Anarchy in the streets of New York

Techniguy 08-29-04

Today, and for the next 4 days, we have anarchy in the streets of New York. Left wing protesters storming the streets, disrupting the city, and attempting to disrupt the political process with their negative messages of hate and discontent echoing the negative and hopeless messages of their current party leaders and denying Republicans the right to hold a peaceful convention. What does this say about the Democrat party? If you believe what the Democrats are saying, then you must believe that we are in the middle of the Great Depression and the Vietnam war all at the same time. Their claims bare little resemblance to reality.

They are correct in saying that America is more divided now than ever, but they are the ones responsible for it by not supporting, and instead opposing our president in his attempts to protect our country and make the world a better and safer place to live for everyone. We were a united country after the attacks of 911 but that lasted only until Democrats started campaigning for their party’s nomination to candidacy for president and began groping for issues to campaign on. Their only hope was to try to tear down our president with false propaganda, lies and half truths, pandering to the antiwar extremists, and creating a false reality based on their own hate for President Bush that began with their candidate loosing the election in 2000. The result is now a well divided country brought about by their campaign rhetoric, so don’t try to tell us that it is President Bush’s fault. Bush has done what he had to do in the best interests of our county. If some don’t like that, they should just accept that he is the president now and they have the right to change things when it’s their turn in the Whitehouse, if they can find a candidate who is worthy of the office. If they can’t, then they don’t belong in charge of the greatest country in the world and should leave leadership of the country to a proven leader. The childish disrespect and utter disdain they have been showing for our president and our country over the past two years is despicable and has no place in American politics. They will not win with an agenda based on hate, not in our America.

John Edwards is right when he says “there are two Americas”, but he has his definitions all wrong. It’s really just one America with two different and opposing realities. In one reality you have the Republicans who recognize the huge accomplishments of President Bush in overcoming the tremendous challenges his administration has faced. Taking office while an economic recession was just taking hold, a major terrorist attack on our country, and fighting global terrorism, all in his first year in office. In the other reality you have the Democrats who think we’re in the worst depression in history and fighting a war we can’t possibly win, as in Vietnam. In general, the country is going to hell in a hand basket under President Bush according to the Dems, even though we currently have the best economic growth ever, more employment than ever, more prosperity than ever, more private ownership than ever, taxes have been lowered, two terrorist regimes have been overthrown, and our country stands in a position of strength in the world. How can we possibly be riding in a hell bound hand basket? Yet, this is the view that the left has created and convinced so many Americans of, who don’t know any better.

Edwards tends to divide the country into two economic groups, the rich and the poor. He thinks this needs to be corrected by redistributing the wealth. Kerry and Edwards refuse to accept the capitalist system of “free enterprise” that our country is based on. In a free enterprise system, you can’t avoid having different classes of citizens, the rich, the middle class, and the poor. Our system of freedom allows every citizen to advance according to their own ability and accomplishments. Some have more economic ability than others and some are willing to take more personal responsibility than others. Those who apply themselves and succeed, do it by their own efforts and deserve the rewards. Those who don’t apply themselves or work to better their lives are not entitled to the rewards of success and will always remain poor. As long as we want to live in a free society and have the opportunity to succeed, then there will be different levels of economic success because that’s just human nature. Take that away and you take away the freedom that has made our country a success. Kerry and Edwards need to learn that socialism is not the answer for America and big government redistribution of wealth is not what the Constitution promises to Americans.

This week, the Republican Convention will discuss accomplishments of President Bush and this is an opportunity for the uninformed in our country to learn about the real America. The convention will show the real contrast between a president who has led us over the past four years with courage, strength, wisdom, and moral clarity, and a candidate who’s only accomplishment in life was to help Jim Rassman back into the boat after he was thrown overboard in Kerry’s haste to run from battle in Vietnam. What else has Kerry done for his country other than betray it to the Communists as an antiwar protester when the lives of our soldiers were at stake? Where are Kerry’s accomplishments in the Senate over the past twenty years? Why is it that the most recent and most relevant to his candidacy, twenty year period in John Kerry’s life has completely disappeared from public view, just like his anti American, antiwar book and his military records? Shouldn’t we be looking at what Kerry has done in his Senate career instead of what he did or didn’t do in Vietnam? Kerry himself opened this can of worms by basing his campaign on his Vietnam service and now he’s being held to account for it. It’s nobody’s fault but his own if his heroic claims are now being challenged by a group of Vietnam vets whom Kerry thought would remain silent about what they know. Why isn’t Kerry campaigning on his Senate career? You have only to look at his Senate records that he wants to hide to find the answer.

"Mission NOT accomplished"? This is the theme of a new Democrat ad that makes reference to the banner displayed from the tower of the USS Lincoln on May 2, 2003 when President Bush made his “infamous” carrier landing. The banner was a tribute to the troops and their Commander in Chief for successfully completing their mission in ousting the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein. This new Democrat ad would seem to be criticizing the success of our military troops implying that their mission was not accomplished. The last time I looked, the Hussein regime was out of business and Saddam himself was in custody. An Iraqi democratic constitution is the new law of the land, and a new Iraqi provisional government is in place that opposes terrorism. Iraqis will soon be voting to elect their new leaders in free elections and Iraqi authorities are learning how to control the terrorists now disrupting their country. Was that not the mission that was undertaken, turning an oppressed terrorist supporting dictatorship into a Democracy? President Bush has freed over 50 million people in the Middle East and destroyed two terrorist regimes as a result of our being attacked on 9-11-01 and the War On Terror. Why is the left having such a problem with those great accomplishments, because it wasn‘t done by a Democrat?

Why does the left think it’s so offensive and immoral to use our fighting military men and women to actually fight in a war? I thought that is what they train for and why we have them. Why does the left think it’s wrong and immoral to attack terrorism where it lives to keep it away from our shores? Perhaps it’s the guilt they feel for all the American deaths in Vietnam caused by the failed policies of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson who sent them there. The lesson to be learned here is “Never trust the Democrats to defend our country or run a war”. The left won’t accept that idea and instead think all wars need to be avoided altogether if they can‘t run them successfully themselves from the Whitehouse. The success of the Republican Party has now brought out the worst in America into the streets of New York during the Republican Convention. You didn’t seen Republicans doing this to the Democrats during their convention, did you? The Right showed proper respect for their opponents and the political process in Boston, a respect that the childish Left refuses to grant in New York.


Who are the protesters?

Mostly, the Heart and Soul of the current Democrat party is listed below with a few exceptions. They basically have four factors motivating their protests. President Bush is not a Democrat, they hate Republicans in general, they hate American democracy and free enterprise and would prefer socialism for America. They think America has no right to use our military to protect against, and fight terrorism.

A31 Coalition: A loose group dedicated to direct action and creative resistance. Through their Shout Heard Around the World, groups are expected to spontaneously yell "no" where ever they are in the city and commit various acts of civil disobedience and creative protest to show their disgust with the Bush administration and Republican National Convention and traditional American values.

ACT UP or the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power: A diverse group of individuals founded in 1987 who are committed to direct action to help end the AIDS crisis. They are part of Still We Rise.

Artists Network of Refuse and Resist: A loose grouping of artists and arts presenters who promote art that contributes to a culture of resistance. During the RNC, the group is hosting an awards show and performance event honoring average people who have resisted the status quo, especially in regards to protesting the war in Iraq where their art is not being displayed.

Axis of Eve: A coalition of women who express their disgust with President Bush by publicly wearing bright colored transparent underwear that exposes their “Woopie Goldberg” opinion of him and calls for his removal from office.

Billionaires for Bush: One of the better known of the theatrical protest groups whose snappily-dressed members picket Republican events shouting slogans like "Blood for oil" and "Corporations are people too!", and other left wing propaganda slogans. They are hosting a march on August 29.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship: Founded in 1978, members practice contemplation and social action to help spur a socially engaged form of Buddhism. They expect to be carried off after their demonstration, still in deep meditation and sitting in the lotus position.

Christian Defense Coalition: A group of anti-abortion activists who protested against abortion at the Democratic National Convention and who intend to show their "spiritual support" for President Bush through two prayer vigils.

(These last two should be pretty peaceful!)

Code Pink Women for Peace: A women-initiated grassroots anti-war group that seeks social change and freedom for terrorists through protest.

DNC2RNC Democracy Uprising: A group of approximately 200 social justice activists representing a myriad of concerns and organizations left Boston, the site of the Democratic National Convention, on July 31 and are walking 258 miles to New York City where they are scheduled to arrive on August 26 and be too tired to protest.

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE): A women-led, multi-racial organization of low-income and non-working families who are struggling for greater economic possibilities without actually getting an education and working for it. They are part of Still We Rise.

Food Not Bombs: Self-styled revolutionary movement dedicated to non-violence and the distribution of free vegetarian food to all those who want it. The first group was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists and has since spread throughout the country like nuclear fallout.

Greene Dragon: A light-hearted New York City based group of "life artists" who promote radical self expression and often dress in colonial-themed red, white, and blue. Earlier this year they began their American Revel-ution that they describe as, "a fun and freewheeling independence movement from President-Select George II and his corporate monarchy." Sounds like fun. After the convention, they will all be looking to that “corporate monarchy” for jobs.

Green Party Office Committee of Manhattan: A group of local Green Party members who work to promote grass roots democracy, environmental preservation, non-violence and a more decentralized government.

Hip Hop Action Network: Founded by Russell Simmons in 2001 and counting Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs and Jermaine Dupri as members of its board of directors, the group is focused on promoting literacy (with rap?), equal access to public education (huh? They don‘t have it?), as well as, repealing the Rockefeller drug laws. (That will certainly help with literacy and education). The HHAN has also launched an offensive of registering young people to vote. (The key word here is “offensive”)

Live Music Research: A group that works to promote social awareness and responsibility through live music. They seek to reinvent the concert-going experience as an art, rather than a commodity. The group is hosting a two-night anti-war concert during the GOP Convention and will donate all proceeds to Not in Our Name. (They’re charging for their protest concert? Sounds like evil capitalism!)

NARAL Pro-Choice America: A national organization that works to defend and safeguard a women's right to choose abortion, but opposes Dr. Kevorkian’s assisted suicide method.

National Immigrant Solidarity Network: A coalition of national and local protest groups that was formed at the School of America protests in November 2003. The group calls for greater immigrant rights such as unrestricted border crossings, free health care, and driver’s licenses, and an end to bias attacks against illegal aliens.

National Organization of Women: Founded in 1966, NOW is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States. The group's key focus is promoting equal rights for women and protecting reproductive rights of abortion.

New York Central Labor Council: A chartered body of the AFL-CIO that consists of nearly 400 local unions who work together to safeguard the civil and legal rights of working men and women and to expand those rights beyond what employers and citizens can afford to pay.

New York City AIDS Housing Network: A membership organization that works to find low-income people living with HIV/AIDS affordable housing. The group is part of Still We Rise.

Not In Our Name: An anti-war group that has protested repeatedly against liberating the people in Iraq. They also are concerned about protecting civil liberties and the detention of illegal immigrants since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. There is no set location for this protest and organizers expect demonstrations to "spontaneously erupt" in support of terrorism, in the boroughs and surrounding communities.

People for the American Way: A liberal group that works to preserve democracy and extend legal and social justice for all in the face of the radical right. (Who is the “radical right” that opposes legal and social justice?)

Picture the Homeless: A group of homeless people formed in 2000 who work to assert the civil and human rights of the homeless as well as change the root causes of homelessness. They are part of Still We Rise. (Ridding them of drugs and booze and finding them jobs might help more than a fresh supply of large cardboard boxes and leftover food)

Planned Parenthood Federation of America: National organization founded in by Marget Sanger in 1916 and dedicated to the belief that a woman has the right to choose when and if to have a child (even if it means killing the baby).

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign: A group of poor people of all races across the country who work to abolish poverty in the United States and around the world with government entitlements and taxpayer handouts.

The Rainbow Family: Loose knit community founded in 1972 that is dedicated to the hippie-esque values of peace and love. Protecting the environment and drug legalization are also key issues. (Love your enemy and get him high before he cuts your head off.)

Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC NY): Group of restaurant workers who are concerned with improving the working condition of city restaurant workers. They are part of Still We Rise.

Ring Out: Local group that plans to hand out hundreds of small bells as a symbol of protest against the Republicans and their Convention on Aug. 28. The group also plans circular demonstrations, or ring outs, where participants will ring their bells enmasse as a protest. (They just think there shouldn’t be any Republicans.)

RNC Not Welcome: Anarchist group that is organizing various civil disobedience acts and guerrilla street tactics to disrupt the convention. More criminals committing more crimes.

Sept. 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: A group of more than 130 family members of 9/11 victims will undertake a Stonewalk from Boston to New York, pulling a 1,400 pound granite memorial honoring the "unknown civilians killed in war." A non-violence, anti-war group, participants hope to call attention to the large numbers of civilian casualties that result in armed conflicts. Since the group's founding in February 2002, its members have made contact with a host of other civilian victims of terrorism and war around the world. (This group seems obsessed with death.)

Still We Rise: No, it’s not a group of bakers, it’s a coalition of more than 35 New York groups who are concerned with homelessness, HIV/AIDS treatment and outreach, poverty, the Rockefeller drug laws and the criminal justice system. (We’re all concerned about the criminal justice system with the way it’s been corrupted by fancy, rich, defense lawyers.)

Suffolk Progressive Vision: Long Island group dedicated to the ideals and goals of loony left presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich. The group is holding a walk across the Hudson River (not on the bridge) and Long Island to coincide with the start of the RNC.

Time's Up: A New York City-base bicycling and environmental action group of bicycle shop owners that aims to create a more sustainable and "less toxic" city using bicycles instead of cars. The group is holding their annual Bike National Convention from August 20 to Sept. 2 including a bicycle lending library for those who will be in town for the convention but are not able to bring their wheels.

United for Peace and Justice: An umbrella organization of more than 800 groups nationwide whose members oppose the war against terrorists in Iraq and what they call President Bush's policy of empire building and liberation of the oppressed by terrorist supporting dictators.

War Resisters League: Protest group that rejects the use of violence for civil defense or revolutionary change and is committed to eliminating both war and its causes with the peaceful elimination of all people from the face of the Earth.

Young Communist League of New York City: An inclusive group of local socialists and communists who oppose America, the War in Iraq, President Bush, the Republicans and capitalism in general. A favorite son’s group of today’s Democrat Party who oppose just about everything American.

Well, there you have it. All the fine groups and people who oppose the idea of the Republicans holding a Presidential Convention and nominating their candidate for president. It’s because of people like President Bush that they have this right to their protests and civil disobedience. Life in America is good, even for people who hate what America stands for.