest that we donít dare attack those enemy forces because it might damage a holy place? No, they didnít. If we had followed the policies that we now have in Iraq, we would have lost World War II to the Germans and Italians. Instead, we called in air support and leveled that monastery, attacked from the ground, and wiped out a battalion of enemy soldiers which opened the door for the southern invasion of Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany. That is the way to win a war.

Not so in Iraq. The enemy forces are using the holy city of Najaf and in particular, the mosque there as a fortress and safe haven to hide in and launch their attacks from. The diplomats tell us we canít attack there because it might be bad for politics in the region. Do they really think the politics in that region could get much worse than it already is? By holding our Army and Marines back they are only prolonging the war and causing more casualties on both sides. As long as the enemy has safe sanctuaries to hide and regroup in they are never going to be defeated. A mosque can be repaired and rebuilt, the lives of our soldiers and civilians in Iraq cannot. We better start being a little more concerned with winning this war than offending Muslims who have about the same opinion of us that we have of them.

To be fair to the other side, I should point out that a threat has been presented that the whole Muslim Nation will turn against us if we attack their holy shrine in Najaf. This is no doubt the reason why it is not being attacked. Why is that such a problem? Why donít they use non lethal gas such as tear gas to suppress the enemy and move in on them? If we canít get the Iraqis to do it, then maybe we should, and let the consequences be what they may. They probably wouldnít be any worse than what we have to deal with now. We cannot give the enemy sanctuaries and safe zones or we will be fighting them forever or surrendering to them. This enemy does not play by any rules and that gives them a tremendous advantage over us as long as we do. I am not suggesting that we violate the Geneva Convention, but the Geneva Convention does permit attacks on such places when being used by the enemy as a fortress or sanctuary. Is this mosque in Najaf more important to the Iraqis than their freedom and security? If they are not willing to help in the fight for their own country, then maybe we shouldnít be there either. If the Iraqis are willing to let the radical bastards take over and create a safe haven for terrorism, then maybe we should just pull our people out and nuke the whole damn region. I realize this sounds extreme, but we canít keep playing patty cake with these Muslims and only attacking them when they let us. We have to take control of this war and treat it like a war, not a football game.

The enemy we are facing in Iraq and the Middle East are not interested in negotiating or compromising. They want control of the land and they want all Americans dead. This is their only goal and purpose. We are not dealing with decent and civilized people here, they are primitive barbarians who know and care nothing about the Geneva Convention, International law, or human decency as they demonstrated with the beheading of Nicholas Berg. These animals will not be reasoned or negotiated with by diplomats and Democrats, they must be killed wherever they are, or they will continue to kill Americans wherever we are. Whether they are Al Qaeda, Iranians, Syrians, or Saddam Baathists, they have declared war on America and are committed to killing all Americans, itís them or us.

It is the job of our President to set the policies and direction for the country while he is in office. It is the job of the Congress to approve or deny funding for those policies. It is not the job of Congress to subvert and undermine policies already approved and enacted and publicly denounce and condemn our President and consequently our country. The President is the leader of our country and when Democrats condemn and criticize the President, they are condemning and criticizing our whole country. In the case of our efforts in Iraq, these Democrats with their persistent and obnoxious public statements in the media are not only doing irreparable damage to our country, but at the same time are supporting and encouraging the enemy. Were this to have happened during World War II, they would have been tired for treason, so why isnít that happening now? Americans have become too soft and tolerant and too afraid of public opinion both domestically and abroad. Republicans in the administration are far too tolerant and obliging in the demands of Democrats and have gone way too far in trying to accommodate them and work with them. All they have received in return is more criticism, opposition, and back stabbing. We now find ourselves at war with two enemies, radical Islamics and Liberal Democrats in our own government who are more concerned with winning an election than they are with our national security, and the lives of Americans and Iraqis who we are trying to help.

The vast majority of Iraqis find themselves being torn in two because they donít know what the Americans are going to do. Because of this, then are reluctant to help us with intelligence on the locations of the enemy fighters. President Bush and his administration are trying their best to show the Iraqis that we will continue to support and defend them against the radical enemy forces for as long as is necessary. On the other hand, the Democrats are giving the Iraqis the impression that we might give up and run away any day now, leaving them at the mercy of the radical Islamics who are trying to take over the country. After the history of Iraq, and especially the last 30 years under Saddam Hussein, most Iraqis donít know how to think for themselves and just want to be on the winning side. After the days of Saddamís brutal treatment and torture, the last thing any Iraqi wants is to be seen as opposing whoever in running their country. The more they hear the shrill criticisms and blasphemy coming from Democrats in our government, the more of them are convinced that these critics and appeasers will win the fight in Washington, and the less they are willing to support our efforts in building a democratic government in Iraq. If the Democrats win the fight, and we cut and run from Iraq, then those Iraqis who supported us will be seen by the radicals who take over the country as their enemy. All of the good and decent people who we are supporting there will be killed, imprisoned, tortured, and their lives will be worthless. All those thirty years of living under the brutality of Saddam Hussein, and the liberation from him will all have been for nothing. The nearly eight hundred American lives lost in Iraq and the hundreds of Iraqi lives lost as well will all have been for nothing, as will the billions of dollars and unbelievable work done by our troops to rebuild the country. Donít kid yourself, running from Iraq is exactly what the Liberals want and intend to do, even if some are afraid to admit it right now. You can count on a Liberal to be a Liberal no matter what they say. That is why we canít trust anything John Kerry says in his campaign to be the truth, or his intentions. Just like the Iraqis, Kerry just wants to appear to be on the winning side, which ever side that appears to be at any given time.

Regardless of what John Kerry says now, he can be depended on to do exactly the same thing with Iraq that he did with Vietnam if elected. Condemn the United States, come down in support of the enemy, accuse our military of war crimes, murder, rape, and torture, and pull them out of Iraq. The Islamic radicals and insurgents will then take over and give Osama Bin Ladden and his terrorist organizations a strong foothold and base in the Middle East supported with oil income and in partnership with Iran. There they will build up their armies, technology and weapons and the next thing we know, they will be here on our soil with WMD and probably nuclear weapons as well. All we have to do to bring this about is to give in to our Liberal Democrat appeasers and traitors in Congress and the media and pull out of Iraq. If that happens, then we all better get busy building our underground shelters just like we did back in the 50s and 60s when we were threatened by the Soviet Union.