Several large storms are expected to ravage Florida over the next few days (see photo). "This is all a conspiracy by the Bush Administration to influence the election" an unnamed Kerry campaign spokesman is quoted as saying.

The storms that Bush has unleashed for the purpose of disenfranchising Democrat voters in Florida are expected to do a great deal of damage to low income family housing, distracting them from the election and destroying their televisions sets and antennas so as to cut off their only exposure to Kerry campaign issues. With many of their houses destroyed or seriously damaged, they will be too preoccupied with repairing their homes and putting their lives back together to be thinking about the Presidential election or bother going to the polls to vote, according to the Kerry camp.

The Bush storms are designed to also target mailboxes in low income areas so that sample ballots, voter information, and instructions for use of voting machines cannot be delivered to these neighborhoods in Florida. Debris from the storms is expected to block roads in targeted neighborhoods to prevent the NAACP from entering and registering voters as they did in 2000.

It is expected that some deaths may occur as a result of the pending Bush storms, necessitating an accounting of all death certificates resulting in the removal from voter rolls, the names of previously deceased persons still currently registered to vote including those recently registered since their death. Prevention of looting will be used as an excuse to further disenfranchise voters by monitoring all convicted felons in Florida and reviewing their legal status resulting in their removal from the voter rolls.

Additional disenfranchising of Florida voters will occur as a result of blocked roads on election day as a result of Bush storm related road repairs. Poling places in low income areas will be closed down on election day awaiting inspections by structural safety inspectors.

The Bush campaign is expected to blame the storms on John Kerry and the Democrats sighting radical environmentalist as the cause. Kerry is expected to expose the storms as Bush policy favoring big business with tv set and antenna sales, and road and building repair contracts. John Edwards is planning lawsuits against the US Weather Service for not preventing the storms. Kerry is expected to accuse Bush of vote tampering and demand a recount after the election.

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