My Apology

Techniguy May 7, 2004

On Wednesday, General Kimmett apologized to the Iraqi people and the world for abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. On Thursday, President Bush apologized to the king of Jordan and the world for the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Today, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld apologized to the Iraqi people, Congress, and the world for abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Consistent with Democrat demands for more and more apologies from just about everyone (except Democrats) over the Iraq prison scandal, I would also like to offer my apology.

I apologize for the acts of Army Reserve personnel who are charged with abusing Iraqis imprisoned for war crimes against Iraqis and Americans. I also apologize for those military commanders and/or civilian contractors who may have ordered or suggested these abuses even though these charges are now being disputed. These acts do not represent the American standard or way of treating prisoners of war and cannot be condoned in any way by Americans or our leaders, and is not. I apologize for the participation of the young lady Lynndie England, an administration clerk and girlfriend of one of the guards, for her participation in the photo shoot. I apologize for the prison guard who used his own digital camera in the prison to take these unauthorized photos of prisoners posed in compromising and humiliating positions. The acts by these and other individuals have been investigated by the Dept. of the Army since January 2004 and disciplinary action has been taken against them. It will not happen again.

I would also like to apologize for Islamic terrorists who attacked and murdered 3000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001 as well as all the other attacks on our citizens in embassies, barracks, and on ships at sea over the past decade. I apologize for the brutal and inhumane murders, desecration, burning, dragging through the streets and hanging from a bridge of American civilians working in Iraq to improve their country. I offer this apology on behalf of the Islamic Muslims now living in America because they never have.

I apologize for the murder, brutal and inhumane treatment of millions of citizens under Saddam Hussein throughout Iraq and Kuwait, and in the very same prison where these abuses by a few Americans occurred, possibly at the hands of the very Iraqis who were now the subject of abusive photos by Americans.

I would also like to apologize for Senators Kennedy, Nelson, Bird, Clinton, and Dayton for further damaging our country by attempting to politicize the abuses and making false accusations and inaccurate statements against our president and his administration in this matter during and after the Senate hearings on Firday. For these political hacks, this hearing was for one, and only one purpose; an attempt to find something, anything, to blame on the Bush administration in connection with the abuses at the prison. I apologize for Senator Clinton’s comments to the press after the hearings blaming moral standards and values of President Bush and his administration for the abuses. Clinton did not comment on her husbands abuse of interns, nor did she offer to return stolen Whitehouse furnishings, china and silverware, or pay for repairs to vandalized office equipment.

I would also like to apologize for Senator McCain’s rude and belligerent treatment of Secretary Rumsfeld in relentlessly demanding answers on issues that are still under investigation and do not yet have answers for, and for McCain’s criticisms that Rumsfeld was not aware of every detail of every investigation in progress by the Dept. of the Army. I apologize for McCain behaving like a partisan Democrat.

I also want to apologize for Senator John Kerry’s false and slanderous statements against our president over the past year, most recently saying President Bush is not fit to be Commander in Chief because he did not float a boat for four months in the waters of Vietnam 35 years ago. I apologize also for the lies told by Edward Kennedy accusing our president of lying to the people and concocting a war in Crawford Texas for political gain. I apologize for DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe’s slanderous and untrue statements against our president including recently claiming Bush was AWOL from the National Guard for a year. In general, I would like to apologize for a year of wicked, false, and slanderous attacks on our president by Democrats campaigning for their party’s nomination because they have never done so even when proven wrong.

No apology is needed for Senator Lieberman and other Democrats and Republicans on the committee who respectfully and earnestly sought answers to questions regarding the abuse investigations, rather than engage in finger pointing at the Bush Administration and attempting to distort the facts as was done by their colleges mentioned above in this hearing as well as the 911 hearings. Senator Lieberman stood out as a reasonable and intelligent member of the committee with the respectful way he asked his questions and put the best interests of America first rather than his party as some others did. I do apologize for the treatment given Lieberman by his party in the election primaries. He was their only real hope for the Whitehouse and they blew it.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for the illegal theft from confidential Army investigation files and the smuggling of the abuse photos to CBS Networks and for their irresponsible and treasonous sharing of those photos with the public and our enemies in the Middle East. Al Jazeera could not have done a better job of damaging our country and putting our fighting troops in greater jeopardy in Iraq and Afghanistan. This was the biggest crime of all so why aren’t Democrats calling for an investigation of this treasonous act?

I sincerely hope this apology will satisfy the partisan Democrats who insists on blaming our president and his administration for everything, including deeds that they themselves are often responsible for including creating this unnecessary scandal to begin with. It was under control and being dealt with privately according to the UCMJ as it should be. On behalf of all Americans, I apologize for us being human and imperfect and not always doing the will of God. You’ll have to excuse us at times as our Liberal element and the ACLU will no longer allow our government to honor the will of God or even acknowledge him. For those of you who are offended by my reference to God, I humbly apologize and respectfully request that you stick it where the sun never shines.

Please join me in a boycott of CBS Networks, including MTV and Showtime cable channels, the parent corporation of Viacom, and their book publisher “Simon & Shyster“. Americans deserve better.