The History Of Techniguy's

Techniguy's Web Sites was first created in January of 1999 in the form of a Talkcity "template" homepage. Learning html through tutorials, newsgroups, and experimentation with WebTV signatures then became the order of the day. Templates were out and html was in. The homepage was then modified and work began on a second page. This was my first page created with html and was a page of jokes saved from emails which you can still find in my Humor section.

I wanted to expand my site but like many, didn't know what to put on it. My first thought was "what would attract visitors to my site?" I soon realized that this was the wrong approach to building a site and decided that I would make pages from things that I knew something about and was interested in. Instead of trying to make a site to please others, I would make the site for "me". This was the key to getting started on my site construction. I searched the web for information and images of space exploration and created my Outer Space pages. Then another page was made from one of my occupational interests, the Microchip. Next came the life story of my best friend, my cat Tenz. While this was going on I opened an account with and moved the site there.

As time went on I found more things to make pages about and continued to learn more and more about html and site building. I admired those who had offered their help to others learning the web as I was, and wanted to do the same. I decided to create a "Help Site" to help others and to pass on what I had learned. The Helpsite was first built at "", but that didn't work out too well so it moved to Then 50Megs made a server change that caused more problems for me so the Helpsite was moved again to but server changes there then made me move it to "". Perhaps this should have been a site on Gypsy's instead of a helpsite. I was thinking that I would never find a permanent home for my Helpsite and didn't want to add it to what I already had at Tripod because of file space limitations.

After a while, I got tired of going to different sites to use their tools for site building and decided to create my own Tools Page with the tools I most commonly used. This page actually started out as just some dropdown boxes which are still at the top of the page, although modified from the original ones now. I started adding web utility remote inputs to the page and other things that I found useful in working the web and building pages. This Tools Page has continued to evolve into what it is today and it is the only Tools Page I ever need to use in my site building.

Becoming more active in helping others with site building, I was acquiring more and more website logins and passwords I was using to go into these sites to correct errors and fix problems. I needed a place to save all these logins and so created my Logins Page where I could store the logins for all the sites I was helping with in "cookies" in my browser. I could then just go to the Logins Page and click the submit button for whatever particular site I needed to enter. These cookies no longer seem to work now due to Webtv upgrades, but the logins are still available and most are working, others may need to be updated. I rarely use this page any more and have replaced it with a secure and more convenient page which only I can access, sorry.

The site continued to grow and expand, then suddenly, and without warning, in 2001, Tripod deleted the whole site, accusing me of "spam" of all things. This was triggered by an avalanche of visitors coming to see my WebTV "Upgrade Beware" page that was being passed around the newsgroups. It was time for me to open an account with a more reliable and secure server. I chose and started paying for my web space. I copied and transloaded backup files I had at my other host servers and from Google's cached pages, and gathered everything I could find together at The Zone. Some of the pages I salvaged directly from Tripod in a 4 hour window one night when I accidentally found that my files were temporarily back online there. I couldn't get them all before falling asleep and the next morning they were all gone again.

Over the past couple of years, Techniguy's Web Sites has grown from the fragments of the Tripod trashing, to the 200 Megabytes and nearly 2000 pages you see here today and is continuing to grow. With the purchase of my own domain name and domain account I have been able to send and receive email from and use the name in my website address. The WebTV was replaced with a new computer and software has been installed and configured to build and maintain my sites and email right in the pc without logging into my site managers or email account. Techniguy's has expands again with the addition of a new website on my own domain server at The new Techniguy's site is home for "Politechs" containing all of my political writings, and Techniguy's Newsletters that have been mailed out since Sept. 2003 which may be accessed through the search engine on the Newsletter page. In Jan 2005, the Webtv site at was moved to my domain site and joined up with the new site. It can be accessed by clicking the "Help and Informaion Website" banner on the Main page, or "Helpsite" in the nav bar at the top.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will enjoy your visit and return often.